sticky summer memories: 2 am. we’re watching ever after on your tiny tv beneath our pillow fort. the curls you hairsprayed linger like the smell of baked cookies after they’ve already been eaten. you cuddle beside me, limbs between limbs, and we call it friendship. you are the lost princess and i am the girl you buy apples from at the market. i hope you won’t forget me, but i know you will.


Rum Tum Tugger - UK Tour 2013 style

This costume build was not… well, without its challenges.  Between various personal issues and self-destructive costume pieces (Swamp Monster!!)  this build over-ran by a few days despite having months to work on him.  But now he’s on his way.  Here’s the costume modelled by my new mannequin, Bruce.  

Wig - Kanekalon hot-glued to a stretch base, with a false lace front.  The false lace front is a slightly stretchy mesh front, but the hair is not hand tied into it.  Because I run out of time enough already, I don’t have that kind of patience!  But the false lace front should enable the wearer to glue the wig securely, and blend the hairline.  The ears, sideburns and curls are styled with extra hold hairspray, which is set with a cool hairdryer.  The use of a hairdryer sets the spray much harder, and much faster, than leaving the spray to dry off on its own.

Unitard - custom pattern unitard to the customer’s measurements.  The unitard started life a golden colour, then dip-dyed in an acid dye bath.  The first attempt at this was using a new brand of dye, and it failed SPECTACULARLY.  The dye crept up into the whole costume, and left a green tint across the whole of the bib, and most of the way down the arms and legs.  It also created a strong tie-dye effect over the ties that were supposed to hold the yellow portions clear.  Plus, it didn’t even turn the body black, just a sickly swampy shade of green.  It was an absolute write-off, and was replaced by the version here, dyed with the more reliable brand.  The dye still crept more than I intended, and left a bit of a tie-dye border between the yellow and the black, but no green shades.  I disguised this with black hatching while painting the spots.  It may not be authentic to most of the stage costumes but it is in keeping with the general feel of Cats costumes.

Mane - the mane is carefully constructed to hold as much of the hot, heavy fur away from the wearer.  It is mounted on a black spandex vest, with rigilene struts supporting the weight of the “pringle” shaped mane.  This is then covered with kanekalon hot-glued onto the base.  Finally the trim on the inner edge is a knitted strip of eyelash yarn, simply glued in place.  the knitting is very stretchy, so can be fixed in a wider or narrower pattern.  This particular mane is styled after the 2013-14 UK Tour, which was smooth and brushed out, but other productions give him a more spikey, unkempt finish.  The mane base also includes two hidden breast pockets, edged with the gold spandex to make storing things like phones and cards easier.

Tail - the tail is tied and wrapped yarns over a braided yellow and black base. I also added some of the pale eyelash yarn used on the mane to the tail.

Accessories - Tugger also has leopard print socks with black edging.  The edging is the same technique as fluffies on other cats - bias-cut nylon organza gathered onto the top of the sock.  The collar is leatherette, attached with a snap, and the spikes and gems are sewn with invisible thread.  The spikes are fairly fragile filigree and would crush if there was an accident, rather than stab anyone.  He also has a leopard-print scarf tied around his leg, this is made from off-cuts of the unitard fabric, painted to match.  Once the costume arrives with his new owner, he will add the belt, gloves and shoes to complete the ensemble.

Personally I’m particularly pleased to finish this costume just as the Cats community celebrates the return of the Rockstar Tugger to Broadway!  He’s a magnificent fluffy.

So this is a thing that’s happening.

Tuxedo shirt and wingtip oxfords arrived from Amazon today, and I bought some black sateen (for the tuxedo jacket and pants) and obnoxiously shiny black satin (for the lapels of the jacket and a cummerbund…because even though the waist of her pants don’t show anyway, I’m going all out) last week. Bowtie is from my extensive collection, and the Pearl wig is my same Pearl wig (which is in slightly rough shape after being shoved in the back of a car, between everyone’s bags, for six hours…all it needs is a bit of touchup with some hairspray and it’ll be fine).

I’ve always wanted classic black and white wingtip oxfords and a tuxedo shirt, so this cosplay was the perfect excuse. I got super lucky and it turned out that both pieces fit. Good thing I know both my size in boy’s dress shirts and my neck size, because I sure as hell wasn’t going to attempt to make a tuxedo shirt when I can get one on Amazon for cheap.

I wish I had a fixed size bowtie, but that’s something else I’m not going to attempt to make. People will just have to deal with seeing the adjustment hardware. Most people wouldn’t know the difference anyway. Hell, I bet most people would be impressed that I even know how to tie a bowtie.

Now to figure out wtf is up with Pearl’s outfit, since it’s not a traditional tux of any type, and get to sewing! (I also need to make a Joann’s run again because I realized that I totally forgot to buy shoulderpads…oops…)

Update on my babies from this post; it’s been exactly 51 days since I picked them up and one is almost ready to be potted! 

This is a super simple way of growing your succulent collection and you don’t need anything special to do it! Once they are pulled off the original plant let them callus over for a few days (3 days is usually good, if you don’t let them callus over they suck up too much water and will die!), then I use an old hairspray bottle that’s been cleaned out and spritz them with water. Just be patient, you can do it! 

(the pink ones and the three fuzzy leaves are from my own collection that I’m trying to propagate)

if i were to attempt a top 10 ferraro releases:

night dolls with hairspray

live at primavera sound 2012

marble surf

last american hero

alien microwave (lamborghini crystal) 

live at slimer beach/1992 cool runnings (depending on whether it’s the version credited to lamborghini crystal or grippers nother onesers)

90210 (90210)

untitled (heavens burst creation horizonz)

boiling the animal in the sky (wooden cupboard)

body of consciousness / uguiya to jeep by iguana greenwave (nirvana) 

i have a bunch of skaters stuff but i still haven’t actually listened all the way through one of their releases

i like far side virtual and the stuff that came after it but the earlier super smeared lo-fi stuff scratches a very specific sonic itch

I love the idea of “relic” music, where an album sounds like something long forgotten or something you’re not supposed to hear. I get that feeling from Night Dolls With Hairspray and a few other records in Ferraro’s discography, the compilation of the old Wicked Witch tracks that came out a few years ago and I especially get that with all of Grouper and The Caretaker’s albums.


Got tagged by @16syd for 6 selfie meme! the older ones are with the shorter hair, i’m growing it out now. i took the karamatsu one like.. yesterday lmao. that tank was literally only 1$ so don’t judge me ok.

i hope everyone recognizes that is me as buttercup for halloween bc my hair was literally perfect and i did it without gel or hairspray. (sidenote: my hair is long enough now i can do bad sasuke hair)

ALSO you may notice my gf karkimiko is pictured here, she is actually not my body pillow, she’s my friend’s who is oddly ashamed of her. I think her real name is kuruno (sp?) and idk what show she is from, but she deserves love not to be hidden in a box in a closet.

i tag (ONLY IF U WANNA) @florianesque @confusing-entity @nymphadora @bumblee-bae @grizgras @pettyinpink @upclose-and-impersonal and @feshpince (took SO long to find your url)