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Name: Beth
Gender: Genderfluid (I’m bigender today)
Height: 5 foot 1, to afro-duckys great pleasure and my displeasure
Time and date: 1pm, 15th August
Average amount of sleep: 5-7 hours, at the moment. During school, 3-6.
Most recently watched and enjoyed film: Austin Powers - Goldmember
Favourite band: At the moment, Marianas Trench
One thing that ticks me off: Red lid milk
Favourite drink: Ceylon tea with vanilla or lemon iced tea
Meaning of URL: Uniform Resource Locater. I’m a nerd.
Most used word/phrase: Sweetpea
Favourite soundtrack: Broadchurch


so i finally got around to watching goldmember…

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Top Five Movies (at the moment)

The Best: This Is England, A Hard Day’s Night, The Tale of Zatoichi (Part 1 of 26), Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Casablanca.
The Favorites: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Once, The Dark Knight, Star Wars: A New Hope, Die Hard
The Nostalgic Guilty Pleasures: Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith, Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, Shanghai Noon, Austin Powers: Goldmember, Rush Hour 2.
Honorable mentions: Akira, Superman I and II, Zatoichi and The Chest of Gold, 400 Blows, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Searching for Sugar Man (documentary), Love and Mercy, God Help The Girl, Enter The Dragon, Star Wars: The Empire a Strikes Back, The Harmony Game (documentary).


August 12, 2015
I got free coffee at Starbucks cause I’m a basic bitch gold member.
the rest of my morning consisted of waxing noses, eyebrows, and legs.
in the afternoon I learned how to make an all natural chapstick, body butter, lip scrub, shaving cream, and face mask.


Omg I didn’t know Carrie Ann was in Austin Powers Goldmember

Mike Myers Ready To Make Austin Powers 4?

Is another Austin Powers movie in the works? Rumors are circulating over the web that Mike Myers has signed on for a fourth Austin Powers movie. However, there has been no confirmation from Myers yet. The film Austin Powers in Goldmember released back in 2002, was the last Austin Powers movie.

The slapstick funny Austin Powers film franchise has grossed over $473,231,964 worldwide and has always been a fan favorite. A while back, we spoke to Myers, who told us that if his next twenty-five movies were all Austin Powers films, he would be a happy man. (Click on the link to hear Mike Myers)

It’s been over a decade since we last saw Austin Powers on the big screen. Would you go see Austin Powers 4? Let us know!