i can’t stop thinking about the fire at ghost ship, i keep imagining the warehouse building i live in catching fire and how impossible it would be to escape especially if we were having a show or party.

i can’t stop thinking about how our building is not zoned for living, how our fire escape literally leads to a pit with no exit and we’re on the 4th floor, how it’s stated in the lease that there is asbestos and lead paint present- so much so that pregnant women and children aren’t allowed to live here, and after experiencing a small grease fire earlier this year, we learned that none of the fire extinguishers in our apartment were working or had been inspected in 5+ years.

i can’t stop thinking about a show we had in our apartment last year with so many people you could barely move and you could actually feel the wood floors bowing. i can’t stop thinking about all of the shows in warehouses i’ve been to like that.

for some reason we all are very aware of how dangerous the buildings we live in and have events in are, but we just joke about it and compare horror stories. i’ve definitely heard the phrase “if anything ever happened, we’d all be fucked” said many times but it’s never really felt so real.

i don’t personally know anyone who was at ghost ship last night, but this one hit me really really heavy. i keep imagining being in the middle of a crowd at a show when i realize the building is burning and i’m completely stuck.

i don’t really know what else i can do besides encourage everyone i know that lives in a space like this to personally take responsibility for their own safety because the people who own these buildings don’t care about us. make sure you have working smoke detectors. don’t just take out the batteries when they start to beep like we did. make sure you have a fire extinguisher or even two and personally test to make sure they work. if you have an event, make sure there’s more than one exit. set a capacity limit. use this tragedy as an excuse to keep each other safe.

ot5 breaking up

ziall: had a serious conversation over coffee until niall got emotional, zayn couldn’t take it so they cuddled until he felt better

niam: liam didn’t understand they were breaking up bc niall is so upbeat and sweet he showed up to nialls house the next day

zarry: they were together for a long time, even though they fought a lot they loved each other’s company. it quietly faded away but they remain on good terms.

narry: it was rocky from the beginning so they decided to be fuck buddies instead and everyone is very happy

lilo: louis tried to end it but liam broke out in song and louis couldn’t take it bc it was from Grease so an intense role play followed and then liam proposed

zouis: they both mentioned it at the same time, hugged it out and had a threesome a week later on accident

larry: they were on a boat cruise and harry decided he needed some space but he didn’t get it since they were on a boat cruise

ziam: zayn got overwhelmed with the intensity of their relationship and when he brought it up liam started tearing up. zayn had never felt that amount of pain before in his life so they got married instead.

lirry: harry baked liam a cake that said I’m sorry on it and liam breathed a sigh of relief bc he was thinking a lot about some guy he met during a threesome

niam: louis was never really feeling it but niall had an irresistible personality. when louis brought it up niall agreed and asked louis for one last bj

Movie Night

Pure, silly Nico fluff.

     I fell back on the bed, letting the sheets around me soothe my aching core. “Nico,” I groaned, a thin sheen of sweat lining my forehead. “Please. No more.”

        Nico chuckled above me. “Come on, cutie. You can do just one more.”

        I shivered, shaking my head. “It’s too much Nico, I’m so full…”

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Music tag

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Rules: shuffle your music and write the first 10 songs! NO SKIPPING!! Then tag 10 people.

1) My Heart - Paramore

2) Bring Me Back To Life - Extreme Music

3) Breathing - Green Day

4) This Song Saved My Life - Simple Plan

5) Smile Like You Mean It - The Killers

6) City Of Angels - .30 Seconds To Mars

7) Top Of The World - The All-American Rejects 

8) Let It Go - Demi Lovato

9) All Of Me - John Legend

10) There Are Worst Things I Could Do - Grease soundtrack 

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oh man!!! can i just say that your grease!au is like the cutest thing ive ever seen!! thank you for making my day a little brighter!!

(ahh I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I’m happy to make your day a little brighter!!) -kat

[You’re sure you pass out for, let’s say, a minute. Maybe five; you’ve certainly missed out on the cliffhanger of your show, the credits now rolling without you to follow coherently. 

A soft groan leaves you and you place hand on your haaaairwowno. No, that certainly doesn’t feel like hair. In fact the clank to follow your touch makes you wonder for a hysterical moment if you honestly use that much grease.

Hair feels more like a smooth surface of (you tap at it) metal, and slowly thoughts start to come back to you as you shift as quick as possible to the closest mirror from the floor.

…..Welp. That is certainly you there, isn’t it? 

Yep. You can certainly see your metallic spine too. ]