“Many of the beloved eighties movies behind ‘Stranger Things’ are, essentially, Lovecraft in suburbia: they take lurid, paranoid fantasies inspired by America’s Puritan, colonial, and racist past and soften them, letting them unfold in a more innocent context.”

Joshua Rothman of The New Yorker recently wrote a fascinating piece linking the unexpected cult hit of the summer, Stranger Things, with something other than The Goonies for a change: H.P. Lovecraft. In fact, Rothman goes so far to say that the ‘80s horror movies Stranger Things pays homage to are actually rooted in the classic themes of Lovecraft. Head to The New Yorker’s website to read Rothman’s full piece, and if you need a Lovecraft refresher (or introduction), our Deluxe of The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories is a great start, not mention the perfect thing to tide you over until the next season of Stranger Things.

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My bro I got this

- Eleven and the mini goonie squad™ play Star Wars in the woods, Eleven is always Luke Skywalker and uses her powers as the Force

- Movie Nights and Eleven just stares at the squad weirdly because they’re screaming at a clearly fake monster. The shark is not real? She has seen real monsters a lot scarier than that.

- No bullies fuck with them at school with Eleven around because well just fucking because.

- El lives with Mike and his family, she could’ve had her own room but likes her little fort/sleeping bag arrangement. She also gets all the eggos waffles in the world.

- Lucas and Dustin hold hands a lot and so do El and Mike. When they’re all in high school they all go on double dates.

- Nancy always helps El get ready for school. She tries to teach El about “girl things” like dresses and make up but El prefers jeans, hoodies and her natural look.

- Nancy is dating both John and Steve. Poly 👏.

- Barb isn’t dead and is gay with Nancy. “Gal pals.” 😩

- Will and Eleven have a connection like no one else because they’ve both been to The Upside Down. They hold each other through flashbacks, panic attacks and memories.

- Eleven is an exceptionally great student and gets straight A’s. She is the top of the class and Valedictorian when they graduate high school.

- She sneaks into the cafeteria at school and steals their waffles.

- Mike and Eleven sneak out at night to lay on the roof and look at the stars. Sometimes they talk, sometimes they just lay there.

- Dustin and Lucas get made fun of because they’re together and interracial. (The 80’s and even now are assholes) but Eleven and Mike and the rest of the gang are not having that and they beat up the bullies. Like El is so mad she doesn’t even use her powers.

- El loves dogs. Loves them as much as waffles. She adopts a big Russian bear dog and names it waffles. Its her best friend and cuddles with her all the time and walks her to school.

- When she first got her dog she didn’t know that dogs couldn’t live off waffles so that’s all the fed him until Mike found out and Nancy bought the dog some dog food.

- El is a huge prankster and plays pranks with and without her powers on the squad.

- El hates D&D but plays because it makes her squad happy even though it sucks and takes forever.

- They go swimming in the nearby lake a lot, sunburns, smores with a bonfire, splashing in the water, the whole 9 yards.

- I just woke up so this is all I can think of atm.

Why you should love Eleven

Couldn’t kill a cat

gets triggered by the following: cats, coca-cola, people, tight spaces, literally everything.

loves eggos and mike wheeler

really cute and loves dresses


finds happiness in reclining in a lazy boi

in the young goonie squad

can kill you with her mind

only kills in self defense of her friends and herself or like on accident 

stole a whole freezer’s worth of eggos and ate them frozen, called the clerk a “mouth breather” and then ate them frozen in the woods. what kind of extra?

made a bully boy piss himself in front of the whole gym because he was bullying her person mike wheeler

later, broke said bully’s arm because they threatened mike wheeler

literally saved her friends lives numerous times

screamed for mike when she was scared of in trouble

literally didn’t know what a “friend” or a “promise was but then became the best example of a friend and never broke her promise

loves eggos

doesn’t know what pudding is

“what is putting” 

literally like egoos are her thing?

dropped 6 adult government officials to the floor when they threatened her squad

fucking vanished into thin air but is somewhere in the woods and forces the sheriff to bring her eggos now 


Don’t imagine: Mike knowing that Coca-Cola triggers Eleven so he always gets her Dr. Pepper instead. And soon Mike and the goonie squad™ know all of her various triggers and do their best to keep them away from her or lessen the impact. She always cuddles with Mike when she is super scared or having a flashback in the middle of a panic attack. Lucas and Dustin always bring her blankets and snacks during movie nights, making sure to watch the movie first so she won’t get upset by something in it and I’m so emo over 10 yr olds that love each other, dungeons and dragons and eggos.

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