so there’s this item on neopets called chia flour and what it does is basically, you’re in the battledome against someone else’s pet and you lob it at em and it turns them into a yellow chia. the thing is, the effect doesn’t end when the battle does. like… your pet literally becomes a yellow chia forever. so you could be in there with a really expensive plushie draik or something, a restricted hard-to-get species with a ridiculously expensive color, and suddenly its a chia.

its terrifying, and there have been stories of like, dedicated griefers with millions of neopoints to spend going out of their way to ruin people’s pets. the item has been retired for a while now, so theyre actually in limited supply so people arent really concerned about having chia flour lobbed at their pets anymore…

but it turns out using this illegal neopets site you can just blow 40 bucks on some and really really really really really mess up someone’s day

bidoof  asked:

Blockman. It is me again the Bidoof. I'm in need of your help once more. A griefer destroyed my house. It was a very good hosuse but now its gone. Blockman can you please help me building a new house

it wasn’t griefed, thats how it always was cause you are a noob