Out of the blue (Phillip X Reader)

A/N: I just have to say, all of you guys are really nice :) I hope you enjoy this modern AU imagine with Phillip. I know all my imagines are, but there’s some angst and talks about marriage. I hope you all enjoy, and remember to keep requesting!

“Hey, Phillip.”

“Yeah, babe?”

“I was thinking.”

“Oh, no. That doesn’t sound good.”

You giggled and looked behind you. Phillip, your boyfriend of two years was heating up food in the microwave as you sat in your living room, reading a magazine. “Don’t worry, this is good thinking.”

“Okay, what’s up?” Phillip left the kitchen and stood behind the couch, peering over you.

“Imagine if we got married.” You dropped the bomb, and watched to see it’s effect. Minimal. On the inside, you heaved a sigh of relief. 

“This is kind of out of the blue, but I’m listening.” Phillip made his way to the couch so he could sit with you. Hand in hand, you began to explain.

“Well, the thing is, it’s not really that out of the blue. I mean, we’ve been dating for two years, we bought a house together, and we’re both mature people. I don’t see why not.” As you spoke, you started getting really nervous about Phillip’s response. You kind of did spring this up on him. Mid microwave.

“You’re just saying that because of the fancy rings in your magazine.” He pointed, and you laughed knowingly. But you couldn’t deny that they were gorgeous. Beautiful designs made of crystals swirled up the sides, creating an amazing pattern. A large diamond sat at the top, and it caught all the lights in the photo. If only it could be on your finger. Looking back at Phillip, your eyes said it all. Pleading for an answer. “I don’t know babe, I’ll think about it. It just seems kind of expensive.” He looked at you lovingly for a while, but then the microwave started beeping. “Gotta go get the food.” He got up casually, as if he didn’t just take part in an important discussion about your relationship.

Phillip had gone out with the guys, so you were left to your thoughts as you got ready for bed. The sound of your electric toothbrush was drowned out by your thoughts of marriage. Why on earth was Phillip so reluctant to say yes? Well, he was right about it costing a lot of money. Maybe he wanted to let you down easy, and not flat out say he couldn’t afford it. You were content on that answer for a while, until you were washing your face. I’ve seen our savings, because I earn half of them. You thought to yourself. We can definitely afford it. So why was he wishy washy? As you climbed under the covers, you were getting nervous.

At night, you had a wonderful dream, at first. It was your wedding day. Phillip had bought you the ring that you saw in the magazine. Your dress was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. You felt like a princess as you floated down the aisle. All of your friends and family were there. But as you made your way to the altar, one person was missing. Phillip. All that was left was a note addressed to you. The note contained your biggest nightmares:

Dear Y/N,

I have decided that I no longer want to get married to you. No, the ring wasn’t too expensive. No, it’s not that we’re immature. I just don’t feel that way about you. Don’t worry, you can keep the house. I found someone new and I’m moving in with them. 

- Phillip Hamilton

P.S. I hope this isn’t “out of the blue”

You woke up in a frenzy of sweat and tears. Your breaths were fast and panicked. The nightmare was awful, and you feared that the reality would be worse. You couldn’t bear losing Phillip. As you looked to your side, you notice that Phillip wasn’t back from his night out yet. But there was a note. A note. In fear of what it would say, you slowly opened it.

Dear Y/N,

I came back from my guys night and saw that you were in the midst of a nightmare. I realized it was my own fault. What I said was rude. I was afraid that you’d find out about the surprise I was planning, to propose. I was going to do it this weekend, but I decided what better time than the present. So I’m out to buy the ring from the magazine. I love you more than words can say.

Love, Phillip

Was this a dream, like the first time? It was your wedding day. Phillip had bought you the ring that you saw in the magazine. Your dress was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. You felt like a princess as you floated down the aisle. All of your friends and family were there. As you made your way to the altar, Phillip was beaming, ear to ear. You each said I do, and the fairy tail continued…



I hope someone brought the goddamned Ark.  Two of every beast!  IN YOU GO AND STEP ON IT

Moxie apparently still fondly remembers Artyom’s sack bouncing past in the breeze, so she’s fine despite being at risk for drowning.


Mmm a snak

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Matthew walking around like a damn pimp.

When you have to freak out but refuse to let go of your free drink.

…. in the time it took for Andrei to sip this, this mixologist decided she wanted to go back to her post and I couldn’t teleport him over to cockblock her fast enough.

(Btw, Freudian slip - I mistyped “fast” as “face” first…. whoops.)

Relinquish your shit.

We don’t even care about your damn physics-defying gazungas.  STAHP.  LEAVE.

- college au where alex is in a bookstore trying to get a book from the highest shelf but he can’t quite reach and someone takes it down and hands it to him and he’s about to say thanks when he looks up and oh god it’s jefferson smirking at him and he starts snarking about how he didn’t need help from an asshole frat boy but jefferson just rolls his eyes like goddamn are you ever grateful for anything jackass i just helped you and alex mutters thank you begrudgingly
- and they start talking about the book that he was looking for bc it turns out jefferson is also rlly into that series/author and they start discussing it and arrange to go for coffee to discuss it even more
- they start a book club but nobody goes bc they’re all too terrified of alex and thomas and their “discussions” so it ends up being more like a date but neither want to admit it
- eventually they start talking about stuff outside of books and slowly get to know one another better
- one day alex arrives and thomas is leaning outside their favourite coffee shop looking annoyed and it turns out its valentines day and the coffee shop is having a themed day so thomas assumed they’d be going somewhere else but the coffee here is too good and alex realises that this is his chance so he asks thomas out (probably ready to fight again) but thankfully thomas grins and agrees