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Yoda Jokes Pt 1
  • {After Jeongyeon has told Tzuyu one of her unfunny dad jokes}
  • Tzuyu:[In a ridiculous Yoda voice] Funny Joke!
  • Jeongyeon:Oh my god Tzuyu, you alright?
  • Tzuyu:Did I ever tell you about that?
  • Jeongyeon:Nope
  • Tzuyu:My fucking Joke Yoda
  • Jeongyeon:Joke Yoda?
  • Tzuyu:Yoda after he like, retires from the force, he wants to become a comedian
  • Jeongyeon:He’s not…he’s not a policeman
  • Tzuyu:He retires from the force
  • {Bursts out laughing}
  • Tzuyu:He becomes a comedian. So he’s like - he only tells Star Wars related jokes - so he’s like
  • Tzuyu:[Yoda Voice] Mhhhm I have a joke for you
  • Tzuyu:[Back to normal voice] And then you’ve gotta be like “Ok tell it to me.” So….
  • Tzuyu:[Yoda Voice] I have a joke for you Jeongyeon-Unnie
  • Jeongyeon:Ok, uh, tell it to me, Joke-Cop Yoda
  • Tzuyu:[Yoda Voice] Mhhhm, what kind of car do I drive?
  • Jeongyeon:Um. I don’t know
  • Tzuyu:[Yoda Voice] A TOYODA
  • Tzuyu:[Yoda Voice] Mhhhmm FUNNY JOKE
  • {Regretful giggling}