Song For Austin (Deleted Scene from Austin Powers Goldmember)

The headless woman trope also begets the headless woman “parody” trope and the cycle continues on and on until we all hold hands and jump off a bridge 🙏

“Ironic” objectification, much like “ironic” racism, usually doesn’t go much beyond objectification in itself, and the joke is usually still for men, by men, at the expense of the women involved.

Many films/shows still tell women: Either be an object/ sexualized part of the joke, or don’t be in this film/show at all.


Queen Elizabeth Onscreen: A Gallery of Actors Who've Played the Monarch

England’s Queen Elizabeth II is turning 90 on Thursday. We wanted to wish her a royal “Happy Birthday” by looking back at some of the many times she’s been depicted on screens both large and small. Click through to see all the pretenders to the throne.

Jeannette Charles, ‘National Lampoon’s European Vacation’

For awhile, the now-88-year old British actress had the monarch market cornered. A longtime Elizabeth lookalike, Charles played the Queen multiple times in various American comedies, including an appearance with the vacationing Griswolds in 1985. (Photo: Everett)

Jeannette Charles, ‘The Naked Gun’ 

Charles had an even juicier role in the Leslie Neilsen cop spoof in 1988. Playing the Queen as she’s visiting Los Angeles, the actress got tackled during a press conference (above) and later almost assassinated by Reggie Jackson at an Angels game. (Photo: Everett)

Jeannette Charles, ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’

Once again playing the Queen in the 2002 sequel, Charles honored Mike Myers’ randy secret agent. (Photo: New Line Cinema)

Helen Mirren, ‘The Queen’

Perhaps the quintessential take on Queen Elizabeth, Helen Mirren’s 2006 performance as the monarch facing the sudden death of Princess Diana won the actress an Oscar. In her acceptance speech, Mirren paid tribute to the Queen, saying, “For 50 years and more, Elizabeth Windsor has maintained her dignity, her sense of duty and her hairstyle.” (Photo: Miramax)

Freya Wilson, ‘The King’s Speech’

While the 2010 drama focused primarily on Queen Elizabeth’s father King George VI (Colin Firth), audiences did get glimpses of him as a doting father to his young daughters, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret. (Photo: Everett)

Jane Alexander, ‘William and Catherine: A Royal Romance’

The lauded actress (The Great White Hope, Kramer vs Kramer) played the Queen in the 2011 Hallmark Channel TV movie about the romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton. (Photo: Everett)

Cate Blanchett, ‘Family Guy’ 

Blanchett got her first nomination playing Queen Elizabeth I in the 1998 epic Elizabeth. So it only made sense for her to provide the voice for Queen Elizabeth II in a 2012 episode of Family Guy. (Photo: Fox)

Gary Connery, the 2012 Olympics

The British BASE jumper was the Queen’s perfectly-appointed stunt double during a glorious Danny Boyle-directed skit at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, which had the monarch making a dramatic sky-diving “entrance” to the stadium with Daniel Craig’s James Bond. (Photo: @ellamcsweeney/NBC)

Claire Foy, ‘The Crown’

In the upcoming Netflix series, Foy will play the monarch as she ascends to the throne and marries Prince Phillip in 1947. (Photo: Everett)

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Q: Favorite movie?

A: Mmm I can’t say, seen a lot. But an all time favorite is probably Austin Powers (all of them. but maybe Goldmember in particular because Beyoncé was in it, haha).

Q: What genres of music do you listen to?

A: God so many but err I can say that I hate country with a passion (sorry) and derogatory rap music, but I do like a whole bunch and open to pretty much anything besides that! 

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La reine Elizabeth à l’écran : une pléiade d’actrices a interprété ce rôle

La Reine Elizabeth II a eu 90 ans jeudi dernier. Nous avons souhaité lui dire bon anniversaire en proposant un récapitulatif de ses apparitions fictives sur petit et grand écran. Voici un aperçu de ses prétendantes au trône.

Yahoo Movies Staff

Jeannette Charles, ‘Bonjour les vacances 2’

Cette actrice britannique de 88 ans a interprété de nombreuses fois le rôle de la reine, à laquelle elle ressemblait physiquement. On peut la voir dans des comédies américaines comme celle-ci, parue sur les écrans en 1985. (Photo : Everett)

Jeannette Charles, ‘Y a-t-il un flic… ?’ 

L’actrice a participé à ce film en 1988, interprétant la reine en visite à Los Angeles. On voit dans ce film la reine attaquée (photo ci-dessus) puis elle subit une tentative d’assassinat. (Photo: Everett)

Jeannette Charles, ‘‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’

L’actrice joue à nouveau la reine en 2002 et rend hommage à son agent secret. (Photo: New Line Cinema)

Helen Mirren, ‘The Queen’

L’actrice incarne la reine confrontée à la mort soudaine de Diana. Sa performance lui a valu un Oscar. Helen Mirren a rendu hommage à la reine à cette occasion en disant : «  Elizabeth Windsor se distingue depuis 50 ans par sa dignité, son sens du devoir et ses coiffures. » Photo: Miramax)

Freya Wilson, « Le discours d’un roi »

Ce film de 2010 rend hommage au père d’Elizabeth II, le roi George VI, interprété par Colin Firth. (Photo: Everett)

Jane Alexander, ‘William and Catherine: A Royal Romance’

L’actrice a joué le rôle de la Reine dans ce téléfilm de 2011, relatant la romance entre le Prince William et Kate Middleton. (Photo: Everett)

Cate Blanchett, ‘Family Guy’ 

Cate Blanchett a été nominée pour la première fois grâce à son interprétation de la Reine Elizabeth 1 en 1998. Elle a ainsi prêté sa voix à la Reine Elizabeth 2 dans un épisode de Family Guy en 2012. (Photo: Fox)

Gary Connery, the 2012 Olympics

Ce cascadeur a joué le rôle de la Reine lors de la cérémonie d’ouverture des jeux olympiques d’été en 2012. (Photo: @ellamcsweeney/NBC)

Claire Foy, ‘The Crown’

Dans la prochaine série Netflix, Claire Foy interprétera le rôle de la reine lors de son accession au trône et de son mariage en 1947 avec le Prince Phillip. (Photo: Everett)


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