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You were alone in the hallways when it happened. It was so sudden.

You began to gasp for breath as you stumbled backwards towards the floor, you’re heart beating faster in slight fear. Your back made contact with lockers as you slid yourself down to the floor. Your backpack had fallen to your side, but you were unable to retrieve your emergency inhaler from inside.

Suddenly, a slightly blurry figure emerged in front of you. “Hey! Hey, can you hear me?” By the sound of his voice, it was a male. You nodded slightly, still struggling to breathe.

“Okay, good. You’re gonna be okay. You’re, uh, you’re having an asthma attack, right?” he asked, just to be sure. You nodded again. “All right. Just stay calm.” He gently set his hand on your shoulder in a comforting gesture. “Do you have an inhaler with you?”

You gestured to your backpack as you wheezed. He began to search through your bag for your inhaler, muttering soothing words to you all the while.

You began to see black at the edge of your blurry vision by the time he found your inhaler. He shook it vigorously before uncapping it and holding it to your mouth.

“Take as deep of a breath as you can, all right?” he asked before pressing down the inhaler. You did as you were told, sucking in as much of the medication as possible.

With a few more sprays, your breathing eventually stabled. The male gently took the inhaler out of your mouth, and you blinked your eyes to get rid of the haziness. When you looked up, you couldn’t believe your eyes.

In front of you was the famous Dean Winchester, the boy rumored to be a ladies’ man. However, instead of his usual proud smile and suggestive eyes, he wore a sincere concerned expression. His brows were creased with worry and his eyes were focused on you.

“You all right?” he asked. “Do I need to get the nurse?”

You shook your head. “No, I-I’m fine. Um…thank you, Dean.”

He smiled—not a flirty smile, but a genuine one. “No problem, (Y/n).”

You blinked in surprise as you stuttered, “H-how do you know my name?”

Dean licked his chapped lips and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. He let out an awkward chuckle as he admitted, “I…I’ve had my eye on you for a while now. I just wanted to be friends with you.”

You were speechless for a moment because you had never seen this side of Dean. Soon, a smile adorned your lips. “I would love to be friends.”

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Characters: Crowley x Reader, Juliet
Words: 1113
Requested by Anonymous:  I wanted to request a oneshot where Crowley and the reader are together and the reader like befriends Crowley’s hell hound. (the one in Season 5, I don’t know if you remember but it’s huge) and Crowley makes the reader see his hell hound and she teaches it tricks and they cuddle and everything. With some fluff?

Warning: Crowley calling the reader Kitten, implied sexy time

Author’s Note: This is my 500th posted one shot!

Originally posted by crowleyslittleminion

Crowley had been so worried when bringing you to hell. Not because of it being hell. Not because he was afraid you’d leave him. No, he was worried because he didn’t know how you and Juliet would get along.

           You had heard about Crowley’s Hell Hound, sure, but you had never been around her. And you knew you wouldn’t be able to see her when you were around her anyway. But it did make you smile to think that Crowley was worried about the first meeting. He wanted you both to like each other.

           “Okay, where is she?” you asked as soon as Crowley brought you into the bedroom to meet Juliet.

           “Standing next to me,” he said hesitantly.

           You immediately sat down in the floor, “Hi, Juliet,” you hoped you were looking in the right place. You held out your hand as if you were talking to any other dog, “You can sniff my hand,” you cooed at her.

           You felt hot breath against your skin and smiled, “I’m not gonna hurt you,” you said, “I promise.”

           After a few more puffs of hot air you felt a very large head nudge your hand and you giggled, “Hi there,” you scratched the invisible head.

           Crowley chuckled softly, “She likes you.”

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I am doing this to protect you

Requested by @thewolfgirluniverse

Request: could you do another imagine for me where the reader is told by Cas that she is in danger because she can see hell hounds and angel wings. She wants to leave to protect the boys but Dean begs her to stay

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Charlie, mention of Crowley and rowena
Pairing: Dean x reader
Warnings: fluff, swearing, angst,talk of suicide
Word count: 2348

Castiel walked into your bedroom in the bunker, something was happening to you and you knew that the Angel was the only one you could trust to tell right now. “Y/N, you said you needed to speak with me”. He stood towering over you as you sat on your bed nervously, looking up at him.

“There’s something wrong with me Cas, and I’ve gotta tell you before anyone else finds out” you nervously played with your hands and watched as Cas’ eyebrows furrowed.

“You don’t have to worry, whatever it is I’m sure I can help you” he placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. You slightly jumped as he did, and you shrugged him off. You couldn’t look him in the eye, you were worried about what he would tell you or what his reaction would be.

“Cas.. I can.. I can see..” You started but couldn’t seem to gets the words out properly. You huffed and tried to even our your breathing so you could calmly tell him. “Ever since I escaped from Crowley.. I’ve been able to see things… Things that i couldn’t see before”. You were now looking at him, of course Cas being Cas, you literally had to spell it out to him. You only told him half of what was happening, you didn’t tell him about the voices or the hallucinations. “I can see hell hounds. And I can see your wings” you said with an agitated voice. “And I’m sure its because of Rowena, when I was locked up in that place with her, she put some kind of spell on me, I wasn’t sure what it was”.

“Y/N, if Rowena put some kind of spell on you.. I mean.. She’s the most powerful witch that we know exists! anything could happen!” He started with a slightly worried voice, but he also wanted to sound calm so that he didn’t scare you.

“I know, this is why I’ve only told you.. I don’t know what’s happening to me and I’m.. Cas I’m scared” your voice broke a little, you weren’t going to cry but you were terrified. Rowena was powerful, you had no idea what she had done to you. “Am I.. Am I dangerous?” You asked as Cas gave you a sympathetic look. “Am I going to hurt anyone?” You asked another question without him answering your first one. He didn’t need to say anything, his face told it all.

“I’m so sorry y/n” he walked towards you, you stood up from your bed and cuddled into him. He held you for a while, you evened out your breathing and held back the tears that you could feel were about to well up in your eyes. You finally pushed out of the hug and looked him in the eyes.

“I uh.. I have to go” he was about to protest but you continued. “I’m dangerous, she’s making me see things that I couldn’t see before. I might not even be human anymore, humans can’t see wings or hell hounds, I don’t even know what I am… I could hurt one of you and I won’t let myself do that! No, I won’t let it happen”. He wanted to argue back, but he knew you were right. You may not have been human now, and if Rowena was the one who turned you into whatever you are then it must have been something bad. You couldn’t trust yourself around your friends anymore. What if you hurt Cas? Or Sam or Charlie or Dean? How could you live with yourself knowing that you hurt your favourite people in the world? You wouldn’t do that to them, and you wouldn’t do that to yourself. Leaving was your only option.

You moved on with your day as normal, you talked to everyone during the day as you usually would. You sat with Charlie and watched a Harry Potter movie, you then both bonded over why the books are so much better than the movies and read some fanfictions together on tumblr. You and Sam went running together, you both laughed at the other for looking really sweaty and gross, and you cried with laughter when he tripped over a rock. You and Dean cooked together, you made his favourite cherry pie and got into a food fight afterwards, giggling and creating fake army bases with the kitchen bowls. You appreciated your time with them more, you caught yourself smiling at them most of the day. They continuously asked you through out the day what you were smiling at. You would just shake your head and reply ‘nothing’. The plan was to wait until later to tell everyone.

You were all sitting in the bunker library, Dean looking through a lore book, Sam and Charlie on their laptops and Cas sitting in the chair opposite you, waiting for you to tell them. You must have been sitting there for at least an hour, going through it in your mind wondering how the hell you were going to tell them. You nervously chewed on your nail which drew the attention of Dean who was on the chair next to you.

“Hey” he said to you, causing everyone else to look up at him then to you. You didn’t hear him, you continued to chew on your nail nervously. He clicked his fingers in front of your face and brought you back to reality. “Hey… What’s wrong?” He asked as he shut the book shut and put it on the table.

“What? Nothing” you awkwardly giggled. “Nothing’s wrong I’m fi-”

Cas interrupted you before you could continue your lie. “Tell them Y/N”.

“Tell us what?” Sam asked as he shut the lid of his laptop.

“You can tell us anything you know that right?” Charlie told you, doing the same thing Sam did with his laptop.

“You wanna tell us why you’ve been acting so strange today?” Dean asked, worry covering his face. Cas looked to you, and you looked to him. He gave you a knowing look, it was time to tell them the truth, you lightly nodded at the Angel, letting him know that you’re going to tell them.

“Fuck.. Ok. When Crowley kidnapped me.. When he left me in that room. That cold, dark room.” You started, not looking anyone in the eyes. All you could do is stare down at the table and think back to being locked up by Crowley. “I wasn’t alone, it wasn’t just me down there”. Dean noticed you seemed uncomfortable, he reached his hand our and grabbed yours. You let him take your hand, but you kept your eyes where they were. “Rowena was down there with me, she.. She still had her magic. And Rowena and me… We weren’t alone either. Crowley left his hell hounds down there with us”. He squeezed a little tighter, letting you know that he was there and that you weren’t in that horrible place anymore.

“Y/N, we get that it must have been hard for you. We understand why you’re not feeling completely ok right now, but you’re safe.. Crowley can’t hurt you here. I know it must be hard because of the flashbacks to it” Charlie said smiling at you, not that you could see her smile, you still had your eyes focused on the table.

“It’s not because of the flashbacks.. That’s not what’s wrong with me” you continued now looking up at Charlie, tears filling your eyes. “Charlie.. I could-” you couldn’t get it out. Once you said it, Dean could have let go of your hand, and they could have all decided to let you go. Even though you had to leave, the worst part was thinking that they would hate you and would make you leave. “I could see the hell hounds.. And I can see cas’ wings” you squeezed your eyes shut. “Rowena, she did something to me, I don’t know what but I mean..” You stopped for a second and opened your eyes again, looking around at all of them. “She’s Rowena” you lightly laughed over your tears. “She’s evil, I don’t know what she did to me but.. I could be dangerous” Deans grip was still tight on your hand.

“We can fix this, we can undo whatever Rowena did” Sam said to you across from the table.

“No we can’t Sam!” You snapped. “Don’t you get it? Do you guys not fucking understand what this is doing to me? It’s not just seeing things that I shouldn’t be able to see, I also see things that aren’t there!” You began to tell them the full truth, everything that you hadn’t even told Castiel. “I don’t just see things either. I hear things too, terrible, awful things! I hear people screaming and crying for me to save them, saying that I am the reason they’re in pain! I hear people dying and there is nothing, there is nothing. Nothing that I can do to make it stop. It’s so fucking loud.. It’s so loud and it just.. it makes me want to scream, it makes me angry like I need to smash something! And what if one day I see you in my mind as someone who is trying to hurt me? What if I have a hallucination that you are not you!” You said turning your head looking at all of them. You didn’t want them to thing you were capable of hurting them, but they needed to face the facts here. “I could kill one of you!” Everyone was shocked, Charlie was on the verge of tears, Sam didn’t know what to do. He just looked at you, more worried for you than angry at you. “You should all just let me go, before I hurt one of you” you stood up and released your grip from Deans hand.

“Leave?” Charlie, shoutout as you picked up your ready-packed back from under your chair. “You’ve been planning to leave this whole time? You had a fucking bag packed?”

“I am doing this, to protect you, to protect all of you” you said lifting the bag over your shoulder. “You have to let me go”

“Y/N please just wait a second we can figure this out” Sam said standing up, they all stood up and followed you as you quickly made your way to the bottom of the stairs.

“Y/N, wait please just listen to me” Dean shouted walking towards you.

“Dean don’t” you lifted your hand so he wouldn’t walk any closer, he stopped and lifted his stared at you in way you’d never seen before. “Nothing you say can change this, I will not be responsible for one of you getting hurt, and if I stay here that’s what’s going to happen.”

“it doesn’t have to be like this” he said, his fine a mix of worry and anger. “I love you, we all love you, we can’t let you just leave” he took a small step forward, you didn’t want him any closer but you didn’t stop him. “We need you here. Whatever Rowena has done we will figure this out, we will reverse the spell, well search day and night to find the cure for whatever the hell she’s done to you. You leaving is hurting us more than if you stay, I know you think that you’re protecting us by doing this but you’re not”

“I can’t do this” you said now breaking down in tears. “I can’t stand in front of you guys and tell you that we can fix this, that I can stop myself, because I can’t. And you know what? If that makes me weak, fine. I’m weak, I’m not strong enough to fight whatever this spell is doing to me. It’s gonna get bad and it’s gonna get ugly and I don’t want any of you to be there to see it”

“We’re not gonna let it get that far” you weren’t sure when he had gotten so close, but he was now in arms reach of you. “If we have to, we can lock you up while we find the cure but you leaving isn’t going to help anyone! It’s not going to help us and it’s not going to help you. If you’re out there and we aren’t curing you, you could hurt someone!”

“No I can’t, because I-” you stopped, he was a little closer now than he was a few second ago. “I won’t be there to do it” you admitted.

“What?” He asked.

You took your backpack from your shoulder and opened it up, revealing only one thing in there, a gun. “One gun, one bullet, that’s all it takes”

“You were going to kill yourself?” You heard Charlie say from behind Dean.

“What was I supposed to do?” You asked in return to Charlies question, but you didn’t ask her, you asked Dean. “What was I supposed to do Dean? Let some innocent stranger die because I was too selfish to stop myself?”

“Y/N…” He sounded heart broken. “Look at me” he grabbed your soaking wet face with both of his hands, one on each cheek. He simultaneously wiped the tears from your both of your cheeks with his thumbs. “Let us help you.. Let me help you”

The tears continued to fall down your face. You grabbed each of his hands with each of yours from either side of your face and linked your fingers with his. You pulled his hands down with yours, away from your face. “Ok” you whispered while still crying. He took the backpack with the gun and passed it behind him to Sam who was already there, ready to take the gun away from you before you did something stupid.

“it’s ok come here” he put his arms out and pulled you into a hug. You instantly fell into him and sobbed into his chest while he draped his arms around you. “It’s ok” he continued to whisper “you’re ok. I’ve got you, I won’t let anything bad happen to you”.

Pizza My Heart

Title: Pizza My Heart

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word Count: 2,163

Warnings: Pizza?

Theme Song: The One You love by Passenger ft. Katie Miller Heidke

Summary: There’s love and there’s pizza. I’m not really sure what this is, to be totally honest.

A/N: I’m going to blame this one on every single person in the Fort City chat, which includes but is not limited to the people I’ve tagged at the end. Also I didn’t edit this so it’s probably very cheesy…


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“This is some kind of joke, right? There’s no way this textbook is only ten dollars!” The woman on the other end of the line rattled off some long line about the cost of textbooks being out of her control, and in the end you decided not to question the website any longer. Anything that saved you money was a welcome part of your world. Hanging up the phone, you glanced out at the dining room. It was filling up quickly. Soon you’d be doing what you did every Saturday evening—waiting on tables of sticky-fingered kids and exasperated parents, secretly hoping you’d find your Prince Charming amidst the crowded tables and spilt drinks.

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