Digital Harmony: On the Complementarity of Music and Visual Art 

“Computer technology has been available to a few artists for less than
two decades. At the same time that computers are becoming household
utensils, a mixture of high expectation and stubborn opposition surrounds
the tentative use of these instruments for art. About the computer’s
applicability in art there will be much more to say throughout the book.
The purpose of this book, then, is to define, as much as I understand
them, the principles of harmony as they apply to graphic manipulation of
dynamic motion-pattern by computer. Whether my efforts constitute a
final valid grammar is irrelevant. The purpose is to document my own approach and to propose the seminal idea of making an approach.”
- John Whitney


“TGIF” Pack now available on my Site - Forartatiks.com. 
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Some of my favorite scenes from the classic Friday movies. This is only part 1, I will have more coming.

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Popularity of Thor Ragnarok characters; a super non-scientific data analysis of a Twitter thread

I was futzing around on Twitter, as you do, and stumbled upon the Thor Ragnarok page.  Their second tweet inquired “who’s your favorite character in Thor Ragnarok?”  I glanced at the responses and my eyes were immediately flooded with pictures of Loki.  Being the nerd that I am, I thought it might be interesting to record all the responses and determine the relative abundance, or % popularity, for each character mentioned.

The tweet had been live for 29 hours at the time of counting.  I only counted responses with a clear character preference; if the person listed two characters as their favorite I gave one point to each.  I did not count responses with 3 or more characters listed.  This is not by any stretch a properly designed poll, there are many confounding factors that I did not account for.  Now without further ado, the results!

Total votes: 205

1) Loki (82.4%)

2) Thor and Korg (5.4%) 

3) Hulk (2%)