Today in labor history, August 30, 1907: U.S. labor leader and civil rights activist Luisa Moreno is born in Guatemala. Moreno was active in organizing tobacco, sugar cane, and cannery workers and founded The Spanish-Speaking Peoples Congress in 1938 to bring together all Spanish-speaking people residing in the U.S. around issues of immigration, employment, and civil rights. Targeted for her politics, Moreno was deported in 1950 when she refused to testify against International Longshore and Warehouse Union leader Harry Bridges in exchange for citizenship.

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1. Micranots - Decapitation III
2. Death - Pull The Plug
3. Blue Scholars - Joe Metro
4. Dave Brubeck Quartet - Toki’s Theme
5. Scallops Hotel - Roc Marciano Riff Suite 1
6. Dred Scott - The Story
7. Circle Takes The Square - Way Of Ever-Branching Paths
8. J Rawls - Sandsy (feat. J. Sands)
9. Dj Krush - Duality (feat. DJ Shadow)
10. Jean Grae - Swing Blades (feat. Cannibal Ox)
11. Large Professor - That Bullshit
12. Mndsgn - Arklite
13. Adebisi Shank - Agassi Shank
14. Moka Only - Fall Collection
15. L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae - Kicking Glass
16. MC Esoteric - Godzilla Stomp
17. Aim - The Force (feat Q-Ball & Curt Cazal)
18. Melanin 9 - Elijah
19. George Duke - Peace
20. Athletic Mic League - Promised Land
21. Intronaut - Burning These Days
22. Kamasi Washington - Henrietta Our Hero
23. Elzhi - Boomerang Slang (feat. Ta’Raach)
24. Hiatus Kaiyote - Molasses
25. Tanya Morgan - For Real

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The 14th Amendment, as Republican editor George Curtis wrote, was part of a process that changed the US government from one “for white men” to one “for mankind.” Birthright citizenship is one legacy of the titanic struggle of the Reconstruction era to create a genuine democracy grounded in the principle of equality. It remains an eloquent statement of what our country is or would like to be. We should think long and hard before abandoning it.
this is important!

I work in retail and every couple days I encounter a guest who needs help but doesn’t speak English and 99% of the time they’re so embarrassed. If we have a worker that speaks the same language we will call them over, but we are always so happy to communicate with you whatever works best (drawing a picture, acting out what you’re looking for, pointing to something similar, etc.) to help you find what you’re looking for. You’re making a huge effort to speak English and tell us what you are looking for and you’re doing great!!! You don’t need to be embarrassed!!! Helping you is our job and we are happy to work with you until we can find what you’re looking for!!! You have absolutely no reason to feel bad.

Birthright citizenship—the principle that any person born in the United States is automatically a citizen—has been embedded in the Constitution since the ratification of the 14th Amendment in 1868. This summer, it has suddenly emerged as a major issue in the Republican presidential campaign. Following the lead of Donald Trump, candidates like Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul have called for the repeal or reinterpretation of the amendment, to prevent children born to undocumented immigrants from being recognized as American citizens.