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Sano, Kazama and Souji jealousy headcanons?

Sanosuke Harada

  • It takes a lot to get this man jealous because he’s pretty laid-back
  • If he happened to catch someone looking at his s/o too long he’d grab their hand or pull them close to him
  • Is really needy when he’s jealous
  • He won’t take his jealous out on his s/o. He would much rather talk it out with them if it’s really bothering him

Chikage Kazama

  • Please don’t make this man jealous. If he doesn’t kill you the look in his eyes will
  • When he’s jealous he gets really quiet and distant. He has a habit of taking it out on his s/o even if it’s not their fault
  • He will never admit to being jealous even though it’s pretty obvious. He’s pretty bad at hiding his jeaously 

Souji Okita

  • He gets jealous pretty easily. He doesn’t like it when his s/o gets along well with the other guys. Like, he won’t really do anything about that because those are his comrades and he knows it’s irrational but he just kinda glares at them
  • Catcall his s/o and you’ll die
  • He gets really jealous because he’s afraid his s/o will abandon him like his sister did
  • Like Sano, he gets really needy when he’s jealous but he’s super passive-aggressive at the same time

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Emi has joined Hakuouki hell yaaaaay!!~ I'm in love with Kazama...he's actually my phone background >_> I hope you're playing on the PS3 because that version has the fan disk included as well and has a BUNCH of extra stuff in it! Also, I HIGHLY recommend the two movies as well. Waaaaay better than the anime and very nicely done! It takes pieces from all the routes which is nice. The anime was garbage imo. I've never been so stressed out watching an anime...

Omg, Kazama’s voice is sexy x Infinity! Unnff, I love when he pops up even if he’s an ass.

I’m actually playing on my iPad. Sooo, no extra stuff for me hahaha. I’m slowly easing my way into the anime. The quality isn’t all that great tho. Sometimes I see Souji’s face and it makes me cringe. But, I can endure it lol

AND I’ve been thinking less than angelic thoughts about Sannan-san! Why the fuck does my body betray me this way?!??!?!


New Game Announcement! Hakuouki Yuugiroku: Taishi-tachi no Daienkai (tr. The Squad’s Grand Banquet)

Announced by Otomate Web on Twitter the new game will feature the cast of the Hakuouki Shinkai games and more than likely be similar in nature to the previous Yuugiroku games. The release date just says that it’s planned for release at some point later this year and that it will be for the PS Vita.

I will be sure to keep you all updated with more information as it is updated!

>>Official Website<<

Hakuouki OFFICIAL age chart thing

In the Kaze no Shou booklet are written most of the years in which the characters are born, if nor some are already given an age.
I use the Bunkyuu 3rd year (aka 1863) considering it’s when the original game started, as a date to give them a precise age.
So this is official!

It’s a long post so here’s a cut, just in case!

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新撰組の新発見!謎の多かった新選組の幹部・斎藤一の写真が発見されました! | ガジェット通信
江戸時代 幕末に尊王派を取り締まっていた新撰組の幹部として活動していた斉藤一(さいとうはじめ)。斉藤一の経歴をはじめとする情報は今でも少なく、写真すらも残されていない人物とされていました。しかし、共...







EDIT: according to ANN  the photos were released by Saito’s descendants. As ANN states,

The photos were taken in 1897, when Saitō was 53 years old. In the group portrait below, Hajime is seated with his second son Tsuyoshi, his eldest son Tsutomu, and his wife Tokiwo.

I just… I don’t know what to write, I’m so happy right now :)

Finally there’s a genuine photo of my hero :)