when u and ur ff7 buddies also like ghostbusters
  • Hella Seph:OMG BUT
  • Sweet Zack:hahaha ghost busting tradition
  • Sweet Zack:and zack shouts BUSTIN' MAKES ME FEEL GOOD as he fights ghosts
  • Hella Seph:OMFG
  • Hella Seph:ZACKPLS
  • Sweet Zack:next time i play crisis core
  • Sweet Zack:I AIN'T AFRAID OF NO GRUNTS i sing, tears running down my face, as they overpower me
  • Hella Seph:OMFG
  • Sweet Zack:me too tbh

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"Do you know if any of those no-period birth control things actually work? Or else know a good way to always have tampons just in case?"

That question takes Cissnei off guard–it’s the last sort of question she expected from Elena. “I… suppose it varies from person to person? These jackets have inner pockets. You’ve never tried using them for tampons?”

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"Why so much hair? It has to be a pain in the ass to maintain."

The blink came mostly from the bluntness of the question.  Not that he didn’t appreciate it; Sephiroth had grown entirely too used to (and still silently annoyed by) avoidance of directness when it came to questions and conversation.  While he might not always admit it, Turks were quite often a breath of fresh air.

If always a touch unexpected.  “It’s not so very difficult, truth be told.  It doesn’t seem to naturally tangle.”  Reasons for that were apparently scientific and genetic in nature, and he’d spent long enough trying to get the droning explanation of proteins and keratine.  “Conditioner does aid with that, of course.”

The why of it, though.  That was the part he considered ignoring altogether, leaving it to the imagination.  There were enough rumors about him orbiting the complex itself, nevermind the rest of the world, some partially based on truth.  However.  “I suppose I simply find the maintenance to be worth the effort of proving that it can be done.”  That was half the truth, anyway.  The satisfaction of annoying Hojo went unspoken, though somewhat constantly enjoyed.

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"What do you do in your off time?"

“I cry.”

“But I also: go through my beauty routine; check up on all of my fanclubs, magazines and news; shop online; wander around the building; wander around the top plates; wander around the slums; listen in on people’s conversations (by accident); listen in on people’s conversations (on purpose); hang around the science departments; offer friendly advice to people; offer unfriendly advice to people; talk to people; tactically ignore people; ferment the rumor mill; scope out the new couples; read things; train; work on my perfect beach bod; study materia fusion; break things by taking them apart; go on easy missions; earn easy cash online with this easy trick; baby sit third classes; wonder how different my life could be; wonder what I do if I was rich; question Shinra (in a totally not serious way); break into my friends places; make sure I know my friends’s friends; text everyone and their mother; make sure my friends know I’m there for them, always; and other things people do.”

“Oh - and also hang out with Zack.”

The roar of the engines of the Pelicans departing in the Hangar was an unusually welcoming sound. Maine took a second to take in the ambient noise of the hangar before he disembarked the Pelican. He’d been frequently sent on more solo missions after he injured another Agent during a spar. It wasn’t his fault the rookie wanted to spar with him- though he did put up a bit of a fight. He had decided to keep his eye on ‘Agent Oregon’.

Maine never really liked the ‘peace and quiet’. He got restless. And when he got too restless, people eventually ended up getting hurt. He wasn’t complaining. Most Agents would just get in his way. And with the rapid recruitment that had begun recently, the last thing he wanted was to baby-sit a greenhorn.

He exited the hangar and dropped off his bag before heading to the mess hall. He was hungry- he hadn’t eaten in two days.

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"What's the best love triangle happening among the shinra staff right now?"

“Now, don’t tell anyone–” and by that, he meant tell everyone, “but Mayor Domino has been seen hanging out around this new interning secretary a lot.”

“Okay, sure, we all know he’s a bit of a lady’s man - or tries to be - so that’s not surprising. But what is surprising is how friendly this new secretary is getting with the usual grunt guarding the elevators on that level. And I mean, real friendly.”

“Now, unfortunately for her, he had just broken up with his boyfriend, and was just sort of kinda still pinning after him.”

“But it gets deeper.”

“The ex-boyfriend is bi, and has fancied the new secretary even though he definitely misses his ex, somehow completely missing that she’s pinning on said ex. So I, as kind of a guy as I am, brought them all together for a little chat.”

“Things happened, and now they’re trying out dating each other and talking more on the phone.”

Yes, he just wanted to talk about how great of a relationship adviser he was.

“Ah, but as for your standard love triangles, try the business lady with the dark hair and green eyes, who’s dating one of the scientists from the materia room, when his assistant also has a crush on him. Honestly, I don’t know what they see in him.”

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Fairytale au, forest spirit!reader falling for mage!yamaguchi, reader eventually becomes his familiar.

I am all about this good stuff!!! Literally hopped right into action once I read this. Thank you so much! - 

The wilderness is not a kind place, and it’s certainly no place for a weakling. After all, it’s kill or be killed and there are plenty of monsters hiding in the darkness, waiting for the right moment to strike. Plenty of hungry, sharp-clawed, and even-sharper-teethed monsters looking for a snack.

‘Oh god…. Where am I…?’ Yamaguchi clutched his wooden staff to his chest and timidly pushed through the bushes in what he thinks is the right direction home. This started as a mere errand as he ventured out to forage and restock his herbs. Of course it’d be his lucky day and he, a greenhorn mage with barely any combat experience, would get lost in an enchanted forest.

Some leaves rustle and he quickly points the head of his staff in its general direction. After a few moments, it’s clear that it was probably some harmless forest creature and he lowers his arm with a sigh of relief. He pushes forward, scared but determined to make the best of this harrowing situation.

Every step he takes deeper into the undergrowth means less and less light as the vines and branches grow thicker. Eventually, Yamaguchi casts a light spell, causing the staff’s head to glow dimly and shed some light on his surroundings. This is definitely not the way home.

“…ou” The hairs on the back of his neck stand straight up and he fearfully glances around.

“W-W-W-Who’s there??”

“You….” The voice sounds very far away, like a distant echo.

“H-Help! I’m really, REALLY lost!” He’s too desperate to find his way back to even consider that this voice might belong to a hostile spirit.

“This way…” He hurries in the direction of the fading voice, not slowing down even when he gets slapped and scratched by stray branches. Eventually, he sees a glimmer of sunlight and breaks into a run, headless of the foliage. He rushes headlong into the light and the sudden brightness causes his eyes to water.

In front of him is a small lake with lily pads and lotus flowers dappling the surface, a scene almost straight from that of a fairy tale. Animals are drinking and they look up at him, wary but not ready to flee just yet. His eyes slowly adjust and he can see someone sitting by the shore, their back and… wings facing him. Their hair is long and a woven into a braid of flowers and leaves. 

“Are… you the one who lead me here…?” His voice squeaks and he hesitantly approaches the figure, afraid that he might spook whoever this being may be.

“Yes.” The figure turns their head to face him and the first thing he notices are how bright and inhumanly green their eyes are. They’re mesmerizing and he hopes he isn’t gaping.

“Uh! Well, thank you so much, I’m so grateful! I was probably getting so lost in there! B-But I need to get back to town. Could you possibly show me the way there?” Jittery energy wracks his brain.

“I’ll help you. You seem… trustworthy. Very unlike the other humans who come barging this deep into the woods. All they seem to be intent on is hunting us down and killing all the game they can find.” They hold their gaze and it almost seems like they’re peering deeper and deeper into his heart.

“Wait, what… are you? I mean! No offense or anything! You’re just talking as if you aren’t a human and you’re very pretty and all and nice and haha oh goodness what am I saying?!” He’s making a complete and utter fool of himself!

“Pfft.” Yamaguchi’s babbling breaks their stern expression and they let out a small chuckle. Oh no, they’re cute…! “It’s fine. I’m a forest spirit, one who looks after this neck of the forest and all the animals within it. I was looking into the lake when I saw you stumbling around like a newborn fawn. So….” They raise an eyebrow.

“Oh! My name is Yamaguchi!”

“So Yamaguchi. What exactly are you, a human, doing so far away from town?”

“I was out looking for herbs but I sort of… lost my way.” He chuckled nervously.

“It’s fine.” Their grin grew a little bit wider. “The way back to town is over there.” With a flick of their wrist, plants and roots parted, forming a straight, clear path out of the forest. “Just keep going and you’ll eventually find your way home.”

“Thank you, oh thank you so much!” He bowed deeply. “I promise, I’ll come back and repay you for your kindness!”

“…You intend on coming back?”

“Well, yes! You saved me!” He looked up at them, eyes unwavering and determined. The spirit is taken aback for a moment. After all, humans and spirits have a rather strained relationship.

“Heh. Fine. Do as you please. However, please take her with you.” Their eyes flicker to the trees and a dove takes flight before gently landing on Yamaguchi’s shoulder. “She will guide you here safely.”

“Thank you! I’ll see you then!” He beamed at them and with a sunny grin so innocent and lovely, the spirit couldn’t help but grin too.

“Till then.”

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"What exactly possessed you to join SOLDIER?"

“Well my dad used to work at Shinra,” before he got this thing called being dead,” so I was already predisposed to work in it - I mean, it was just easier to do it.”

“Or I mean, I could go ahead and say honestly that by living in Midgar, my impressionable little tween brain, constantly bombarded by SOLDIER propaganda, decided to join the ranks in order to protect my home from whatever they declared the enemy that week.”

That and he liked hitting things with swords. It was really liberating.

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50 for the ask meme!!

50. Give me the good ol’ OC talk here. Talk about anything you want 


X-Xaela Au Ra!

  • Parents: Roweh’wo Rirnaa, Naiya Mhovu, Luyin Yaianse, Yusei Kha (X-He’s a merchant!), Sarnai Kha (X-She’s a THM!)
  • Parents have been together for over 20 years, their relationship is solid!
  • Roweh’wo and Luyin met when they were greenhorn adventurers! 
  • Luyin’a has a thing where, if he’s close to you, he’ll be there to make you laugh and smile during your worst moments. (Even if he’s going through the worst himself!) 
  • Both the Yaianse and Mhovu family got their sweet tooth from Roweh’wo!

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@whitelighted + cole teaching paige how to fight

[6:09:45 AM] #trashlighter: cole helping out lil greenhorn paige on screen would’ve been nICE YES
[6:10:16 AM] rock the (cas)bah.: antagonizing her until she got mad enough to take some REAL SWINGS @ HIM
[6:10:23 AM] rock the (cas)bah.: laughing
[6:10:30 AM] rock the (cas)bah.: also not letting her touch the swords
[6:10:56 AM] #trashlighter: “cole this is a tree branch”
                                              “ye hit me with it”

Personal: On Film Festivals

Although too early in the development of this blog to take a sidetrack, let me take a step back and talk about something personal.

Something happened recently in my development as a filmmaker and it’s something that takes up a lot of emotional space for me.

My first short film, God Must Think I’m Cain, has been officially selected to be screened in De La Salle’s College of Saint Benilde’s film festival “CineSB”. The esteemed film festival is a national effort of De La Salle College of Saint Benilde to bring together the best independent films from all over the country.

What is disturbing me the most is the fact that I didn’t submit my film to them. As to how it got to their hands, I do not know. What I do know is this. Somewhere out there, some people from the independent filmmaking scene have taken notice in my greenhorn effort of making a film.

And I know what you’re saying right now, “What’s so wrong about that?”

Well, nothing, really. It’s great news for me and my team’s part. But what’s saddening is that film festivals are supposed to be a place where filmmakers gather and show each other their art. It’s a gathering of artistic powerhouses and minds to build a network.

And sadly, I won’t be able to go.

Aside from not having the money to purchase plane tickets, I don’t even have the money to sustain myself for the two weeks of the festival. And also, being the student that I am, I don’t have the time to spare and my absences will surely lead to me failing my classes.

It’s saddening to realize that someone from somewhere out there is trying to get me into the film circuit and I can’t even meet him halfway. And also, it’s saddening to know that I’ll miss the chance of fulfilling one of my dreams which is to talk about my film in a Q&A format. That would have been so cool.

But anyway, sad it may be, I will keep on keeping on. I may not be able to represent my school and my city but I will still make films that try to chart on new artistic territories.

I’ll always be a filmmaker even if I can’t  be one.

Here’s to films.