Inktober 2017 break - Research for the illustrations. Belongs to Mairi. 

Aannnd this is not inktober folks :D hehehe It’s my break day, I got lazy, the real inktober will come tomorrow -w- in the meantime, here are some researches for the characters: featuring  Fusehime, Yatsufusa and the witch Tamasuza from the story The Eight Dog Chronicles of Kyokutei Bakin <3 

Inktober 2017-01 Yatsufusa and Fusehime. Belongs to Mairi. 

For the first Inktober of this year I want to make you discover The Eight Dog Chronicles and its amazing characters, written by Kyokutei Bakin. It’s the epic tale of a princess cursed by a witch, a giant dog and eight warriors, fighting side by side against their dangerous foes. 

The characters introduced in this picture are the demon-dog Yatsufusa and the princess Fuse sharing a quiet moment before shit happens ! Take care people :D !