[[ This was honestly one of my favourite things that you’re able to do in Ghost of Thornton Hall. ]]

The Different Types of Clue Crew members

- “Back in my day…”
*first game was MHM/ TRT
* Grown up who loves their childhood a little too much

- Team Ned
*so innocent
*so pure
* wandered onto Tumblr

*writes fan fiction
*Carefully examines every phone call
* Pities Ned

* gay
* loves gay representation
* will fight you if you disagree

$#:T posters
* so many big island mike memes
* Can turn anything dirty
* Doesn’t take sides in the Ned/ Frank debacle

- Blahunka fans
*Likes really deep things
* looooooooooves GTH
* Thinks Kate is good too

- I’m with Her (interactive)
* Defends HeR
* reads the blog, gets the newsletter, watches the videos, listens to the podcast, writes on the boards
* Is somehow okay with waiting for MID?

- Gamers
* Didn’t play the games until they were in their late teens/ early adulthood
* Likes the games but will step away to play other ones
*Has an outsider’s perspective

-Nancy Drew Aesthetic
* oooooo look at these objects
* ooooooooo look at these images that correlate with a game and/or character
* oooooooooooooo look at this photoshopped picture of a character with a dramatic quote around them
Real Talk

I feel like I don’t care about the stories in the newer games as much as the older games. Why is this? I think it might be because since I’m older and wiser I finish the games much faster, and spend less time immersed in the storyline. But I feel like it might be because the games are becoming more dramatic without giving me time to process. Am I the only one who feels this way? Like, I was way more emotional learning about Dexter’s past in TRT than the reveal at the end of GTH. Is that because the former is more relatable, or that the latter seems rushed at the end of the game? Or maybe it’s because I’m becoming a cold, heartless bitch.

Whatever the case, I want MID to make me cry.

the signs as nancy drew games
  • aries: stay tuned for danger - filled with youthful awkwardness & youthful exuberance for the brand new world of CYBERMYSTERYS, doesn’t really know what it’s doing but pulls it off anyway
  • taurus: the final scene - takes place in a swanky, charming and luxurious old theatre and the whole thing comes about because someone is VERY BAD at accepting change
  • gemini: warnings at waverly academy - drama, gossip, backstabbing and black cats--everything to keep a full speed gemini mind totally entertained (hey, it's not a bad thing) not to mention... TWINS
  • cancer: the secret of shadow ranch - so many emotions, so much crying and heartache and digging around in the memory of history, but... a real HEART OF GOLD (no pun intended (slight pun intended))
  • leo: alibi in ashes - a huge fire followed by small town drama fit for a stage. nancy gets locked up in jail with all her friends orbiting around her like the planets to the sun. totally sweet, totally sunny and warm and filled with friendship.
  • virgo: ghost dogs of moon lake - a quick game in the woods fits this earth signed ruled by zippy mercury perfectly. and it's all solved by paying attention to the details of someone’s dog themed decor--a task perfect for virgo that lives in what others might consider the mundane
  • libra: treasure in the royal tower - all big honkin diamonds and their thieves lusting after the life of leisure are ruled by the luxurious venus, as are all those poor madame deficits. wickford castle is beautiful, but not tacky, and maybe kinda fake, what with those stairways and doors to nowhere...
  • scorpio: ghost of thornton hall - a mystery still full of mysteries, a game that probably won’t ever give up all its answers. the dark side of mars (scorpio’s esoteric ruler) is here in the bad side of the thornton family tree and pluto reigns over the other half--strange and hidden underground and as cold as the crypts themselves
  • sagittarius: secret of the scarlet hand - no game has you learn quite as much as SSH, and for that it fits this sign of higher knowledge perfectly. who loves learning? sag, baby. not to mention, the world of the game expands and expands and seems infinite--like it exists outside of the game and we only see a glimpse of it, which is totally the territory of sag’s huge ruing planet, jupiter.
  • capricorn: curse of blackmoor manor - nothing is more saturnalian and earthen than following subterranean passageways deep below an old manor to solve occult little puzzles set up by centuries of tradition
  • aquarius: the shattered medallion - not because aquarius sucks like this game does, but because they are THE weird little alien babies of the zodiac & no game is more the oddball than MED. where is it all coming from? (space) and why? (to... help us? maybe?)
  • pisces: shadow at the water’s edge - one fish of pisces totally drowned, the other swimming against the stream, stagnant forever, unable to move on. watery footsteps, grief deeper than the game seems to let on, not to mention that psychic world pisces can so easily tap into rearing its heads with hauntings. possibly the saddest, but one that, through this sadness, allows the most healing