Danny: So, uh, we have, uh, been together for, um, three years.
Steve: Four.
Danny: See, this is, uh, specifically what I am talking about.
Steve: I’m just correcting you.
Danny: Okay. Uh, four years.
Steve: It was three years, eleven months and two days exactly.

OK, we all know this scene from S5Ep1, but there is something that I need to tell you about it that somehow, and I don’t know why, is never mentioned in those gifset reblogs.

We are used to interpreting it as one of the great McDanno moments (which it is) and the confirmation, hilariously played by Danny, of Steve being a control freak. Steve corrects Danny, telling the exact number of years, months, and days since they met. It is undoubtedly perceived by fans as the sign of connection between the two of them, which I would like to slightly disagree on.

I am not denying, that meeting Danny was an important moment for both men, but it is not the reason why Steve remembers the date so precisely. He remembers it because right before meeting Danny Steve lost two very important people in his life: his best friend, partner and brother, Freddie and his father. It happened in the short span of several days, and it haunted (and still does) him for years. It is not the fact of meeting Danny, but what happened right before it, is what has burnt in Steve’s memory. Because when Steve met Danny he knew nothing about him, it was just someone whom he met and was going to work with. I am not saying that there was not something there from the beginning, but realistically Danny is not the reason why Steve remembers the date. 

Granted, now Steve remembers it because he cares about Danny, but it is not why he knows the date so precisely. If you lose two people who are very important to you in such a short time and so violently (Freddie was killed in front of Steve’s eyes, saving his life, and Steve listened to his dad being killed over the phone), it is bound to burn in your memory.

I am not downplaying the significance of Steve and Danny’s meeting, as it is undoubtedly very important and I enjoy all the flash back scenes in that episode, but I wish people would think beyond Steve being a control freak and riling Danny (on purpose, btw) and consider the fact that what stands beyond that precise memory is actually a rather tragic loss of loved ones. 

(One day I hope to write a longer post on Steve and his relationship with Freddie, his father and Doris. I am also very tempted to write a timeline for the show, but I fear that it will not survive my scrutiny as I sort of doubt that they did timeline everything correctly - the show has been on for five years after all.)

p.s. I have been sitting on this one for awhile, but eventually couldn’t contain myself.


“Figured you guys need some grub … hospital food is the worst. And the portions? Very small.”