I keep on seeing people throw around the term “multiverse theory” and I don’t think anyone fully grasps the true meaning on it.

The multiverse theory speculates that there are an infinite number of universes to correlate with an infinite number of possibilities. Infinite by definition means “all”. Multiverse theory doesn’t hold “most” possibilities within it’s infinite universes. It holds, all possibilities.

Meaning somewhere out there in the cosmos there is a version of Earth much like our own, where Naruto and Cloud Strife are in a homosexual relationship and have a son, John Cena, and they are all the presidents of the United States of Gondor.

If you put any stock in the multiverse theory then you must concede that this is not only a possibility, but a stone cold fact. This is why theoretical physics is the most brilliant scientific discipline.


middle earth aesthetics gondor

even as pippin gazed in wonder the walls passed from looming grey to white, blushing faintly in the dawn; and suddenly the sun climbed over the eastern shadow and sent forth a shaft that smote the face of the city. then pippin cried aloud, for the tower of ecthelion, standing high within the topmost wall, shone out against the sky, glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver, tall and fair and shapely, and its pinnacle glittered as if it were wrought of crystals; and white banners broke and fluttered from the battlements in the morning breeze, and high and far he heard a clear ringing as of silver trumpets.

Many years after LotR

Squire: My king, we must increase taxes if we are to make it through with enough food for the winter, yet the people may revolt if we do so. 

King Aragorn: does any part of this problem require tracking someone’s footprints or killing people with a sword?

Squire: Uh…no….

King Aragorn: Then go ask Arwen what we should do




Erio o thelaith gurth
Edwenno o gwath
Trî laich puigadol dagor!
I'gwarth, dangarnen!

Everyone forgets Boromir’s role in The Lord of the Rings.  Everyone forgets that it was Boromir who was concerned for the hobbits when they were freezing to death in The Pass of Caradhras.  No one remembers that it was Boromir who grabbed Frodo and held him and carried him to safety as Gandalf fell to his death.  Everyone seems to forget that it was Boromir who comforted Gimli outside Moria and implored Aragorn to give everyone “a moment for pity’s sake!”

No one remembers Boromir’s bravery, his leadership, or his great big heart.  Instead, he is remembered only for a fleeting moment of weakness, when he gives in to The Ring and tries to take it from Frodo by force.  He gets so much hate for this and yet… this is a man who loves unconditionally his country, his family, and the hobbits who have become his friends…

This is a brief excerpt from my full blog post on Boromir.  The whole post can be found here: https://arwencuar.tumblr.com/post/154318232455/sonofgondor