Cool things that happen in Yu-Gi-Oh GX:

1. A teenager who has partial dinosaur DNA due to the fact that one of his legs bones was replaced by a dinosaur bone turns into a bandana-wearing talking spectral dinosaur and saves the world by flying into space and smashing a Laser Cannon Of Doom with his semi-existent tail with the help of the soul of a crayon drawing of a cockatoo-headed superhero that his bff drew when he was a little kid which was then shot into space in a rocket by a 20 year old billionaire CEO in an attempt to open a channel of communication between humans and aliens.

2. Do you really need a #2

Protags and their Spiritual Partners
  • Yugi: My Aibou. He gives me the confidence I need and I teach him humility. The most important person in my life.
  • Judai: My sorta boyfriend partner? Turns out we were aliens in past lives and they got dragon armor and went crazy with space madness. They got better.
  • Yusei: uh
  • Yuma: My teammate. He can be annoying when handing out advice but I teach him a thing or two from time to time. Wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.
  • Yuya: My other me? He sends me a voicemail every half year about either bringing smiles or killing academy kids. Shun really misses him.
  • Yusaku: piece of shit i'm stuck with. Almost got me killed with a tornado. Need him for revenge reasons.