Apparently you auditioned for Jon Snow but got a completely different Snow instead. What do you think the producers saw in you to carry such a disturbing character?
I’m not entirely sure. People often ask me this and I simply don’t have an answer to it. I’ve never played a role like this before and I approached it like any other role I would have. By finding the truth of the person you’re trying to portray and trying to deliver good acting. But more often, to avoid tripping over my sword!


The Known World: Words of the Reach and Words of the Crownlands

The present Lord of Highgarden, Mace Tyrell, fought loyally for House Targaryen during Robert’s Rebellion, defeating Robert Baratheon himself at the Battle of Ashford and later besieging his brother Stannis in Storm’s End for the better part of a year. With the death of the Mad King Aerys II and his son Prince Rhaegar, however, Lord Mace laid down his sword, and is today once again Warden of the South and a leal servant of the Iron Throne.

                                             - [The World of Ice and Fire] The Reach: House Tyrell