Shrewsbury MG, Grand Theft Auto V

-When they first announced first person mode for GTA V I was curious about how it would look. And I was surprised by how detailed many of the animations in GTA V are. Of course many of the animations and objects in the newer ports of the game were improved. Still, look at that reload. 

It’s basic and not super flashy, but it has as much detail as any other reload we have posted on here. Which is impressive considering the size of the game. I really love the way Michael actually feeds the ammo into the weapon. We’ve come a long way from the awful reloads in GTA IV. 

anxietykageyama  asked:

“I, for one, say that fire solves a lot of problems. Most problems, in fact.” fuckING NOYA

“I, for one, say that fire solves a lot of problems. Most problems, in fact.”

“You’re kidding, right?” 

“Absolutely not, no. Besides, look at it this way–there’s no evidence leftover.” 


Asahi could think of a list of reasons why this was terrible, why it was most likely illegal, and why at some point, someone was going to have to pay for the damage here. Granted, Noya technically hadn’t stolen anything, but the car he’d won in the bet against Ryuu’s cousin in the back lot of the drugstore was supposedly stolen to begin with, thus by placing it in their hands, they were somehow complacent in grand-theft auto. Needless to say, Asahi had been less than impressed when Noya had rolled up with the car in the driveway. It wasn’t even a nice car, either. It was at least twenty years old and covered in rust spots and tears in the upholstery. 

He was even less impressed when it had caught fire sometime in the last twenty minutes. And somehow the car now smelled worse than it looked. 

Noya, despite being proud of his win, hadn’t even batted an eye when it happened. “Easy come, easy go,” he said wistfully, watching the flames engulf the vehicle. 

For his part, Asahi was almost completely speechless. All he could do was continue to give Noya the ‘Look’, which could only be described as dryly amazed with a tinge of disappointment. 

Asahi sighed deeply and then turned on his heel to go back into the house. 

“Aw come on Asahi-san! Don’t be like that!” Noya called out, still watching the fire.

He returned shortly with a bag of marshmallows and a pair of sticks, much to Noya’s delight. 

“If it’s going to be here, I’m going to capitalize,” he said flatly, spearing a pair of the soft candies. Beside him, Noya was cackling and loading up his own stick. 

As far as date nights went, Asahi couldn’t tell if he was proud or disappointed to say that this didn’t even come close to being the strangest. 

Other Things As Pokémon Go-Style Games (feel free to add on)

Miitomo Go: Landmarks ask you questions. Also you fling yourself off of them and that’s Miitomo Drop. 

Super Smash Go: As soon as you walk outside, it’s an all-out BRAWL. Your neighbor is beating the crap out of your mailman. Your fourth grade teacher just Hadoken-ed your friend’s mom. Disastrous. 

Sonic Go: Run fast to get rings! Just don’t run out into the highway. Or into a wall. In fact… sprinting while looking at your phone is pretty dangerous in general. And don’t even get me started on spin dashing. Noone should be doing 20 consecutive somersaults in the grocery store. 

Minecraft Go: This one would actually be cool. It could take your location and make it Minecraft. That would be cool… Until people find out you’ve got emerald ore beneath your house. Thanks Ingress, now I have strangers tearing up my floorboards. 

Tinder Go: Throw balls at people who you want to date! …on second thought, this isn’t gonna work. 

Slenderman Go: Trek out into the woods at night for a fUCKING OLD MEME 

Grand Theft Auto Go: Do I even need to explain this

You’ve probably heard of Halo, the popular first-person shooter featuring a diverse cast of memorable characters, such as the space marine with the green armor, the space marine with the gray armor and, our personal favorite, the other space marine with the gray armor. And, uh, that’s pretty much everyone, we think.

Unless you count the Monkey People.

The Monkey People (or Monkey Family as they’re sometimes called) can be found on the first playable level of Halo 3. If you follow these instructions you can spot them hiding in the jungle, and then … nothing, they’re just completely frozen there.

They’re not just part of the scenery, though – you can’t kill them, but if you shoot them they actually bleed (only real characters do that). Note that they all look exactly the same only in different sizes, which suggests that they might be the product of genetic experiments or excessive inbreeding. For all we know, the monkeys might keep decreasing in size right down to a subatomic level.

And they’re not the only ones.

7 Creepy Video Game Easter Eggs You’ll Wish Were Never Found

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