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What kind of magic bread recipe do you have that lives in the fridge for so long?

This one: 6 ½ cups flour, 3 cups water, 1 ½ tbsp sea salt, 1 ½ tbsp yeast -> mix it all up in a bigass tub, let it sit open on the counter for like four hours or until it doubles, then put the lid on it and stick it in the back of the fridge. it’s intended for making fancy boules with steam or whatever but i’m a lazy shit so i just stick it in a greased bread pan, let it rise for an hour, slash it with a knife, then stick it in the oven at 450F for about 30-40 mins. it makes about two to three loaves (or sometimes i use it to make naan, or pizza) and i generally use it all within one week (sometimes two weeks but that gets iffy). then once i use all the dough i mix up new dough in the same tub and don’t bother to wash it so it gets kinda sourdoughy and tasty. i also bought the book and keep meaning to make caramel pecan sticky rolls out of it but i haven’t gotten around to it. i… am very lazy.

what she says: I’m fine
what she means: Danny Zuko changed at the end of grease too they both changed and became more accepting for the others lifestyle but all anybody every cares about is how sandy wore leather pants for a boy

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After a long day of physical therapy as well as talking to a therapist, Bucky is mentally exhausted & just wants to nap but his super soldier body would still be in "prime condition" so he's conflicted by the energy pumping in his veins... Until! he's grabbing a plum from the kitchen at the facility he's at (w/Steve, his s/o, and some of the others), and his s/o walks in looking like an angel among mortals despite the grease all over their body (1/?)

(bc they’d totally be an inventor/engineer working with Sam for his suit & other team gadgets). AND SO Bucky is Shook™ by how good they look, and the second they make eye contact, s/o smiles at Bucky w/such love in their eyes, w/such familiarity & comfort that Bucky MELTS & realizes that he just wants to take a nap w/them lying on top of him & to cuddle as long as possible! So he puts the plum back down & marches over to s/o who is shocked when he picks them up bridal style & kisses their nose making s/o blush a bit before they kiss his temple, hand brushing against his jaw which in turn makes Bucky’s face red… And Bucky is set on a Good Mission™ to lie down on the big couch in the “living room” area where he gets situated & comfortable lying down all while holding his s/o (who very much likes how strong Bucky is ;) 👀). And he loosens up so s/o can get comfy but he still cradles them, grease & all, and s/o simply kisses him gently on the lips w/their hand resting on his chest “I love you and you’re great,” they’d whisper. And Bucky is too tired to speak on this day but his face clearly shows how much he appreciates that & loves his s/o. His s/o lies back down & they nap peacefully, the other people make sure to be quiet as they walk by (courtesy of Steve’s reusable little poster he’s made that reads ‘DON’T DISTURB . A SUPER CUTIE IS RESTING)… Bucky always sleeps w/a smile on his face when he’s w/his s/o~ 💙💙💙 👀am I hinting at stucky x reader where this simply focuses on only Bucky x reader at the moment? or am I just showing the platonic love of two best friends who love each other dearly?👀 💙💙💙

i have been screaming for the past 5 hours jesus christ this is beautiful


Do yourself (+ the environment) a favor and get a Lush shampoo bar. I have thick, straight, heavy hair that tends to grease quickly + have wanted to shampoo less to clarify my hair, use less water / product. Have only washed my hair once since I purchased on Friday and my hair feels CLEAN. Still CLEAN. And like baby hair - no build up or anything. And Jumpin’ Juniper kinda smells like Fruit Loops too. There’s no plastic involved, it’s just like a bar of soap but for your hair and it SUDS too. 

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I am so in love with your greaser!Au. I just wanted to ask if its ok if I draw some pictures of/for it?

Yea! Go ahead! 

I whipped up a little ref for greaser Axel (no clothes bc I’m lazy) 

  • He doesn’t wear eyeliner
  • His hair is naturally straight so when he spikes it he slicks it back. Mainly the top part
  • He’s got decently thick arms and legs because he is super active
  • He actually is a grease monkey so 80% of the time he is dirty looking
  • Pierced right eyebrow and nipples
  • actually has a tattoo but I have yet to draw that along with his scars

But feel free to not stick to this at all. I just wanted to get his colors down at least 

dancing with ethan (a playlist)

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i. harlem / new politics ii. handclap / fitz & the tantrums iii. tear in my heart / twenty one pilots iv. dance with me tonight / olly murs v. 24k magic / bruno mars vi. best friend / foster the people vii. you’re the one that i want / grease viii. i really like you / carly rae jepsen ix. whiste (while you work it) / katy tiz x. come together / echosmith xi. can’t stop the feeling / justin timberlake xii. hold my hand / jess glynne xiii. cake by the ocean / dnce xiv. boom clap / charli xcx

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Hey, as a queer person who loved Moonlight and thought it deserved to win, and am glad it did, I don't know why everyone is shitting on LaLaLand. I loved It for an entirely different reason, like I connected to Moonlight and am still in awe by it, but LaLaLand wasn't just dancing and singing and wanting fame. It was about passion and sincerity, going after the things in life that you love, even if it's ridiculous. Moonlight deserved the Oscar, but that doesn't make the other any less great.

hey, don’t get me wrong i loved la la land and i actually wanted ryan to win because i think his role as sebastian was the best of the movie but sadly, la la land it’s just another movie of people singing. it could be grease or high school musical against moonlight and that’s what i want to show in my post. yes, it’s about love and passion but wasn’t that the plot of the two movies i mentioned before? what i’m trying to say it’s that it isn’t new, the plot and the story isn’t new while moonlight is innovating. la la land isn’t bad but compared to moonlight it is just another movie, and i can’t relate to the hate it’s getting but i understand the reason why people hate it. 


The ceremony began at dawn and continued until dusk, an endless day of drinking and feasting and fighting. A mighty earthen ramp had been raised amid the grass palaces, and there Dany was seated beside Khal Drogo, above the seething sea of Dothraki. She had never seen so many people in one place, nor people so strange and frightening. The horselords might put on rich fabrics and sweet perfumes when they visited the Free Cities, but out under the open sky they kept the old ways. Men and women alike wore painted leather vests over bare chests and horsehair leggings cinched by bronze medallion belts, and the warriors greased their long braids with fat from the rendering pits. They gorged themselves on horseflesh roasted with honey and peppers, drank themselves blind on fermented mare’s milk and Illyrio’s fine wines, and spat jests at each other across the fires, their voices harsh and alien in Dany’s ears.

god I ate something greasy and now It just feels like my whole body is covered in grease or like grease is running through my veins or smth point is I feel disgusting