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so I was thinking about how nico is Rich™ and I realized how funny it would be if he bought some fancy mansion and proceeded to completely waste it. like. tiny grubby nico falling asleep under the dining room table even though he has his own nice bed upstairs with like,,,pillows,,and a mattress and stuff. and his boyfriend(s) wouldn't be any better. like, leo leaving Grease Stains On Everything and Jason/percy knocking stuff over and being human disasters in this gorgeous expensive house rip

Hazel tries to keep things nice and clean because she remembers being poor as shit and actually cares a little bit

Hazel: Nico, youre ruining this nice place!!!

Nico, covered in graveyard soil and rolling around on an expensive white carpet: Why Hazel What-ever Do You Mean

Sam Imagine: Melted Butter

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You have been dating Sam for a while, almost 3 years. He’s rarely dated girls that long with HIS track record. Of course along the way there were bumps, some major, some minor, but you two always ended up in each other’s arms by the end of the day.

For once Dean decided to leave the two of you alone while he went to go do some searching around the police records. You were over in the kitchen trying your very best to throw something together with the few groceries you forced Dean to pick up and Sam began to walk over. What neither of you realized was that you accidentally spilled some melted butter on the ground while greasing up a pan and forgot to clean it up with how absent-minded you could be.

Sam, being the cute little jerk he was, tried to come up behind and give you the biggest kiss he could, but when his large frame made the floor squeak and a frustrated sign to come from his mouth, you jumped, going into panic mode and turning around, slipping right on the melted butter that you lazily left on the floor.

Without hesitation Sam ran and grabbed your arm, lifting you back up and giving you the cutest smile.

“Woah there, Clumsy.”


My AU Photoset: Anidala + Summer Love

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Anakin and Padme meet on their summer holidays. They fall in love but they live in different places and think they’ll never see each other again. But, Anakin transfers to Padme’s school. Only problem is - badgirl!PinkLady!Padme is embarrassed to be seen with goodguy!nerdy!Anakin. Will they end up together? Features: school gossip, secret dates, dancing, and general teenage drama. Spoiler: They go together….

Leave an AU and a pairing in my ask and I’ll give you the plot of the fic I won’t write for it & a photoset!

People headcanon Junkrat as a troublesome little fuck and Roadhog as his babysitter, and while it makes for good humor, Junkrat is actually canonically the mastermind behind the whole operation.

I’m sure Roadhog is often the voice of reason and sometimes needs to reel Junkrat in here and there, but Junkie is totally not some sort of helpless mess that can’t care for himself. He’s crazy, but he’s not helpless.

Roadhog is probably more incredibly passive, only really intervening when he needs to (when Junkrat goes overboard or gets in too deep or when he’s being a bit too zany) but I doubt he’d have the boy on a leash. He’s got enough grey hairs and is developing more just from listening to his grease beast boyfriend talk. He wouldn’t try to do too much more than he needed to.

Idk if any of yall like OM&M but its my friends favorite band so I met them. I took pictures with all of them but I look like a literal grease monster in all the other pics so heres me with Austin taken with my fantastically cracked front camera. They all told me I could kill someone with my nails and they asked me if I was always this tall. I told them I was really here for Slipknot and they told me to give them 15 more years and they might be as cool as them someday. They were all very nice and I don’t know why I recall so clearly Austin having a very soft shirt but he hugged me twice. Austin waved at us during the concert, it was very sweet.

De Bange Mle 1877 long cannon

Manufactured in France c.1877 on to the late 19th century, designed by Charles Ragon de Bange.
155mm single shot breech loaded, rifled barrel.

Designed following the Franco-Prussian war, this cannon used the revolutionary de Bange gas seal system using a grease-soaked asbestos patch compressed by the firing process to seal the breech.

Although obsolete and mostly a fortress gun by World War 1, the Mle 1877 still so use during the conflict because of course it did.

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20 cosas sobre ti?

1. Me llamo Wendy
2. Amo el Spaguetti
3. Odio la hamburguesa, salchipapa y todo lo que contenga muchas salsas
4. Soy malísima en cualquier actividad que requiera mucho esfuerzo
5. Tienes más glamour una pared
6. Mi color fav es el negro
7. Hablo muchísimo
8. Digo muchas obscenidades
9. Había estado enamorada de alguien por cinco años
10. Ya lo superé
11. Mi saga fav es “La selección”
12. Me caga Eadlyn a veces
13. Mi serie fav es Teen wolf
14. Mi actor fav es Johnny Depp
15. Mi película fav es Edward Scissorhands
16. Odio los musicales pero me encanta “Grease” y “Cry baby”
17. Solo he tenido una cuenta en tumblr (esta)
18. Solo tengo cuatro amigos y solo uno es hombre
19. Me molesta las personas que no pueden decir las cosas de frente.
20. Soy muy torpe y estúpida

Of Course, Mr. Styles - Anonymous - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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Of Course, Mr. Styles for patdkitten

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Harry’s new babysitter is unlike the four before him.

Louis Tomlinson with the blue eyes takes Harry’s shirts without asking, buys enough boxes of cereal to feed a battalion, calls him a beetle in arguments, forces Harry to watch Grease the Musical with him, and wants Oliver to drink more milk just to see him be the tallest in class

Harry feels guilty about asking for more. He doesn’t know how to tell Louis to play blanket fort with him and Olly instead of staying out.

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Here's a funny story: so today I was eating some homemade pizza, and I wasn't really paying attention and dropped the pizza on my chest (I'm a girl) and it burnt me(duh) but like I cleaned off the sauce and cheese grease and then I sat and watched YouTube. It turns out, I gave myself a second degree burn with pizza. Idk why it's funny but it is and I thought I'd would share.

Oh jeez! Ouch!! I hope you’re ok! That’s a pretty funny and unique story though, so you have that at least, haha! 

I have two identical little scars on the backs of my upper thighs, and they have a really embarassing burn story XD So I know where you’re coming from! Keep it iced and get some aloe on there and I really hope it’s not too painful or serious!