There’s so much to love in this. 

  • Sasha and Kofi enjoying a bowl of delicious Booty-O’s cereal.
  • Big E telling Alicia to Leggo Sasha’s Booty-O’s.
  • Xavier Woods clearly playing Pokemon Go.
  • Truth and Goldust being an old married couple.
  • Sami Zayn talking to… absolutely no one.
  • Corey Graves and Cesaro telling each other where they buy their suits.
  • Curtis Axel trying to blend in with Graves and Cesaro.
  • Braun Strowman hanging out in the back, desperately trying to not look socially awkward.
  • D-Von getting annoyed that Bubba Ray is talking to Sin Cara.
  • Lana not really realizing she’s on television.

Even though 2016 was a nightmare for celebrity deaths, humanitarians, and politics, I think every single one of us can agree that it was the absolute best year for professional wrestling, EVER. Let’s seriously look at this for a bit…

Granted, the year did have its tragedies (Daniel Bryan retiring, Hayabusa’s passing, Chyna’s passing, etc.) but the victories, all of which aren’t even listed here, were plentiful. What an amazing year for pro wrestling it has been, and if this rise of greatness in pro wrestling is any indication of how the future is going to be, I’m proud to be a fan!


Goldust calls it quits with his wife, Terri Runnels
[November 3rd, 1997]

This is the first time watching wrestling that I can remember ever feeling true emotions. Not just excitement, or fear, or awe, but where I actually sat down, paid very close attention, and took the time to understand what I was seeing. Goldust, who had been in the WWF for two years at this point with Marlena by his side, splits up with his wife on national television. This came to pass after a long storyline where Marlena was forced to spend 30 days with Brian Pillman, a man who had feuded with Goldust and whom Marlena had dated many years prior while the two were in WCW. After returning to the side of her husband, Marlena speaks with Jim Ross and with Dustin by her side about how life is back to normal… but what she doesn’t realize is that Dustin isn’t as happy as she is.

In the video, Dustin speaks about finding “someone else” who understands him, who lets him be who he wants to be. Who that wound up being was Luna Vachon, and what became of Goldust was something out of the pages of MAD Magazine. Goldust became The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust, a creature-like madman who mirrored the likes of Marilyn Manson after a weekend on acid. This led to several entertaining and bizarre segments, and a feud was born between Goldust & Luna and the husband/wife duo of Marc Mero & Sable.