burr’s having a fun time, being surrounded by 3 hams

i originally intended to color this thing but i just couldn’t find time to do so….and about 4 months went away since i finished the line work….

so here i am, lazy as shit, deciding to just upload it.

+) sorry that I couldn’t find the original meme poster…. if anyone knows…please send me the link…I’ll add it…

Me Meeting Some Hamilton Cast Members and Such
  • Brandon Dixon: Of course I'll sign your thing and take a picture too? Oh and look, here comes Lin!
  • Lin Manuel Miranda: I'm focusing on you completely I love you and am happy you chose me of all people as your wish. Let me strike a fabulous pose and instantly take a picture whilst you are dying. Oh you gave me a scarf, I'm such a puppy and I love you yet again. I did not expect this. #blessed. Let's take another picture. Slytherin and Gryffindor people can be friends! I love you. I appreciate you. I'll cherish this. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I love you. Yes.
  • Tommy Kail: Hi! Nice to meet you! We did perfect? Yeah, nah! I appreciate it though! Have fun with Lin, he's great and so excited to meet you!
  • Mandy Gonzalez: I gotta go run to my next rehearsal rather quickly but hello I will sign your playbill and take a picture with you! Thank you thanks! Now I gotta go!
  • Nicholas Christopher: Yo! I'm gonna have a real conversation with you! Thank you for loving George Washington! Oh so you're a Wish Kid! Sick! Oh look, here comes Jordan Fisher! I'm gonna stick around and have a conversation with you and him!
  • Jordan Fisher: I came back just to say hi to you and now I'm gonna squeeze and rub your shoulder affectionately as I give you a huge hug and ask your name and tell you jokes. I love you. Wow you're a fan from the secret life and grease: live? That's amazing! Wow! I love you guys, God bless!
  • Jevon McFerrin: Hi yes I will take a picture with you and sign your playbill with a big smile on my face! Yeah! Nice to meet you! ....wait YOU'RE the kid? No way! Give me another picture!!! And a hug! I've heard a lot about you! Lin was so excited!!! Smiles smiles and smiles!

anonymous asked:

Hey, I hope this isn't rude, but how you use he/it pronouns? Like instead of saying 'I love them/him/her' for you I would say 'I love it?' I hope this wasn't rude or insensitive, I'm really sorry if it is, I just wanted to make sure I didn't do it wrong

not insensitive, i’m glad you asked!! yep, it’s used exactly like you think
e.g. “it went out to lunch” or “its new haircut is cute”

The signs as what they want for Christmas
  • Aries: Hamilton Tickets
  • Taurus: Hamilton Tickets
  • Gemini: Hamilton Tickets
  • Cancer: Hamilton Tickets
  • Leo: Hamilton Tickets
  • Virgo: Hamilton Tickets
  • Libra: Hamilton Tickets
  • Scorpio: Hamilton Tickets
  • Sagittarius: Hamilton Tickets
  • Capricorn: Hamilton Tickets
  • Aquarius: Hamilton Tickets
  • Pisces: Hamilton Tickets
the signs and their 2017 resolutions

aries: get hamilton tickets

taurus: recieve hamilton tickets

gemini: obtain hamilton tickets

cancer: buy hamilton tickets

leo: acquire hamilton tickets

virgo: come into possession of hamilton tickets

libra: gather hamilton tickets

scorpio: hold hamilton tickets

sagittarius: score hamilton tickets

capricorn: achieve hamilton tickets

aquarius: become hamilton tickets

pieces: sell their soul for hamilton tickets