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what's a Harpy? like, for harpy!holly

Ripped directly from google:

“a rapacious monster described as having a woman’s head and body and a bird’s wings and claws or depicted as a bird of prey with a woman’s face.” 

These are the most COMMON designs for harpies in video games (usually type A). Theyre half human, half bird, but its always specified that the human part is feminine. theres…ALOT of different ways harpies are used but usually its either theyre extremely beautiful, luring their victims to their death, or theyre seen as scavengers (?). Kinda like really big vultures lmao. i dont think theres any rules for the bird half of the harpy ( although ppl tend to do birds of prey as a reference)

HOWEVER !! Holly is only somewhat inspired by type A. When shes transformed, she is completely covered in feathers and she has a beak which doesnt fit any of these examples. Thats bc I mostly thought of Medli from Wind Waker when I designed her

(The Rito have an item to let them turn their arms into wings and fly at will shhhhhh)

I kinda just mashed a whole bunch of different ideas together lmao

Human form is just human w wings

Transformed is a bird w humanlike features

And the really creepy feral form is kinda like a Type B Harpy mashed w my own design for transformed Holly, but instead of a face, its a skull. And since Holly is fond of plague doctors, I made the skull a crow skull :o


I made a video compiling the progression of my #AnimateAGrump clip!

thought some of you might like to see what goes into making these things