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In a Paroxysm of Desire (on Wattpad

Paroxysm can be defined as a sudden attack or violent expression of a particular emotion or activity. 

In a paroxysm of desire’ - that is exactly what those four days in Comdex in the fall of ‘87 meant to Joe MacMillan, the CEO of MacMillan Utility. 

When Joe hired a plus-one to accompany him for Comdex, he never anticipated this ordinary woman, this escort would haunt him for years to come. This is the tale of their encounter, their whirlwind experience of being at one of the biggest shows Comdex had ever seen, and the undeniable attraction growing between the client and the escort. 

A playlist to accompany the full story. The song that epitomizes this story: Only by RY X 

Author’s Note: This is a Joe MacMillan (from AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire) fanfiction set two years after the events of Season 2 and is not my prediction of what might happen in Season 3. This isn’t a very long fanfiction, there are 10 chapters plus a prologue. Hope you’ll enjoy it. :)

My two baes

Joe finally found Gordon’s Glasses and really is sporting the Steve Jobs look. I thought Joe would behave more like he did in season 1. More aggressive but he seems pretty chilled out. That’ll be interesting how it all plays out…

And Cameron, cute as always, is taking over the whole fire craze-antisocial personality vibe from Joe

This better not be Cameron’s new love interest. I’m still coping from the whole Sarah/Tom fiasco in Season 2. I really want Joe and Cameron to get together again. They’re my OTP.