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MC gets a nightmare/panic attack and how RFA+V & Saeran reacts to it :) love you work btw❤ keep up the great work!!!

thank you so much, it means a lot!! everyone in this fandom are so lovely, so it’s a pleasure to write <3 


  • This boy Yoosung would always spoon you with his entire body when you slept, arm draped around your waist and legs tangled 
  • So of course he woke up right away when your breathing became hitched and you started moving away from him
  • “Baby?” he asked confused, voice raspy from sleeping
  • He realized you were still sleeping and that you had a nightmare, and immediately felt bad for you
  • Especially because he had no idea what to do
  • Should he wake you up? Would that make it worse?
  • As your whimpering became louder, he decided that he needed to wake you and called out your name
  • You woke up crying, and he was hesitant to reach for you as he was afraid to make you more scared
  • But he couldn’t just look at you cry, so he pulled you close and let you cry onto his chest
  • Woke up earlier the next morning so he could make you breakfast in bed and make you forget about your nightmare


  • After the first RFA party you arranged, when Zen confessed his love for you publicly, you were basically attacked by reporters, fans and haters
  • Zen and the bodyguards tried their best to shield you, but when cameras flashed in your face and people started tugging at your clothes to get your attention, you couldn’t help but start hyperventilating
  • They quickly got you into the van and away from people, but when you realized that this would happen often now, you panicked
  • Zen tried his best to calm you down by hugging you tigthly and saying that it would get better once people gpt over the shock
  • When he saw that you didn’t take in what he said, he cupped your face and made you look at him
  • “Princess, I’m your knight in shining armor. I will always protect you, okay? What they did tonight was unbelievably rude, and I will make sure it won’t happen again”


  • She would probably still be awake late at night when you were sleeping, a bad habit after staying up late so many nights for Jumin
  • That’s why she immediately noticed that you were having a nightmare when you started whimpering “no…” in her arms
  • “MC? You need to wake up, honey”
  • When her quiet request wasn’t enough to wake you and your whimpering became worse, now with tears down your cheeks, she started shaking you gradually to not wake you up too harshly
  • You woke up scared and crying, and she melted and pulled you close to her
  • “Do you want to talk about it?”
  • You shaked your head and burried your face in her neck, shaking because you were scared 
  • She muttered sweet nothings into your ear and stroked your hair untill you fell back asleep


  • You were nervous about having dinner with his dad, wanting him to like you
  • While getting ready in the bathroom, you realized that you were about to eat with two of the most powerful men in the country and couldn’t help but get freaked out
  • What if you didn’t even know proper etiquette and had been eating wrong your entire life? Would there be several spoons? And forks? Could you look his father in the eyes? Would he objectify you?
  • Before you knew it, you were a sobbing mess on the bathroom floor
  • After what felt like forever, someone knocked on the door and you could hear Juin’s voice asking if you were ready
  • When you didn’t answer, he opened the door and was shocked to see you in such a state 
  • “MC, what’s wrong? Are you hurt? Are your clothes too tight?”
  • You shaked your head and tried to form sentences, but your hyperventilating made it hard
  • He understood that you were nervous and sat down on the floor with you
  • “Kitten, you do realize that his opinion on you doesn’t matter, right? My father is a great man in many ways, but one of his biggest flaws is not being able to see through women. Even if he can’t see how perfect you are, it doesn’t mean you’re not, Because you are, okay? Get up my love, I will help you get ready”
  • He either held your hand or had a hand on your thigh the entire evening to remind you that he loved you no matter what


  • Remember that he used to deal with Saeran’s panic attacks, so he is no stranger to calming people down
  • However, when he saw on his security camera that you were on the werge of panicking when he mentioned the bomb in Rika’s appartment, he didn’t know how to comfort you
  • He felt incredibly bad that he was the reason why you were now hyperventilating, and felt unworthy of calming you down
  • Despite that, he did call you as he knew soothing voices usually helped and selfish as it was, he honestly didn’t want anyone else to be the reason you calmed down
  • “You knew I would never let you get hurt, right? If I could, I would protect you myself by keeping you in my arms, but reality is that I can’t do that right now. You just have to trust me, alright? I will keep you safe forever, you have my word”
  • It took a lot of reassuring, but you eventually fell asleep, phone still in hand and dried tears on your cheeks


  • I swear he would know exactly what to say and do after taking care of that fucking snake Rika for so long
  • Because he had been half blind for a while his other senses were heightened, so he clearly heard you crying softly into his chest and woke up
  • Would first try to calm you down by kissing your forehead and rubbing your back, but when that didn’t help he shaked you awake
  • “Angel, wake up. Deep breaths, okay? I know it’s scary, but I’m here for you. Follow my breathing, I know you can”
  • You listened to his calming voice and tried to do as he said, your breath still hitching
  • “You’re doing so good, dear. Do you want to talk about it?”
  • Would rub your back in a really comforting way, and listen intensely if the answer was yes
  • i have said it before and i will say it again, this guy deserves all the love


  • Even though he has had his unfair share of nightmares, he had never been in the other end
  • So when he was woken up in the middle of the night because of the gasping and crying person next to him, he almost panicked on his own
  • He figured he should at least wake you up, as he knew how scary nightmares were
  • Unsure and careful, he wiped the tears from your face and hoped it would be enough to wake you
  • Because that just made you whimper and move away from him, he started shaking you
  • You woke up with a scream, and he immediately hugged you
  • He kissed your head and stroked your hair, like you had done so many times with him when his past haunted him
  • “Shh. I’m here, okay? Please calm down, I won’t let anything hurt you”

Onedat will be on her way home to me next week 😀. Gpt the update just as i was leaving for work . I will message everyone who ordered her later tonight. thank you for all your amazing work to Harucasting! ❤❤

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Septic-Spies Part 3 - “Double Agent”


I had fun with this part, you never see enough lee!Mark heh. Oops, spoilers, hehe, part 4 tomorrow prob

Warning: Profanity, tickling, teasing.

Part 1

Part 2

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Man's Best Friend

Description: Sam x reader & Dean x reader friendship. Angsty fluff. When the reader experiences a PTSD flashback  (unspecified) on a hunt, they quickly tear themselves away from Sam and Dean and back to the impala so as not to lose face. Fluff ensues in the form of a dog.
Words: 2,145
Warnings: PTSD
Author’s Note: I’ve been a little vague on purpose to avoid triggers but if it’s going to effect you please don’t read! I actually based 99% of the main section with the dog on exactly what my pup has done in the past (she was a therapy dog too!) They’re such kind hearted dogs, I hope you find a buddy in yours, anon. 

Request: (anon) I was wondering if you could write a thing it’s kinda triggery. I’m about to get an emotional service animal for my PTSD and anxiety and I kind of wanted to have the reader seem all badass from the outside and then Sam or Dean walks in on her panicking and the dog just doing its thing and calming her down and then maybe some fluff?

The sound of liquid dripping echoed around the abandoned house. Every sense of yours seemed to be hyperactive as you quietly tiptoed forwards, following Sam’s careful footfalls. You’d cornered the werewolf down to this building but apparently now was the moment it chose to go silent.

You flexed your fingers a little and adjusted your grip on your silver blade, you’d had a death grip on it since getting out of the car as the whole hunt had you on edge. A small creak in the room to your left made you jump quickly, snapping your attention back instantly. You looked at Dean and nodded in the direction of it.

“Me first,” he breathed, taking a cautious step through the threshold, gun outstretched and ready to go.

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I made two bags of popcorn and dumped garlic pepper all over it and gpt some grahm crakers with
some nutella and i while making the popcorn i was like “making a delicious bowl of rice” and rhat made me fckin die and i was like “wait. is rice a grain or is it its own catergory

Fool Me Once (Peter Pan)

So, this particular one-shot is inspired by a beautiful song with the same name by Jess Godwin. It just reminded me a lot of Pan for God knows what reason, so hope you like it.

“I’m back!” 

You heard Peter shout outside. Must be a dream, you think as you keep moving around your bed. Having lost count of the hours you had tried to fall asleep and failed. “Y/N. Are you in here?” Peter’s soft voice finds it’s way inside the tent. “Peter?” Is all you manage to say as you get up and swing your legs out of bed. “Peter!” You cry as he gets inside his tent, a loopsided smile on his lips. “Surprised to see me, love?” he says cheekily. All you manage to do is nod and run to his arms, tears already forming in your eyes. “I missed you.” “I missed you, too.” Peter says as you both lie down on the bed and once again you can sleep through the night.

The crackling of the fire brought you out of your memories. A stray tear rolling down your cheek. You quickly cleaned it with the back of your hand, as you gpt up from the spot you had been sitting in front of the fireplace.

Peter had left once more, to God knows where. You knew he was seeking for the heart of the truest believer for a chance to be immortal. He had been doing so since you first came to Neverland, which was five years ago. How fun those days were. You were the first girl to ever be in Neverland and that made you unique, and rare. Something for which Peter had taken a liking to you. You weren’t so sure that remained the same.

For weeks, even months. Peter would leave you in charge of the lost boys, saying he needed to go on a quest and that the boys saw you as their mother, which meant you needed to stay. You did, but that didn’t make it feel any less lonely.

“I swear, Y/N. This is the last time I’m leaving you. I’m so close to finding it. Just need to pull some more strings and everything will fall into place. Aren’t you happy for that? We’ll be together forever.” Petter said as he placed his hands on your waist, pulling you closer to him. His breath tickling your cheeks. “I am, I truly am.” You said with a sad smile on your lips, one that didn’t brighten up your eyes as a genuine smile would. “Y/N I need you to understand. My time is running up, I have to do this or I…” “Will die, I know Peter. Go, it’s okay. I’ll be here when you get back.”

You snorted and cleaned another tear, that hadn’t been the last time he’d left you behind. He would say so everytime he left. He made it almost too easy for you. For you to want to leave once and for all.

“Y/N.” You heard Peter say as if your thoughts had summoned him. You turned around to face him. 

“Peter, you’re back.” more tears form in your eyes as he ran to hug you. 

“I am Y/N. This time for good I swear.” he said with a hand on your cheek, slowly caressing it.  

“I wish I could believe that, Peter.” you took his hand and put it down. “I gotta ask you something, and if you ever loved me. You will comply.” a worried look took possession of Peter’s face.

“What is it? What are you talking about Y/N? I still love you.” you heard him say as he intertwined his fingers with yours. 

You let out an almost inaudible huff and looked down. “Fool me once.”

“What do you mean?” you felt Peter’s body tensing up and that made you look up. 

“It hurt the first time, the very first time you left. and still hurt the last time.” you said with knot on your troath and tears in you eyes. “I’ve been here too many times to hope for things to change. You’re never going to change, Peter.” 

“I’ve waited for you more times that I can count. With the hope that everytime you returned you would stay for good. That we would actually be together, and not just live off promises.” your fingers were not longer entwined with his, they had turn into fists.

“But, Y/N. would you rather had me gave up on my searching and die?” Peter said upset. 

“I would have prefered that you enjoyed the time you had left with me, being loved. But you chose power over love. And I won’t forget that. So, I will only ask once, Peter Pan. Take me back home.” you saw heart break through Peter’s eyes. But you knew it was the right thing to do. He wasn’t going to change, not now. Not ever.

“I love you Y/N.” he said placing a gentle kiss on your cheek and giving you a vial with pixie dust. 

“I did, Peter. I swear I did.”