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What is ur favorite kind of kissing?


There’s sneaky pecks, you know, the ones where you are watching tv and they walk up behind you, bend down, and give just a little kiss?  They’re so sweet.

There’s the forehead kiss, which is nice when you need to be calmed down or when you’re just feeling crappy.

There’s the soft one lip grabber, where you go in, grab their lip, giving it a little suck.  I like those, especially when you’re not really expecting it…

There’s the kisses where you get 20 silly pecks all over the face, over and over, normally when you’re goofing off, or wrestling around.

There’s the neck kiss, just below the jaw, and it’ll give you goosebumps.

There’s making out, slow and soft, plus the anticipation that comes with it.  There’s that one moment, when your tongues first touch…It’ll put you into sensory overload.

There’s also making out that is rough and to the point.  You both are kissing each other like you haven’t been able to touch in years.

There’s angry kissing.  This usually leads to the kind above…lol

There’s signal kissing, in which you are giving them a hint.  A nice lip bite works well with it.

Ok, that’s enough.  I think it’s clear I like all kissing equally. Bahaha

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Any thoughts on an oisugaakaken foursome? I feel like this would be such a comfortable ship and gorgeous to boot. But also super deadly.

hoooo boy anon don’t even get me started on this one

  • kenma definitely makes oikawa deal w/ lev when he’s trying to make kenma toss to him. also when bokuto goes into emo mode sometimes akaashi will just be like “nope. nu-uh. not dealing w/ this today.” and politely asks suga to cheer bokuto up for him instead. it’s surprisingly wonderfully effective.
  • oikawa and akaashi are such great attention grabbers that when they’re on a date in a public place, they draw everyone’s attention away from kenma who couldn’t be more thankful!
  • i am 98869583638% totally and absolutely sure that these four are all coffee addicts. they are dangerous if left to suffer withdrawal symptoms from caffeine, which is why if they ever all share an apartment, they’ll most likely give more importance towards coffee than food bc it is their fuel; their life source.
  • also i’ve always had the hc none of them are morning ppl and it’s a disaster.
  • their tastes in fashion clash so freaking hard it makes me cry. they’re all ALWAYS highkey judging each other for their picks in clothes. (”alien designs even on socks? seriously?” “oh my god it’s late autumn why are you acting like it’s still summer??? people are, like, staring!” “isn’t it common sense that not everything looks good w/ a scarf?!” “um i’m sorry to say this but: what year do you even live in?”)
  • when these four all agree to roast someone, it’s a NIGHTMARE. kenma will say smth in a deadpan that isn’t outright insulting. akaashi will then follow it up/elaborate by calmly listing off some details through observation, practically proving what kenma said and making it much more insulting. after that, oikawa will arrive to some sort of conclusion in that very passive-aggresive way that goes perfectly w/ that signature mocking tone we all love. and then, suga delivers the final blow by basically praising the poor person for their idiocy or w/e, accompanying it w/ maybe a pat on the shoulder along w/ a wide grin. public humiliation: hella guaranteed
  • volleyball practice w/ these four is either v, v fun or an experience that should not be talked abt ever. there is no in between.
  • ok so they’re p fierce but these four can also be sweet and gentle and pure?????? proof: cuddle sessions > makeout sessions!!! oikawa will convince his boyfriends to help him build a gigantic pillow fort and the next hour or so is spent by oikawa trying rly, rly hard to focus on the movie playing while kenma lays his head in oikawa’s lap and presses kisses to his wrist, akaashi struggles to stay awake while leaning his head on oikawa’s shoulder and suga behind oikawa w/ his arms around oikawa’s middle and his head nuzzling into oikawa’s neck iMAGINE IT
The horror at Erebor Island - Chapter 1 - Chelidona (Hobbity), Khim_Azaghal - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 6/10

Fandom: The Hobbit - All Media Types, Grabbers (2012 movie)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Characters: Fíli (Tolkien), Kíli (Tolkien), somes elves, Bofur (Tolkien), Dori (Tolkien), Óin (Tolkien), Bilbo Baggins, Dwalin (Tolkien), genderbent Nori, Thorin Oakenshield

Additional Tags: The Hobbit/Grabbers mashup, Fiki, fili and kili are unrelated, Garda!Kili, Garda!Fili, Sea Monsters, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Middle-Earth meets Ireland, Horror and Craic, Minor Character Death, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Excessive Drinking

Summary of this new chapter:

A monster is a challenge Kíli and Fíli are neither prepared nor equipped for. If they want to save the island, they need to make sacrifices. And quickly. Because the storm is coming.

What Japanese Kids Want To Be When They Grow Up
Ever wondered what Japanese kids wanna be when they grow up? How does it differ from what they become?
By Koichi

Children. So young! So full of promise! The world is their oyster and they haven’t been crushed by life’s merciless sky fist… at least not yet. Still though, it’s fun to hear a child’s hopes and dreams before they turn into something boring like “I want to go to college and get a stable job and income to support my family.” For me, personally, I wanted nothing more than to be a garbage picker-upper. I would patrol the highways in my government issues orange jump suit (didn’t realize these people were prisoners / convicts when I was a kid), picking up garbage with a stick with a grabber on the end. I would probably grab somebody’s butt with it and everyone would laugh a jolly laugh. What a life it would be!

Then I grew up, and everything became sad. Now I’m working at Tofugu (speaking of trash and garbage). Ugh, my boss at Tofugu is so horrible I might as well be a prisoner! I can tell you one thing. Don’t drop the soap around here. You’ll totally have to clean it up yourself so nobody slips and hurts themselves.

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bullet wound.

All is calm on the Greene family farm. As per usual, Beth sits on the porch swing with her guitar and a pen and paper, strumming chords lightly. The binoculars sit on the paper, but she’s only been using them every twenty minutes to check and make sure that there are no sick ones around the edges of the property, trying to get in. She doesn’t wanna get Daddy, she knows how he gets when there are sick people at the fences. He gets the grabbers and walks them to the barn and she hates that, she hates watching her daddy lock up sick people in their barn.

                                                        She’s looking down at her guitar, carefully trying to master a new song that she wrote a few weeks ago. That’s what he life has been since people started to get sick – write a new song, master it, start a new one. Hopefully one day, when this is all over and the CDC comes up with a cure, she’ll be able to get a record deal and become famous, just the way she always dreamed. Everything is calm – until she sees something in her peripheral when she looks down to the paper on her right. She looks up and a man is on the property, running towards the house. She almost yells for her father to get the grabbers until she sees a boy flopping in her arms, and she yells for a different reason. “Daddy!” And with that, she’s running off the porch, right to the man, her father and older sister hot on her tail. Her father is the one to speak first as Maggie and Beth help the man carry the little boy in his arms. “What happened? Was he bit? Is he sick?”

Swiss Guard Charge Writhing Mass Of Black Tentacles Devouring Pope Francis
VATICAN CITY—Racing frantically through St. Peter’s Square toward the sound of the Supreme Pontiff’s agonized cries, members of the Vatican’s Swiss Guard reportedly charged and surrounded a colossal writhing mass of black tentacles Wednesday that was devouring Pope Francis.

@chelidona look at that! Akhalât have made it to Vatican!

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hey i wanted to ask you, why do u think 2 members from union j who were formed on x factor were able to come out but no members of 1d have been able to?

I don’t think it would’ve been smart for Union J to try to tap the exact same audience that 1D was already slaying. Therefore the marketing strategy was different. 1D for sure was targeted to a pretty young audience which is part of the reason why there’s no gay allowed. Union J skewed a bit older. It was a calculated risk as far as Jaymi Hensley was concerned. But it should be noted, initially Union J’s team actively closeted him. But in an industry where you’ve gotta fight for your share of attention, his coming out was was a headline grabber–a PR campaign. Union J was to be a slightly edgier 1D.

I dunno if George Shelley is really bisexual or what. But the timing of his coming out preceded by a stint on “I’m a Celebrity” and followed shortly by quitting Union J seems to have been a planned publicity blitz meant to launch solo George. And honestly, solo George was probably always in the plan. He was their Harry. Last month it was reported he’s working on a solo album. I wonder if it’ll drop a year to the day he left Union J? Heh.


-Eetu Tuulola is my newest Finnish son ok cool I luv him
-ferly and Shinkaruk and klimchuk were around 😊
-made weird eye contact with Treliving niceee
-if tkachuk’s butt is already this bubbalicious I see no other destiny for him than to be the next sidney crosby WHAT WHO SAID THAT
-hunter smith got hurt oh noo :((( I hope he’s okay!
-they were playing so physical it was AWESOME
-jankowski is a shoulder-grabber when u get a pic which is also awesome
-got to hangout with such lovely tumblr flames squad pals 😁😄

The lies of a gun grabber running for President

The lies of a gun grabber running for President

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Here is an actual quote from Hillary Clinton from her own campaign website:

I believe weapons of war have no place on our streets. We may have our disagreements on gun safety regulations, but we should all be able to agree on a few things. If the FBI is watching you for suspected terrorist links, you shouldn’t be able to just go buy a gun with no questions asked. You shouldn’t be able to exploit…

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I might as well get this off my chest because quite honestly I’m once again disgusted with the reactions from both sides. First things first just because the people who died were cops doesn’t mean that their deaths aren’t tragic, if anything it’s a goddamn reminder how dangerous this job is. And second of all and this is the most important thing of all, at the time being we don’t know all the facts.

So to every fucking piece of shit calling out for a race war, shut the fuck up. To the gun grabbers who continue to push for gun control after every time a shooting happens in the US, shut the fuck up. And to every so called “pseudo intellectual” who thinks that they have all the answers and understand how the goddamn world works, shut your goddamn fat mouth, get the fuck off Twitter and do something productive with your goddamn worthless lives.

And finally, please let the victims rest in peace and let their families and loved ones grieve in peace. Stop using tragedies to push your own goddamn agendas.

If you’re at all offended by this, then you know where the unfollow button is.

Also this is the first and last time I’m going to be talking about this, I’ve said my piece and I’m now moving on and I suggest every sane person do the same.

Imagine Though... "Karma"

You hardly knew her,
You hardly talked to her. But the one time you decided to place your trust in her… She tried to steal your boyfriend.

You held onto that grudge for a while now. And even now it still kinda stings a little. The way Leigh looked at her when you were at the beach… Made you wanna rip her head off.
But you were still there for her. When Deborah came back, all you heard was nonsense from others about how cold and what a liar she was.
She was a boy grabber yes. Even with everything that’s happened with Leigh, Lysander’s attention is even taken by her.

All the boys love her, some of the girls don’t… Such as Melody…
That girl’s jealous level’s matched your perfectly when Nathaniel’s attention was turned towards Candy.

But you sighed. Lysander was over you.. That was the good part. Your heart belonged to Leigh and you know your rejection to him was a blow to him.
He grew distant with Leigh and you.
He became more quiet, more… Empty.
Until he met Castiel anyway.
Then he slowly began to come back.
It was when he met candy that it seemed his world began to have color again…
Then the incident with Leigh.
Candy getting close to him… Hugging him, Lysander could feel that old jealousy for his brother again.

But even then… She didn’t ditch you guys for the pervert at the beach. She didn’t try to steal Leigh again… And to make sure she didn’t.. You pushed her towards Lysander. And it seemed to work!

It took a couple of months, but Alexy finally told you the good news that candy and Lysander were a thing.

Finally… You could love with no worry…
Until the day the art show came.

Lys-Baby was like your younger brother, even if he didn’t see you as his sister-in-law. And to see him at the hospital like that… Scared you.
When candy came to see you, you were happy that she came to see her boyfriend but… You knew deep inside… Something was wrong… Especially after what Leigh told you what happened with Lysander.

And the two of you walk in and talk with Lysander, the horrified look on candy’s face when he asked who she was… Reminded you of that time…
Seeing Candy hugging Leigh in the hallway.

When candy came up to you saying what Lysander said… That his feelings for you had recovered… You saw the hurt in her eyes… And it was… Interesting.
When you decide to talk to Lysander about everything and hugged him tight like a sister would… You didn’t notice candy watching until turned around.
She looked… Betrayed… Hurt… Angry… And sad.
She quickly said her goodbye and left, leaving you and Lysander confused…

But you knew…
You knew why she left… Why she had that look… And it just brought all those negative feelings from that day you needed her help and she tried to steal Leigh from you back… You knew… And it was… Satisfying

“Karma’s a bitch isn’t she…”