To Do List:

- Windows Recolors: In Progress

- Deep Concrete Kitchen Recolors: Done

- Ottomans Recolors: Done

- Grill Recolors: Done

I tend to get the easier things to recolor out of the way first. By all means, I didn’t forget you.

To the person who wanted me to recolor the GTW Fences, for some reason I can’t find them in S4S.

Simstopics Faster Retail Actions! by devilgurl (Sims 4)

Compatibility: PC Version / Mac Version (January 7th Patch)

Tired of your sims taking too long to restock your store’s merchandise or ringing out those customers? Well with this mod, it now only takes 5 sim minutes to do just that! Now you have more time to ring out more customers and restock your store faster!



400 Followers Gift!!

Here’s a lone followers gift, a mesh cut and edit of a GTW hair with a bit of swish thing on the hair cause there’s not that much of a hair type like that around :P It’s my massive thanks from me to all of you, follower or not :) THAAAAANKS everyone! :D

[Will consider making a modified shaved version of this later, so stand by :P]

Download‘s down here↯  


| Out and About [Hairstyle] - Updated 28/01/16 to fix red swatch |

Notify me for any problems with the file/mesh :)

⊰ Slouchy Sweater Dress ⊱

  • All in one file
  • EA Mesh
  • 11 Swatches
  • It should be base game compatible (can someone who doesn’t have GTW please tell me if it works?)
  • Disabled for random
  • For girls only
  • Custom Thumbnail

TOU: please don’t re-upload or claim as your own, thank you!


⊰ SimFileShare ⊱

Please, disable Adblock on Adfly to help me keep creating for you!

if you have any trouble, please let me know!

Use #auroramoonsims or tag me so I can see your beautiful creations ♥



I need to stop with the panic! references

more cc! I took a little break on cc, and I’m back :3c I really love how the hair came out, because I always wanted more hairs like that in my game!

  • The Good > GT jacked recoloured with eversims colours. NOT base game compatible;
  • The Bad > Longer version of the cocktail base game dress (suggestion by @captainsaltypants ). Recoloured in eversims colours. Has little visible seams in the back (see here)
  • The Dirty > Sidecut hair of a GTW hair. Base game compatible.


Download: SimFileShare / OneDrive


Credits & TOU: Credits to eversims, EAxis, s4s, and Blender. Please don’t repost it. You can recolour the hair, but please don’t include the mesh! Thank you ♥

Simstopics Employees Stay 24 Hours! (Get to Work required) by devilgurl (Sims 4)

Compatibility: PC Version / Mac Version (January 7th Patch)

This mod requires the expansion pack Get to Work! Please do NOT try to use this mod without owning (and having it installed) the Get to Work expansion pack!

When you own a retail store, your employees will stay between 8-9 hours if you do not send them home or close the store early. Well I usually make my owner sim stay almost 12-16 hours and wanted my employees to stay that long too. So I played around with the settings and thought “what if I just make them stay for 24 hours before they leave?

Please note a few things! 1. Be sure to have a bathroom, and a fridge or something for them to get a snack (they get crabby otherwise) 2. Once the 24 hours is up, you should be able to just close the store then re-open to have them return



I want to tell about a couple of wonderful mods I’ve added to my game lately. I’m still experimenting with them but so far everything seems mostly ok. These mods are More Logical Cooking by Plasticbox and Shop from fridge and recipe overhaul (BETA!) by Graycurse. 

I really like TS3 cooking system when you need ingredients to cook. Also I’m a great fan of @anitmb no shop from fridge and retail mods. So TS4 cooking from thin air was a disappointment to me. 

Using two mentioned mods makes TS4 a bit closer to TS3 experience. Basically sims can’t cook if they don’t have proper ingredients in their inventory (if you use “ingredients required” flavor of Plasticbox mod). Plus as a bonus Overhaul mod adds new ingredients (some shown above) to cooking recipes. Which you can by from fridge but in the separate menu not on the go. Or (which is the best part for me) in store as they are GTW compatible. So now I have a real grocery not only for fruits and vegetables but for milk, meat and other stuff as well. (All new ingredients cost 10$ when bought from fridge and 12$ from retails store with default price %. But when selected only delta of 2$ is shown, though when bought everything is ok).

There are some side effects to these mod though. For example to cook strawberry cupcakes I need new ingredients x4 (=40$). When I sell the resulting dish in the shop it’s price is 37$. So it seems that overhaul didn’t affect the resulting price of a retail product. Still need to check this part further. But so far I really enjoy my grocery above all else )))


Happy Simentine, @wildplumbobs! I have some small gifts :D

== CC ==

Beach dress recolor

Mesh by @mysimlifefou

Come with striped pattern in Eversims’ Ever So Lovely palette (25 swatches total)

Standalone, custom thumbnail

Download | Mesh (required)

StarStruck dress recolor

Mesh by (seriously-flippin-awesome) @chocolatemuffintop

The same palette as the beach dress

Standalone, custom thumbnail

Download | Mesh (required)

== Sims ==

Nyda Dun (1st pic)

Face mask / Lips

Dorothy Goodie (2nd pic)

Hair / Face mask / Freckle / Eyeliner / Eyelashes / Lips

Both using this default eyes in pictures. They use content from BG, GTW, and GT. Available on the gallery. My Origin ID is Harujii. Enjoy!