got houseshouse stark

when there was a stark in winterfell, a maiden girl could walk down the kingsroad in her name-day gown and still go unmolested, and travelers could find fire, bread, and salt at many an inn and holdfast. but the nights are colder now, and doors are closed… it was different when there was a stark in winterfell. but the old wolf's dead and young one's gone south to play the game of thrones, and all that’s left us is the ghosts.


got houses♕house targaryen

every child knows that the targaryens have always danced too close to madness. your father was not the first. king jaehaerys once told me that madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin. every time a new targaryen is born, he said, the gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land.