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'Hamilton' Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Is in GQ (and Ready for His Next Big Thing)
Just before he heads to London, Miranda talks about leaving Hamilton, his preoccupation with death, and finding some peace on the subway.
By Michael Paterniti,Sebastian Kim

“It’s about following your gut, so that even if it doesn’t break the way you wanted—my dad told me a story—this is, like, a really good story about my dad… When I finished my first year of teaching—my first job out of college was teaching at my old high school; I taught seventh-grade English, I loved it—they offered me a full-time position. And I e-mailed my dad and said, “What should I do?” [laughs] Which is not a thing I ask my dad a lot, because my dad is all too giving with his opinion. I’m usually like, “Shut up! Yeah, I got it. Shut up, shut up, shut up!” But I actually asked him what should I do, and he said, ‘I would actually like to tell you to keep teaching. It is stable, and you can make your rent, and you should do that. But if I do that, I also have to acknowledge the fact that when I was 18, I gave up a very safe job as the manager of the biggest Sears in Puerto Rico to go to New York, where I didn’t speak the language, to go try to get my degree, and that nothing in my life prepared me for that moment, and it didn’t make sense, but it was the thing I felt I needed to do. So, you know I’d love for you to keep the teaching job, but you should chase the thing you want to chase.’ And I kept to that.”