*gun noises*

Reasons Why Lance is #Relatable

(I did one of these for Keith so I thought why not?)

  • Loves the rain 
  • Loves his family 
  • Protective of people he met like 20 minutes ago 
  • “I’d recognise that mullet anywhere” 
  • Insecure 
  • Mermaids are his weakness 
  • Loves Keith but also fuckign hates him 
  • Animorphed into a dolphin and caught dirty money in his mouth for a video game 
  • Dramatic™ 
  • Appreciates Hunk 
  • Recognises that Allura is basically a goddess 
  • Makes jokes to hide the pain 
  • Admires Shiro 
  • Does a little dance when he’s happy 
  • M e m e s 
  • [Everyone else rushing to wake up with a blaring alarm going off] *is still asleep* 
  • Excitable 
  • Literally took the full force of an explosion for Coran 
  • Feels like a seventh wheel 
  • [Laser gun noises]
Countries Reacting to Australia's Emu War
  • England, on the phone: oh Australia, you finally picked up. I'm thinking of having diner with the fam, do you want to come- ... what is that noise??
  • Australia: huh? Oh just a bunch of bloody, motherfucking Emus charging towards my direction to try and kill me the third time~
  • England: ... why?
  • Australia: well, long story short, they were disturbing some people and I'm currently in a war against them.
  • England: ... is that gun noises??
  • Australia: huh? Oh yeah, it is. I was nearly pecked to death, so this war has escalated to death con.3. Oh, by the way, I would love to come for diner! I'll bring you a couple of these bloody, shitty, motherfuckers for diner, if you want~?
  • England: Australia, please!!

okay, some more cool pics from our event!
pic 1: this was an activity for visitors - literally “throw a core into an oven” game
pic 2: closer look at chell’s portrait
pic 3: part of stand decorations - plush cores and turrets (every single one found its new home after the event)
pic 4: handmade portal gun and licensed replica one - can you tell the difference? also some mugs for employees - a lot of coffee was drunk that day
pic 5: mirror portals are always epic win. also test subject preparing a mischief behind the scientist’s back. and a plush companion cube - that one ended up living at my place
pic 6: closer look at mural replicas. stunning work of two talented artists

Can’t Take The Sky (1/3)

She knows how to find people. He’s got a fast ship. They need each other - and neither of them is happy about it.

… in which Emma Swan and Killian Jones team up to apprehend an armed and dangerous military deserter, who just so happens to be Killian’s brother. Shenanigans ensure - in space. Sci-fi AU inspired by all the things I love, for day 4 of @seastarved‘s Fantasy Pretzel Week.

Huge thank you to the ladies at the CS Writers’ Hub for the cheerleading and the feedback and everything! You’re all wonderful.

Blaster fire lit up the alleyway around Emma, flashing as it hit the grimy walls, the high-pitched whirr of the guns drowning out noise of the speeders from the street beyond. She flung herself into the meagre cover of a waste disposal unit, breathing hard. Her back was still hitting the wall when her companion joined her, whirling around to fire at their attackers as he backed into her.

And kept backing up.

“Hook,” she pressed out as his shoulders obscured her view, the scent of leather and soap almost overpowering the smell of the alley. “You’re crushing me.”

“My apologies, but I’ve no desire to get shot,” he gritted out. “Where did all these fellows come from?”

“You’re the one who poked the gundark den,” she reminded him sharply. “Why’d you break cover? You were supposed to wait for my signal.”

She’d known going in that this mission was a huge risk. It had gone well at first; they’d landed on Dathmun without any of the trouble that Killian had predicted, and he’d even managed to talk the dock officials out of the usual trumped-up customs charges. Up until give minutes ago, Emma would have said that the place was perfect—easy in, just busy enough to provide cover and distractions, and no weapons bans.

She might still be saying it now, if her words weren’t going to be drowned out by the blaster fire.

“Did you see how he was looking at you?” Killian demanded, edging carefully forward to snap off two quick shots at their attackers.

“How—“ Emma felt her eyes widen, something fast and hot and angry rising inside her. “You got jealous?”

“No,” he shot back, a little too quickly. “You were about to be made.”

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Why people may think I ship shance: “that guys my hero!”

Why I actually ship shance: the little glances from Lance that have concern written all over them when it comes to having Sendak captive. The fact Shiro picked up Lance and carried him after the explosion and was worried about him the entire time. The fact that Shiro is Lance’s impulse control. That Lance got Shiro to act like a completely dork by starting the laser gun noises. The high potential they have for being really good for each other. Shiro’s pep talks helping Lance through insecurities. Lance’s humor being able to help Shiro not chase the rabbit to keep him from breaking down. Shiro helping Lance ‘grow up’ to be more mature but with his sense of humor that helps keep people sane. Etc. etc.

In defense of old school Warhammer 40,000 battle reports

Ten years ago you could go on Warseer, Librarium Online, Dakkadakka or several other forums and find a groaning banquet table of written battle reports. Now, you find bupkes. It’s all about the video battle report

It’s all about the 90-minute long video battle report shot with a smartphone. there’s a lens flare and probably machine gun noises and then two headless dad bods spend an hour and a half pushing around miniatures. sometimes they’ll try to liven it up with banter on the level of a Microsoft E3 presentation. an hour and a half of this. an hour and a half.

You know what’s great about written battle reports? they don’t take most of your free evening to experience! they’re three minute commitments and you get the same vicarious rush. if you’re REALLY lucky the batrep writer will try their hand at a narrative, either before and after the match or woven into the play-by-play. and like

yes. give me the people crafting kludgey narratives for their space marines without a drop of irony. give it to me. let me read about their sparkledogs clutching bolters and shouting orders. give me a thousand earnest, terrible, borderline fanfic battle reports buttressed with amateur photography! because 1) it’s a positive expression of fandom and 2) even the worst, horseploppiest written battle report is more respectful of my free time than 99 percent of video battle reports.

(There is an exception: the only truly good video battle report, the Frontline Gaming guys protesting 6th Edition Cron Air while doing the gallon milk jug challenge)

  • nonary game: solve some relatively simple puzzles and just play by the rules, and you'll be fine. you've actually pretty high survival odds here.
  • ambidex game: don't betray each other and try not to die. don't worry, barring something like our mysterious enemy sending in part of his inconvenient clone army you'll be alright.
  • decision game: can't roll three ones in one try? fuck you [machine gun noises]

Don’t think about Lance and shiro cuddling in bed comparing which laser gun noise is more accurate. While laughing at each other sounds. Then them wondering what Keith would choose as a noise. Shiro knows the answer.

Me: okay I’ll put hxh in background activity while I draw

Me: huuuh where to start tho I rewatched the begining so many times

Me: oh I know! Kurapika’s prison exam fight!

Me: *puts on ep 12 - wrong one* shit wait

Me: *puts ep 11* still wrong one

Me: eh y’know what what about I start the arc a little earlier? *puts ep 7*

Me: wait a little earlier

Me: *put ep 1 again* 

Me: Fair Enough.

  • Okuyasu: A Stray Cat action figure! [grabs Stray Cat] Let me play with it!
  • Josuke: No, Okuyasu!
  • Okuyasu: Fighter pilot! [fake machine gun noises] Dive bomb!
  • Josuke: Okuyasu!
  • Okuyasu: And here comes a giant fist! [The Hand appears]
  • Josuke: Okuyasu, no! That’s not an action figure! That’s the real Stray Cat! I shrunk him by accident.
  • Okuyasu: Oh…and here comes a giant fist!