Al Tău Pentru Totdeauna:

I have waited for you beside the riverside…

Peering over that infinite horizon, across the endless plains of emerald…

Known as Prince and Voivode however addressed as King and Count….

Ruthless, merciless, unforgiving.. epithets and adjectives…

Though despite such titles and elegant descriptions I harbor the verity..

The key to that hidden door…For only I have tamed you as you have tamed me….

In the veil of the sleeping sun I await your comforting embrace, your ivory flesh held flush to mine…

Amidst the fur-lined sheets and evening symphonies….

You whisper against this honeyed flesh… Frumosa, Dragoste, Draga mea...

In rolling tones and low moans I call out…

To the only one fit as my equal, the only one fit as my own…my dragoste etern..

None but you stand beside me and before me on this field in which we are at constant blows this battle of the wills between us….

I often ask when it was you crossed my path, when we exchanged our beating hearts and life-wine…..

But as we look back we never know as we’ve always known… 

For as we lie, ever entangled in our dark embrace, unyielding and unending

As it seems that I’ve always been forever yours…..

Unwritten; SaphiraBluFire

Art Credit: Telekinez of DA

Translation Credit: Domn-Tepes

…For the one holding the key…. Te Ieubesc…..


Un bel dì vedremo, romance of Madame Butterfly, 2nd Act (premiered in 1904)

composed by Giacomo Puccini
performed by:
- Licia Albanese (soprano)
- Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
- Fausto Cleva (conductor)
Metropolitan Opera radio broadcast of January 17, 1953