The Signs Opinion On Gossip:
  • Aries: it's god-sip, bc I am in the know of everybody ☕️👀
  • Taurus: people can be so extra
  • Gemini: *spills all the tea* I don't gossip
  • Cancer: it's okay if they're mean tho
  • Leo: I'm not telling any lies, so what's the big deal??
  • Virgo: keep that drama out of my life 🙅‍♂️
  • Libra: I speaketh the truth
  • Scorpio: those lyin' cheatin' fishes deserve what they get imo
  • Sagittarius: if you don't want me gossiping then don't do bad things
  • Capricorn: it's annoying af because people will ruin you
  • Aquarius: gossip is bad when it is used badly
  • Pisces: does fictional people count?

anonymous asked:

When will the outsider come out ?

No clue, sadly.
Zandvliet posted that they had one more day of editing - but that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing the film on Netflix in the next month or so. Sometimes films require additional editing or post-production work, that can push back release. Also, Netflix has to consider when it would be best for their release schedule to add it into play. I dunno if there’s a site that tracks Netflix-produced release dates/news? I tried to search for something a bit ago but came up with nothin’.

Something to note - Netflix does have a deal with iPic Theaters, a boutique theater chain with only 15 theaters in the United States. Some of Netflix-bought movies have seen same-day releases at some of the iPic theaters, but my guess is they likely don’t pay the Netflix films a lot of theatrical attention (i.e. monetary investment) because they know the films will do better streaming thru the platform than at theaters.

Even still - I’m kinda hoping Zandvliet can still submit for the Venice Film Festival or Toronto International Film Festival (all his films have shown there and have either had their world premieres there or North American premieres there), both in September - but I’m not sure if Netflix has plans to stream it before then.

Honestly, The Outsider is such a niche film - the yakuza, a period piece, etc - that I really don’t see it gaining a huge theatrical audience. It’s probably for the best that Netflix bought it. I just would really like to see it released at theaters so it at least opens the film up for awards submission. We shall see!