get to know me meme: (2/15) current celebrity crushes » lily collins
be proud of who you are and what you’ve gone through. have faith in yourself and trust you have the strength to keep going. and know that at the end of the day, only you have the power and ability to tell your own story. so tell it as openly, honestly, and authentically as you can.


get to know me: [4/10] favourite musicians/bands  ➝ Bring Me The Horizon

And then I found out how hard it is to really change.
Even hell can get comfy once you’ve settled in.
I just wanted the lonely inside me to leave.
No matter how fucked you get, there’s always hell when you come back down.
The funny thing is all I ever wanted I already had.
There’s glimpses of heaven in every day.
In the friends I have, the music I make, the love that I feel.
I just had to start again.


 get to know me meme: [3/20] favourite films ≡ Mulholland Drive (2001) dir. David Lynch

Of all people, you’re standing right over there, by that counter. You’re in both dreams and you’re scared. I get even more frightened when I see how afraid you are, and then I realize what it is. There’s a man in the back of this place. He’s the one who’s doing it. I can see him through the wall. I can see his face…I hope that I never see that face, ever, outside of a dream…


get to know me meme: [2/5] movies ➝ 10 things i hate about you

↳ “I You know fathers don’t like to admit it when their daughters are capable of running their own lives. It means we’ve become spectators. Bianca still let’s me play a few innings - you’ve had me on the bench for years. When you go to Sarah Lawrence, I won’t even be able to watch the game.”