Hannibal wrote quickly on his pad of paper and showed it to Will.

‘What are you?’

“A puppy.” Will said, blushing already. He expected Hannibal to laugh like all the other kids. But he didn’t. He nodded, smiling and nice and Will did not know what to do with that. Will skittered to change the subject. “W-What are you supposed to be?”


“Oh.” Will eyed his horns and his long, long tail that curled around him. “That’s cool.”

Hannibal smiled widely. 'I thought so too.’

Hannigram Halloween AU where kid!Will takes kid!Hannibal out on his first Trick or Treating (Hannibal is mute and new to the neighborhood and Will is an awkward lil thing with an itchy homemade costume. Crushes are quickly developed.)

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What Do the Beautiful People Do?

Summary: A look at Will and Hannibal’s new relationship as seen from an outsider’s point of view. Very Team Sassy Science heavy. Slightly skips around in the series timeline. Part of the Giving Themselves Completely series, a Season 1 AU where Will and Hannibal begin dating after the Tobias Budge incident.  Also on AO3…

Jack Crawford stood in the lab addressing his forensics team, with Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter also present.

“With this new breakthrough, I believe we are close to finding the Wilmington Strangler. Thanks everyone for all of your extra work these past few days.”

Team Sassy Science loved making Uncle Jack beam, and hearing his words of encouragement was worth all the overtime they’d put in the last few days.

“Will and Dr. Lecter, if you’d follow me. I just have a few things in my office I’d like to go over.”

“Yes, of course, Jack,” Hannibal said.

Hannibal led the way and opened the door for Will, putting his hand on the small of Will’s back for a split second, Jack followed behind them.

Once they were out of sight, Beverly spoke.

“Did you see that?” she said.

“What?” Zeller asked.

“Oh yes, indeedy. I saw that,” Price added.

“What? What are you talking about?” Zeller asked.

“The way Hannibal touched Will on their way out?” Beverly said fanning herself with her hands.

“Damn it! I missed it,” Zeller said sadly.

“I told you there was something going on with them,” Price said to Beverly.

Jack walked back into the lab abruptly, causing Beverly, Price and Zeller to startle.

“Dr. Lecter, Will, and I will be taking over for now, so if you three want to take off early you can.”

The group looked at the clock. “Thanks, Jack. Have a good weekend,” Beverly said with a smile.

Jack grumbled, gave them a quick nod and left again.

“A whole ten minutes early, why whatever will we do with the rest of our evening?” Price said with an exaggerated eye roll.

Zeller jumped up and took his coat out of a desk drawer, “Let’s GTFO people, and go get sloshed.”

Jimmy and Bev nodded as they began to close shop for the day.

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Hannictober Drabble - Day 20 | Prompt: Jack O’Lantern

Will pulled up outside Hannibal’s house just after 8pm, the windows glowing warm. Outside, the walkway was lined in Jack O’Lanterns, each one depicting a different Greek myth.

Hades and Persephone, Arachne and her loom. Twin carvings of Cerberus flanked the door. Will stared down at them as he rang the bell.

The door swung open and the light spilled out. Hannibal flashed a smile. “Hello, Will.”

“I like your pumpkins,” Will said, entering into the foyer.

“I still have several to carve, if you’d like to try your hand.”

Will hung up his coat. “Alright,” he said. “Why not.”