“All sorrows are borne if you put them into a story” says Chiyo at one point in the episode, quoting the Danish author Isak Denisen, who penned Out of Africa and, more importantly, Babette’s Feast, a story (and subsequent film) about a grand meal meant to bring a small community together. In actuality, Denisen was the pen name for Karen Blixen, who also wrote Seven Gothic Tales, a famed collection in Denmark, and her use of an alias gives some sense as to what Hannibal and Will are up to. Unable to face the horror of what happened with Mischa, Hannibal created stories of himself, used his intellect to create a maze of half-truths and outright lies to divert anyone from getting ahold of what really happened when he was a boy and young man in Lithuania. He has purged his past by creating the well-tailored genius-killer he is today, but Will is beginning to see his beginning, to understand why all the stories and endless knowledge were necessary to Hannibal going on in his life. When Hannibal says he must eat Will at the end of the episode, the declaration might sound like a threat but, as Bedelia points out, it’s also suggests a certain fragility in Hannibal, an instant connection made between his love for Will and Mischa, whom he could only forgive or ask forgiveness from by consuming.
—  ★★★★ Very good — Damn fine television
HANNIBAL Recap: “Secondo” by Chris Cabin (x)

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Hannibal – 3.05 Contorno – Screen Captures

Hannibal – 3.05 Contorno – Screen Captures

I have added screen captures from last night’s episode of Hannibal, Contorno, to our photo archive. You can view them by clicking on the link below the thumbnails. We trended last night, the tag #LoyalFannibal for two hours and 40 minutes! Which is fantastic. Thank you to @Erinescence for this information. I have also added an additional still and two behind the scenes images from the episode to…

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Hannibal 3.04 - Apertivo

It has been such an awesome fandom to be a part of, you Fannibals nakama(s) are so disgustingly sweet and dark and funny and terrifying I am not ready to say goodbye yet and this show is just too damn good for us to give up. So, take care and stay positive, do whatever we can to fight for the show’s existence.

We really need a good rating on Thursday. Please, if time allows, live watch Hannibal 3.04 together, either on TV, or online if you are overseas. Live tweet together during 3.04 with the tags #Hannibal and #savehannibal , and rewatch it on all platforms possible afterwards to boost the rating counts.

Show the world the power of Fannibals, in a polite way, because we know we should not be rude ;)

I would love to send you a broken heart but murder is illegal also I can’t even make a paper origami heart so ugh. This has been a random and non-profit Fannibal PSA. Bonsoir, wherever you are, stay safe. Bonsoir.

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Photo Archive Update

I have updated our photo archive with stills and behind the scenes images from episode 304 of Hannibal as well as behind the scenes images from that episode.