Merlin: Gwen [ISFJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the mod.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Gwen has great respect for the traditions of Camelot; she is resistant to the idea of falling in love with Arthur, or becoming his queen, at first because it goes against all the major mythologies of the period. Up until she gets to know Arthur on a personal level, she judges him based on their previous interactions and her observations of his selfish behavior. Gwen feels the most comfortable when things are predictable and she does not mind keeping to a routine. Such things as the Knights of Camelot captivate her imagination, and she is surprised if their behavior deviates from what she sees as “appropriate.”

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): She has a warm and approachable nature, inclined toward serving others at her own expense. Gwen is conscious of her place and social expectations as a servant, and is uncomfortable in stepping out of them to become queen. She is willing to put aside her own feelings and walk away from the man she loves, so that it will not cause unwanted friction between Uther and Arthur. She sometimes complains when others are inconsiderate, and is easily moved by emotional appeals. She is very good at sensing others’ emotions and getting them to open up to her.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Where Arthur is inclined to rush in without thinking, Gwen is more analytical and hesitant. She is rational and makes strong arguments to support her conclusions. She studies other people and is often accurate in guessing their motivations. In a crisis, she remains calm and is able to creatively and logically think her way around problems that seem insurmountable. She is often a voice of common sense, to Merlin and to Arthur as well.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): She is cautious and somewhat suspicious of other people; Gwen attentively watches the people around her and can sense when more is going on than is first apparent. She sometimes challenges and doubts loyalties, hinting at her desire to protect the people she loves from unforeseen consequences. She is somewhat resistant to too much change all at once, and does not like to take big risks, because she cannot foresee the outcome.

Note: Retyped to an introvert; I think she has more Ti than Ne.

ginny - lemon trees, stained glass windows with the light coming through, freckles. shades of warm reds, dark pinks. the first days of spring, when everything is suddenly bright again. photos with pretty girls and big smiles and squinty eyes. skin against skin, whispering secrets in the dark. the first sunlight, sloppy kisses, neon lights, salted caramel.
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—  the girls of hogwarts, part one.

tiffanycjingwen asked:

Hi. I've only recently started reading your Princess-Comm fics and in them, Lexa introduces herself with her pronouns. May I know your explanation for it? I understand it as a way of clarifying/presenting gender but I think that's not all, right?

nah that’s basically all. lexa is cis but she’s just v much into the fact that gender (& sex, for that matter) aren’t a binary, & she’s super against automatically gendering people. & by lexa introducing herself w her pronouns, it normalizes everything for everyone else (instead of, for example, asking someone what their pronouns are).

so yeah, lexa just v much stands for not assuming appearance/presentation = gender identity (even though, conventionally, hers does, which is also notable bc she wouldn’t need to clarify her own pronouns for ppl to get them right).

lexa started doing this bc junior year one of the kids on her model UN team came out to her as genderqueer & they’re p much constantly misgendered bc they don’t present as androgynous or fluid, whatever, & ppl don’t lead w their pronouns. so lexa asked what would help & they told her just introducing herself w her pronouns opened up that door rly easily, & so she tries rly rly hard to rmb.

& like, lexa’s not even rly ‘friends’ w them, just an acquaintance/teammate, but they’re still so so so touched that lexa’s so good abt it, bc at competitions she makes sure almost immediately when they introduce themselves to the other team(s) or whatever to lead w pronouns & stuff.

so rly, no, in a lot of ways it doesn’t have a lot to do w lexa’s gender identity, bc she has never been misgendered. but lexa is hardcore ride or die abt progressive, safe spaces as a person & also as someone who v much does want to be a notable & frankly powerful politician, so yeah. this is smth small & easy, rly, that can rly, rly help a lot of ppl.

The best way to memorize a lot of Chinese characters is to make cards and revise them everywhere. It’s also important to write cards by yourself and not to type them on computer because writing makes it easier to memorize.

The second important things is writing. While you are writing look at character and try to remember it then close it by hand or paper and try to write it by yourself, not to copy it. Also don’t forget to pronounce them while writing.