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Tadashi headcanons please! I beg of you! (I love your writing by the way ahh)

dont touch me im still not over this cinnamon roll.
here are some pre-relationship headcanons aaa

-Imagine Tadashi having slight difficulty admitting to himself that he’s falling for you. He’s afraid because ‘what if the feelings aren’t returned?’ and ‘What will Hiro think…?’. He’s also afraid of running what he does have with you, considering you’d been good friends ever since freshman year in High School.

-Imagine Hiro constantly teasing his older brother because he’s aware that Tadashi likes you. Tadashi has to bribe him(usually with money, sometimes gummy bears), on occasion so Hiro doesn’t tell you.

-Imagine Hiro purposefully inviting you over to his house so he can help you on your project, but in reality, he’s just doing it so he can try and get you with his brother.

-Imagine Tadashi buying you small things, like bookmarks that he thinks you’d like, pens because he knows you lose them like crazy, books, etc.

-Imagine Tadashi seeing you on the streets, trying to push back a blush and his surprise of seeing you outside of school,  as he walks up to you with a bright smile. “Hey, (Name)!” He’d say, his voice cracking near the end.

-Imagine Tadashi bringing you a cup of coffee every morning, because he’s memorized what you like. He does this because he knows it makes you happy, and he wants that. He wants to make you happy.

-Imagine him getting slightly jealous at the mere sight of you talking to another male student. He knows he shouldn’t get jealous, because you’re not in a relationship with him, but he can’t help himself.

-Imagine him staring at you for too long while you’re talking about your project, and he doesn’t realize he’s staring until you bump into him playfully, asking, “What do you think?” and in that moment, Tadashi has to scavenge his brain for an an answer because you nearly knocked the wind out of him.

-Imagine Tadashi looking at you from inside his lab without realizing he’s doing so. He snaps back into reality, and he has to pep talk himself back into his own work, so he doesn’t watch you all day.

-Imagine him giving you his jacket to wear during the day when the heater goes out in the lab(thanks to GoGo and Honey who were experimenting a new project).

-Imagine an umbrella coming over your head, and Tadashi giving you a warm smile, asking, “Did you forget yours at home?” Blushing, you only nod and he snuggles himself beside you so his umbrella was shielding both of you. “I’ll walk you home then, so you don’t get soaked.”

-Imagine walking in on him testing Baymax, and he admits his feelings for you to the robot, unaware that you were actually at the door, listening to the entire thing.

-Imagine the look on his face when he finally does notice you standing in the door way, and with a jolt, he’s quick to defend himself, while rubbing the back of his neck, “Y-you didn’t hear any of that did you?” Tadashi mumbles softly, as you nod. He murmurs something under his breath, but you can’t hear it, and before you can say anything to him, he’s looking up at you with dark, brown eyes, “Guess there’s no point in trying to defend myself here… I-I really, really like you… I mean, I have for years but you’ve always been the one thing I could never see myself actually having because you’re so…” He swallows softly,” you’re so beautiful… And funny, and cute… and-and…”

-Imagine slowly shutting the door to his lab with a crooked smile, your heart beat increasing at his previous words as you laugh slightly, “I wish you’d have told me all this sooner. I’ve… I’ve really liked you, ever since High School.”

Here For You (Tadashi Hamada x Reader)

You knocked on Tadashi’s lab door, waiting for a response. Knowing he had spent many late nights working away on his robotics project, you wanted to make sure he was getting enough rest.

“Come in.”

Opening the door, you peeked into the messy room. Tadashi was sitting at his desk, typing away on his computer.

“Fixing up, Baymax’s programming?” you asked, walking in.

“Yep,” he answered, eyes not leaving the screen. “I’m almost done, but there’s always a minor problem.”

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