Thanks to a couple darlings I managed to get that kit and make my sweet gramma Asura~

Khlexxi is an old elementalist that is super friendly and kind and has dedicated her life to both learning the elements and learning everything there is to know about how to cook.  She loves you and wants you to take care of yourself!


oak / clover / winter / lightning strikes

new sylvari oc! blue-white won the vote for a color scheme, and has a great effect of resembling the lichtenberg figures that appear on things after electricity hits them. I’m imagining electro-physiological magic for this dude - maybe someone who could have been an elementalist, but was more interested tinkering with chemicals and disassembling things (and people) than learning the other elements. 

a villainous bro. he’s called Sal. 

Here is the first painting from my Followers Giveaway!  Of @cracked-quartz‘s sylvari, Arzulia.  <3  

I had a sudden and nasty art block for a couple days there, then manged to crack this out tonight.  Thank you so much for participating in my giveaway!  Hopefully I’ll have the other two done soon!  

5 Not so important Facts about:


1)He can drink more beer than a charr and still continue in their his senses… where all that beer goes? No one knows.

2) He can sleep AAAAAANYWWWWWWHERE! It dosent matter if the place is unconfortable, he will fall asleep very quickly.

3)He made his own glider.

4)Maybe he’s a little chubby, but that does not stop him from walking long distances without feeling tired. heisachub/hunk

5) He lost his eye when an raptor attacked him. Over time, the eye became infected and it had to be removed.


New character time!

This is Nia Tydal! She may be short in stature, but she is a fierce fighter and wielder of magic. Despite this, she seems to sustain a rather perky attitude. Smiles all around as she slices, burns and electrocutes her way to victory!

This character was somewhat inspired by some of the characters from the upcoming game “Mirage: Arcane Warfare”! She is supposed to be a lot of fun, but in a twisted, bloody sort of way.