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different anon here. do you think iku-chan's musical will affect her chances of being center again? i want her to be center but she might be too busy, no?

I certainly hope not, anon, because I’m waiting for another Ikuchan-centered single myself. She’s more likely to center an autumn single imo (piano-heavy, mid-tempo songs like Landome and Imahana), so I’m crossing my fingers for the 16th single release. Unless of course, another (god forbid!) hachi fukujin announces graduation. Then we might get another grad center song.

As for her activities… I really don’t know. She managed to juggle promotions for the 10th single while doing her Rainbow Prelude musical. Then again that musical only had a handful of show dates. I think it would be unfair for management to exclude her just because she has a musical. Besides, if we look at Nogi’s schedule of releases, succeeding singles will probably be around October/November, then March/April. No conflict, really, unless you consider the practice time (which they seem to have started, btw).

Anyway, if there’s anyone who can do it, it’s Ikuchan. Even Sony Music Label’s President(!!) called her a hardworking genius, you know.  😎 💯

Human Flag at Colloseo, Rome ( Italy ) ❤️🇮🇹🚩

( Mi è mancato veramente tanto aggiornare quest'album e caricare foto sul mio profilo! Devo ancora uploadare tante foto scattate durante la mia “assenza”! 😅 )

Grazie ancora ad Hachi per la foto!!! Alla fine ho caricato questa perchè era un po’ più corretta e “dritta” anche se la foto di ¾ sec dopo ci sono tutte le persone dietro che guardano insieme ahah 💪🏼

PS - Questa foto l'ho caricata ieri sera ma qualche gesù di motivo, a volte la app di Facebook non carica il contenuto!

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I think this is one of the most important scenes on the anime. 

It’s not like Nana was going to see that thing written on the wall, it’s not like the opinion of random people would bother her anyway and it’s not like someone is watching and Hachi does it so ‘she can look cool’. 

She just stopped, ran to get spray, erased those words with a fierce look and wrote her own feelings there. Her expression while doing it and how calm she looks after she is done kills me every time.   

After 40 episodes, after all they went through, Hachi’s feelings didn’t change at all. 

Hachi was more than an inmature, superficial and selfish character. Yeah, she was an imature, superficial and selfish character that loved Nana with all her heart. Hachiko the loyal dog!

This anime/manga show one of the greates friendship between girls and I’m so happy at how they animated this scene.