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Do either 10 or 26 with Blake and Yang.

26. “I didn’t intend to kiss you.”

Blake was panicking. There was no way she was going to get out of this alive. She should have known infiltrating a white fang warehouse was a bad plan and that she never should have attempted it in the first place. What was she expecting to gain? 

Certainly not as much as she was about to lose. 

She hadn’t seem them, but she could sense the goons on her tail. Luckily she had reached the exit and had ditched the mask so now she was just cruising around the backstreets of Vale. Running wouldn’t work, she’d need a change of wardrobe and a way to become invisible.

There! Someone had left their hoodie on the ground outside Junior’s club. As much as she hated the place, Blake sent a silent thank you to its doors as she quickly slipped into the jacket. And that was when she spotted her savior.

“Blake? I thought you were investigating…”

Blake didn’t hesitate, she just pressed Yang against a wall and kissed her. 

Okay, so it didn’t have to be Yang. And it didn’t have to be a kiss. But people tended to look away from public displays of affection and Yang really really didn’t seem to mind. There was a flash of tongue and suddenly all Blake could think about was this kiss. The perfection of it, the scandal of kissing Yang this publicly and how it was intensely attractive.

But she was on a mission dammit.

“Woah.” Yang said when Blake finally pulled away, satisfied that the goons were gone.

“I didn’t intend to kiss you.” Blake managed.

“Sure you didn’t.” Yang winked. “I bet it was totally unavoidable.”


So my first ever time GMing was a rocky start for sure but I’m excited about the future of it. I just thought I understood the rules a little better than I did.

Here are the enemies our Ranger heroes battled - a Zoy Goon on the left (they’ll be fighting lots of these) and Veronica, a Zoy commander who so far is our main adversary. I did a lot of HO HO HO HO HO HO laughing. Lydia stole her whip and scared her face! 

Murdering Contest (Floyd Lawton x Reader)

Warnings: reader is wounded, mentions of blood and murder

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You had taken just a wrong turn and now you were separated from the rest of the team. At least, Floyd with you. A goon had managed to give you a mean cut to your right leg, so it was good you were accompanied by someone. Especially Floyd who would shoot dead anyone who dared to threat you.

“Can we rest a bit?” you proposed as the wound in your leg had started sending stinging pain waves. “Yes, of course.” Floyd agreed and helped you sit in an armchair nearby. 

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Draco x Reader

“This class is ridiculous,” Malfoy said with a sneer. You rolled your eyes as his goons chucked next to him. 

“Shut up Malfoy!” You whisper shouted to him, before returning your attention back to Professor Lupin.

“Mudblood,” he snarled. You felt your cheeks burn red with embarrassment and anger, but continued with your focus on the class.  

“Mr. Malfoy, why don’t you give it a shot?” Professor Lupin smiled, patiently waiting for Draco to step forward. Draco sauntered forward, his cocky smirk plastered to his face. The class stood back, preparing for his boggart. You nearly fainted when you saw your dead body, pouring blood, laying at his feet. You could feel everyone’s eyes on you, but you were only watching Draco. His face had gone pale as a sheet, and he had begun to cry. Your body began to shake on the floor, as you were apparently being tortured by someone.  

“Riddikulus!” He said, his voice breaking. Nothing happened.

“Riddikulus!” He said again a little louder, but his sobs getting louder as well. “Somebody help me!” He shouted, manically at the class.

 Professor Lupin quickly stepped in front of Draco, finishing off the boggart. The class was silent, and all eyes were on you and Draco. 

“I think that’s enough for today,” Professor Lupin said, clasping his hands together, “Class dismissed.” 

The class began to file out quickly, but no one was as fast as Draco. Draco grabbed his stuff and sprinted out of the classroom. 

“Draco!” You yelled to him, but he didn’t stop. You followed him all the way to the empty Quidditch pitch, where you watched him collapse on the pitch, his head in his hands.

“Draco?” You asked tentatively, as you walked forward.

“Go away.” He muttered.You took another step closer to him. 

“I said ‘Go away!’,” Draco said, a little louder. 

“Draco, why did you never say anything?” You almost whispered. He looked up at you, his eyes still red from earlier.

“I don’t want to hurt you. Don’t you get it, Y/N? My boggart wasn’t you being dead. It was me killing you.” He replied, his voice breaking off.

“Oh Draco. You could never hurt me,” You sighed, scooting next to him.

“I’m sorry for being an ass and for calling you horrible, horrible names,” Draco said, “The truth is I care about you a lot.”

“It’s okay Draco.”  You smiled, as he wrapped his arms around you, “And the truth is? I care about you a lot as well.” 

“Really?” He asked.

“Really.” You smiled at him. You say there together, lying in each other’s arms, on the Quidditch pitch, staring up at the sky. All was well.

whoa look who it is, back at it again with the short post. okay but I just wanted to say thank you so so so much on my last post, I mean 284 notes?! That’s crazy! And I mean I came up with the post while I was taking a shower and I posted but didn’t think anyone would actually like it, let alone almost 200+ of you! That’s crazy so I decided to post again to thank you all. And welcome if you’re a new follower! Requests are open! Also what’s your patronus? Mines a basset hound and if anyone knows what that means please message me! Love you all so much ❤️


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Certified nutso

Pairing; Joker x Harley 

Harley messes up on a heist and when the joker figures out, he raises hell.

A/N: This is very dark and unlike anything i’ve written before, but i thought i’d give it a try.

Warnings; Graphic violence, gore, abuse

The entire room was quiet. Mister J had taken us all out on a heist. We had it all perfectly planned, down to the tiniest detail. But of course stupid batsy had to interfere. I was standing guard at the bank entrance, revolver in my hand. Mister J was rounding up people and killing those who didn’t say yes sir when told to get on their knees. The other goons did the heavy work. Emptying vaults, loading bags up with money and carrying them out to the back of the van. Everything was running smoothly.

Mister J was laughing, waving his arms around and firing shots everywhere. People were screaming and covering their ears. I fucked up. I fucked up really bad. Stupid, stupid me being so in love with my puddin, i was dumb enough to take my eyes of the front door to catch a glimpse of him in his psycothic glory. It was only for a couple of seconds, but it was enough time for batman to kick in the door in and punch me in the stomach.

‘’JOKER!’’ he roared and came running towards him. Mister J was caught off guard and didn’t have time to do anything before batsy tackled him to the ground and beat him. Naturally, he wasn’t expecting the bat to storm in and attack him because he trusted me to do my really fucking easy job right.

It all ended up with the batman grabbing me and threatening to throw me off the roof of the building. He would never actually do it, I mean come on, he’s the good guy remember? But he knew I was Mister J’s only weakness. Minutes later, we were surrounded by helicopters and police cars and we barely managed to escape. Mister J disappeared while me and his goons raced the van out of there quicker than you can say puddin

 Now we all sat in Mister J’s mansion, awaiting our punishment. None of us knew where he was right know but we knew he was coming back. He probably needed to blow off some steam and kill a few people. Several of his goons where shaking in their pants. I have to admit; even I was a little shaky. We had never fucked up this bad. We always followed procedure and we always had a plan b. All of a sudden, the door burst open and in came mister j. His hair was messy, strands of his neon green hair sticking to his sweaty forehead. His shirt missed two buttons and he had fresh blood on his naked chest. ‘’NOW’’ he howled and looked at us. We jumped in our seats and looked down, terrified to make eye contact. ‘’How come, a group of useless, worthless idiots like you couldn’t pull of robbing a bank? Huh?’’ he started. His voice was dead serious.

If no one answered, boom someone would get shot. If someone did but didn’t give him a real good fucking explanation, boom, brains splattered everywhere. A goon sitting across from me, cleared his throat and looked up at the boss. ‘’Yes, you! Goat head, please do go ahead.’’ Mister J walked closer. Shit, I really liked that dude. ‘’It wouldn’t have gotten that fucked, if the batman hadn’t showed up and screwed us over, boss.’’ He said. Wrong answer. ‘’BATMAN! Our good old friend batman yes. He did make a rather surprising visit. However.’’ He loaded his gun. ‘’If you hadn’t been so fucking slow, you would’ve taken down batsy before he had time to sway his little cape. He lifted the gun and the man closed his eyes, waiting for the boss to, how do you say? Blow his brains out.

Instead, he moved his arm in my direction and shot the goon sitting next to me. He fell to the ground, face first and I gasped. ‘’Missed.’’ He said with a deadly grin on his face. ‘’Anyone else?’’ he shouted and waved the gun around the room. ‘’Noo?’’ The room remained completely silent. ‘’Well. In that case.’’ He raised his gun and shot the goon sitting on my left side. I flinched and choked back my tears. He knew. All of a sudden, mister J gasped dramatically and placed his palm on his heart. ‘’Harls! I didn’t see you over there.’’ He began walking towards me.

‘’EVERYBODY OUT.’’ Mister J screamed at the top of his lungs. Everybody got up and ran with their heads down towards the closest exit, terrified for their lives. ‘’Pumpkin, sweet cheeks, light of my life, guard of my doors.’’ He singsang and stopped in front of me. ‘’Tell me, doll. How exactly did the Batman get in on your watch?’’ he placed the cold gun on my chin and used it to force me to look up at him. ‘’I¨-I’m sorry, Mister J’’ ‘’I’m sorry what was that? I couldn’t quite hear you, angel face.’’

His voice was considerably lower now. ‘’I looked away.’’ I admitted shamefully. ‘’But only for a second Mister J, I swear! Batsy must have been waiting for me to turn away so that he coul-.’’ Mister J put his finger on my lips and silenced me. ‘’Why did you turn away?’’ he demanded in a growl. ‘’I-uh, I was just checking up on ya puddin.’’ I smiled at him and tried to look as innocent as possible.

Mister J raised his hand and used the force of his entire arm to slap me across the face. I fell to the ground with a loud thud and lost the feeling in my face. My cheek was pounding and bruised like a schoolgirl’s knee. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my body up the stairs and through five rooms. My eyes were running like a waterfall as I dug my nails into the floorboards, cracking the ends and splitting my fingertips open. Oh no. He dragged me into his ‘’special room.’’

‘’Get up.’’ He spat at me and kicked me in the stomach. I groaned in pain and curled up into a little ball. ‘’Come ooon, don’t be weak! I’ve taught you better cupcake, GET UP.’’ He started shouting. I used the little strength I had left to pull myself up and dizzily tried to balance myself on my heavy feet. ‘’What do you say, we throw this little lady onto the table?’’ he chuckled, grabbed my neck and pushed me down on my back. He used the leather straps of the old hospital chair he’d stolen from a hospital he blew up and tied them around my wrists.

I winced in pain as I felt them dig into my thin skin. He picked up a knife and started poking my exposed skin with it, careful not to puncture it. ‘’Daddy has to punish you for being such a careless little girl. You understand that, don’t you dollface?’’ he shook his finger at me. Before I had the time to answer, he pressed the blade down on my stomach. I screamed in pain as he cut a straight, short line over my lower abdomen. Blood started dripping down the sides of my stomach.

I laid there, my face full of pain, my cheek swollen and my eyes pursed together with tears streaming down my flushed cheeks. ‘’Aaawe. Why so glum, my plum?’’ he laughed and dragged the knife across my skin, up my stomach, over my chest and rested it on my lips. ‘’Taste yourself.’’ I whimpered and shook my head. He cut my lower lip and tsked me. The blood from the fresh cut, ran through my cracked lips and onto my tongue. ‘’Theere we go.’’ He said with an amused grin. ‘’You like it when daddy plays with you?’’ he purred into my ear. I cried and nodded my head. ‘’Yes Mister J, anything for you.’’ I whimpered in pain.

Mister J seemed satisfied with his punishment as he grabbed my back and helped me onto my feet again. I could feel my skin pounding under my feet. ‘’Now, let’s get you cleaned up, beautiful.’’ He brushed my hair behind my ear and stroked my bruised cheek. Mister J cleaned up my wounds and washed off all the blood before he carried me to bed. ‘’Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.’’ he said as he kissed my bloody lips.

I knew it wouldn’t always be like this. It was my fault, I messed it all up. And if I hadn’t been such a geek, this could’ve been avoided. Gee Harley, you really did it this time. I mean don’t get me wrong, my puddin’s a little rough sometimes, but he loves me, really.

So I changed this goon’s name

He is no longer “Bran the snek” 

His name is now Robby (Robert). His new name actually came from a really old suggestion that stuck with me

I changed most if not all of the tags as well

i finished the show

i think, especially towards the end, it started to feel a whole lot like a roleplaying game. it got very trope-heavy in the last couple of episodes (the evil corporation sacrifices the population of the station to do science with the alien fungus!), exactly the sort of genre pastiche that lots of roleplaying games go for. and the main cast have gotten together in the same cool spaceship, with the remaining characters (NPCs) either getting sidelined or killed off. and honestly, the number of villainous goons that Miller shot on the escape from Eros…

i’ll probably catch the next series whenever it comes out. the best part is definitely the portrayal of spaceships and space infrastructure. to be honest I’d possibly enjoy a political show about Ceres more than this conspiracy stuff?