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Hiya um I know that manga is your thing but I just go through them waaaaay to fast so do you have any anime recs? Ill watch anything at this point, thanks (your blog is goals omg)


Actually, anime is my thing more than manga is. I’ve been a card-carrying weeb since 1986 so I’ve watched TONS OF ANIME and yet I’ll never live long enough to watch it all, dammit. The anime I love is mostly shonen, I nut over Swords/Demons/Ninjas/Powers/Bishonen/etc… but I hit a lot of genres. Here’s a list of some of my faves:

Attack on Titan (season 2 in Jan 2017!)

Yu Yu Hakusho (it’s old but it stands the test of time, the dub is fantastic, and Hiei/Kurama is practically canon)

HunterxHunter 2011 (I liked the 1999 version too but it stops after the Greed Island Arc.)

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East (this has so much pretty and gay just watch it.)

Magi: The Kingdom/Labrynth of Magic and its spinoff Sinbad no Bouken

K/Missing Kings/Return of Kings (exceptional storyline. you may feel a bit lost through season 1 of K but stick with it, it comes together beautifully)


Nabari no Ou (you will cry)

Donten ni Warau

No. 6

Tanaka-kun (this is slice of life and just plain delightful)

Hitsugi no Chaika (it’s shonen moe with kickass ladies and the plot is ohwow)

Susei no Gargantia (mecha)

The Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke (It’s a spinoff of Zettai Karen Children but it stands perfectly on its own.)

School Rumble (if you need a laugh)

Karas (if you like cyberpunk you’ll love this)

And honorable mentions to Naruto and Bleach. If you skip the filler the canon arcs are crazy.

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A, C and Z from the OTP-Thingie ❤

Fandom-Related Questions

Sorry for answering this so late! I was feeling a bit under the weather today but anyway, ahh thanks for sending me these questions!

A:Your current OTP.

It HAS to be RenHaru!

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But I’m really feeling Ao x Shino since I’ve started reading Hakkenden! Sousuke x Shino tho….Well OT3 is literally SousukeShinoAo

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C:A pairing you wish you shipped, but just can’t.

Oooh this is really difficult! I guess it would have to be Rin x Archer from the Fate series and maybe Rin x haru from Free! since most of my mutuals on IG ship them ahh.

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Z:What’s a ship that you want to ship publicly, but everyone on tumblr hates it so you keep your mouth shut about it?

OH BOY THIS QUESTION! It actually was originally RenHaru from Super Lovers since you know, the whole minor x adult relationship but hey, I’m into that so if a fictional story has that trope, I’ll probably read it. I was originally not supposed to post about it on my IG either since I’m really weak to hate ahaha. Aside from that…Probably nothing else. Though, I do make sure that my followers know I’m a shipper who loves all ships so, if anyone wants to block/unfollow me, they totally can since my ships have no restrictions. 

Thanks for sending this in wonderful anon! <3

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I read on the FAQ about releases, but is the team still going to keep translating Hakkenden? I don't want to rush anyone, just want to be assured that scans will be released when possible ;_;


We’re still continuing!! Apologies for the super late response anon _(:3」∠)_ I was gone for a few weeks… We hope you enjoy the chapters we released today!

Take care!
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happy ending -avril lavigne


one ok rock -clock strikes

nemo -nightwish


yugioh abridged -stronger

Do it now remember it later -sleeping with sirens

yugioh zexal -braving

once upon a lie -the sunstreak


re-sublimity -kotoko

going under evanescance

everybodys fool evenaecance

triangle-kawada mami

trip of innocent D -larval stage planning


nomizu iori & togashi misuzu  &sadohara kaori &misato-date alive

god fate-Faylan (hakkenden:touhou hakken ibun)

in the end -linkin park

Stupid MF -MSI

aka no kakera-yuki no suzuki (07 ghost)

Deeper deeper-one ok rock


ember mclain-remember my name

light of hope- Arc V


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