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Tommy DeVito was based on real-life gangster Thomas ‘Two-Gun Tommy’ DeSimone, renowned for his violent temper. According to the real Henry Hill, Pesci’s portrayal was “90 to 99 per cent accurate”, with two notable exceptions. Firstly, DeSimone was a big, burly enforcer, standing 6ft 2in and weighing 15 stone. Secondly, the film states that Tommy was shot in the face so his mother couldn’t give him an open-casket funeral, but the real DeSimone’s remains were never recovered.

Have rockstars or pop stars made songs degrading Rebel Wilson or Melissa McCarthy?

                Fat Jor Ft: Jeezy  
                 Produced By: Scoop DeVille  


[Fat Joe]
Yeah, yo
It took A. Keys and Jay-Z to get this city poppin’ now
Rob Base, Snoop Dogg to get it rockin’ now
Big money talkin’, Mayweather - Paquiao
Gucci fucked up cause he can’t hire Cochran now
Uh, now what you boys got a death wish?
I beat a mothafucka uglier than Precious
Real nigga, you can find me where the X is
Whippin’ in the kitchen, both hands ambidextrous
Recession got the hood pushin’ more than time clocks
So I dropped a hundred in the streets I don’t buy stocks
Tell a little mothafucka get his shine box
Goodfellas hood fellas livin’ on my block
Nigga got a problem, I solve ‘em (solve 'em)
A couple ki’s yes nigga we’ll rob 'em (rob 'em)
Got tha 9 milli. in my pants, case you niggas wanna dance
Leave a mothafucka shakin’ like Harlem (Harlem)

               Kanye West  Ft: 2 Chainz, Big Sean & Pusha T 

[Verse 3: Kanye West]
Let the suicide doors up
I threw suicides on the tour bus
I threw suicides on the private jet

You know what that mean, I’m fly to death
I step in Def Jam buildin’ like I’m the shit
Tell 'em give me fifty million or I'mma quit

Most rappers’ taste level ain’t at my waist level
Turn up the bass 'til it’s up-in-your-face level
Don’t do no press but I get the most press, kid
Plus, yo my bitch make your bitch look like Precious
Something about Mary, she gone off that Molly
Now the whole party is melted like Dalí
Now everybody is movin’ they body
Don’t sell me apartment, I’ll move in the lobby
Niggas is loiterin’ just to feel important
You gon’ see lawyers and niggas in Jordans

afrv-h asked:

list of must watch movies

hmmm now this is really tough but I would say:

Pan’s Labyrinth, Roman Holiday, Casablanca, Trainspotting, American History X, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Le Fableux Destin d’Amèlie Poulin, Blue Velvet, The English Patient, To Kill a Mockingbird, Alphaville, Les 400 Coups, Micmacs, The Big Sleep, La Dolce Vita, The Talented Mr Ripley, Goodfellas, The Godfather Trilogy, La Vie En Rose, Atonement, Bladerunner, any/everything directed by Satyajit Ray (to whom Wes Anderson pays tribute in The Darjeeling Limited), Never Let Me Go, Rashamon, The Darjeeling Limited for that matter, The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, Spellbound, Vertigo, Le Mépris, Alien, La Verité, anything with Marlene Dietrich in it (because everyone needs to have seen Marlene Dietrich in something), A Bout de Souffle, Se7en…

I will leave it here, although I’ve definitely forgotten some important ones, and I might add some more to this list if I think of them. This doesn’t coincide exactly with my absolute favourite films, by the way - these are all favourites, but these are the ones I think go beyond personal value and which anyone could get something out of. I am sad at the lack of diversity here, though - sadly I haven’t had a great deal of access to non-European/American films. I’ve been meaning to watch more Middle Eastern and Indian cinema but I don’t really know where to begin, nor do I have a great deal of access to these films, which frustrates me. Another note - I was a little hesitant at the inclusion of American History X because it is a very confronting film and I’m not sure what the discourse about it is, all I can say is that I found it very challenging and eye-opening, though I’ve only ever seen it once.

I hope you get something from this list! xx


The legendary, spectacular single-take "Copacabana tracking shot" from Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas

“There’s a reason to do it all in one shot. Henry’s whole life is ahead of him. He’s the young American ready to take on the world and he’s met a girl he likes. It had to be done in one sweeping shot because it’s his seduction of her and it’s the lifestyle seducing him.”

–Martin Scorsese


Steadicam operator Larry McConkey on filming the scene in a single day

Ray Liotta on what it was like to film the Copacabana scene

The Ten Best Tracking Shots Ever (AMC)