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can we see some stuff from ur sketchbook (if you have one)?

Yeah, sure! 

Please excuse the quality of these photos.

(If only I could draw hands attached to people’s bodies…)

(this one is so blurry, I’m sorry!))

(One day I will finish this. Maybe.)

(Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is probably my favorite anime rn)

(This is an OC of mine btw, I posted something about her before, she does not have a name yet)


Ahhhh I finally did ittt!! I got the spin off doneee. I’ll release GSNK soon too, before I leave for another little vacation. I’ll be gone for only four days, but during that period I won’t be able to translate anything ;3; so please bear with me. I’ll be gone from tomorrow to the 7th!

The best moment in all of GSNK is definitely when Nozaki and Mikoshiba decide their husbando in the dating sim needed a proper ending 

And I’m a little sad that I can’t seem to find that here to reblog it