I keep trying to make him feel that he is losing me by minutes
or even seconds,
but in the midst of doing it,

I keep on coming back to him,
because I do not want to lose him.

But I always,
Always forget that

In order for him to lose me,
I have to lose him first

And that’s why it is so hard.


Maynard Owen Williams (1888-1963) :

A corner of the smoking-room of a men’s club - Haifa, Palestine circa 1921

Sheik Jacob Boukhari poses for a photograph in Jerusalem, December 1927.

A Yemenite Jew wears the red fez and stripped scarf. - Jerusalem.

Mgr. Damianos, a Greek Orthodox Patriarch, poses wearing medals. - Jerusalem

A clergyman poses for the camera. - Jerusalem

A Christian girl wearing a festal costume sits in a field in Ramallah.

Two women stand in the Temple area at Jerusalem.

A Muslim girl in the streets of Palestine.

A Christian girl in a dark gown sits in a field in Ramallah.

A view of Haifa, Palestine’s tourist port, from Mount Carmel.



‘To those who fell martyrs for the sake of the land of sad oranges, and to those are yet to fall’

Ghassan Kanafani, Palestinian writer and member of the PFLP.

Israel assassinated him along with his niece in a car explosion in Beirut on July 8, 1972. They had to collect his body parts off trees. His wrist was found on top of a building with his hand watch still ticking.