headcanon (but actually canon) that the reason morganas hair looked like shit when she left camelot was because gwen did it for her all the time and she had no idea how to do it herself

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Gwen was enormously nervous. Garth was on patrol, and she was sitting in his apartment waiting for him to walk through that door any moment. The blonde tucked her hair back as she paced across his living room. Eyes focused, her teeth absentmindedly nibbling on the surface of her lip. Gently ripping away the skin. “Garth, I.. No no, that’s not it.” The girl spoke to herself. Going over what she was about to tell him. “I have.. No no, that’s not good either.” Closing her eyes for a moment, Gwen took a deep breath. This was bad. Real bad. What was about to happen was about to change his life forever. Could she do that? Could she single handedly ruin his life in the matter of five seconds? No. He meant the world to her, and that’s why she decided to run. That’s it, she was running. Quickly writing a note, she stuck it on the fridge. “I love you.” Were the words her sad eyes had scanned over before allowing two of her fingers to slide down the piece of paper. Instantly feeling the deep writing her shakey hand could muster. “I’m sorry,” The blonde whispered immediately before whipping around and grabbing her coat. She couldn’t do this, not to him. This was the only rational out come she could think of at the moment. Running. Tearing up, she wiped her eyes before opening the door. Reaching back into his apartment, her petite figure leaned in to pick up her purse. Garth had meant everything to her, and now she was going to break his heart. Usually, Gwen was the rational one. The one who was always filled with reason and understanding. But not today. Not now.

prezziethedork asked:

Is there a comic book series for "Spider Gwen", or is mod just rlly creative?

//While I like to think of myself as being decently creative, Spider-Gwen is a canon character, and there are actual comics involving her!

Her comics are simply called Spider-Gwen, and she was introduced in the Spider-Verse event; she resides in Earth-65, and if you want to read about her and don’t mind spoiler-y stuff, you can read about her here!

Posting publicly because there’s probably a lot more people who don’t know about her/possibly giving me more credit than I deserve, haha!