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Captain America: Civil War - A Summary

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1994 - Dean Winchester is alone in his living room, blowing out his candles for his birthday. Dean is 90 today - and his beautiful boyfriend cas passed 3 years ago. Dean smiles as a sad tear drips down his cheek, and returns to his newspaper. The headline reads 'GAY MARRIAGE LEGAL!'. A single tear drops to the page. "Cas," he stutters "I love you."

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That was uncalled for, anon.

Honestly, I imagine Draco and Harry’s couple to be so annoying. Constant bickering, throwing insults at each other, teasing, shoving and hexing but honestly they’re the most passionate little fuckers when they’re alone. Everyone sort of gets used to their fights at social events or small gatherings but nobody dares say a word because everyone knows how much harry loves Draco and Draco loves harry.

So if you become a Reaver, Bull thinks you smell good and if you’re not romancing him and tell him that maybe you wanted to smell good for him, he’s all “ahaha that’s cool boss”


“Don’t do that, kadan. You want to wear perfume or something, go ahead. But don’t ever change yourself for me.”