5 things you need to know about Asuka before her debut at WWE TLC

The WWE Universe has been buzzing with anticipation since it was revealed that Asuka had signed with Monday Night Raw and would make her debut at WWE TLC. The Empress of Tomorrow made a name for herself by buzzsawing through the competition in WWE NXT, leaving WWE fans clamoring for her to make the jump to WWE’s main roster.

Now, Asuka is hours away from her Team Red debut against Emma. If you’re unfamiliar with the red brand’s newest Superstar, here’s a primer on what you need to know about The Empress of Tomorrow.

She went undefeated in NXT
Asuka arrived in WWE NXT in September 2015 as one of General Manager William Regal’s most highly-touted signings. She made her in-ring debut a few weeks later at NXT TakeOver: Respect, with an absolute demolition of Dana Brooke, and never looked back.For just shy of two years, Asuka dominated the competition, winning every match she competed in. Along the way, she captured the NXT Women’s Championship and broke the record for the longest reign in that title’s history – a staggering 523 days.

2. Her winning streak is longer than Goldberg’s
Goldberg burst onto the sports-entertainment scene in 1997 with an explosive offense that propelled him on a 173-match undefeated streak. Along the way, he captured the United States and WCW Championships.

Twenty years later, Asuka is poised to leave Goldberg’s streak in the dust. With a successful defense of her NXT Women’s Title at TakeOver: Chicago, she notched her 174th consecutive victory, and continued to pick up win after win until she relinquished the title on Sept. 6, to pursue opportunities on WWE’s main roster. How long will Asuka be able to extend her legendary streak on Raw?

3. She’s one of Japan’s most revered female competitors
Before her NXT arrival, Asuka was highly regarded as one of, if not the best, competitors in her home country of Japan. Fans around the world trawled the internet for whatever new footage they could find of her. They watched (and cringed) as her blistering offense left countless opponents in a heap and wondered what would happen if she made the jump to WWE.

On top of that, Asuka also ventured into the world of promoting shows, running her own independent events, and worked as a graphic designer and video game reporter.

4. Asuka’s offense is devastating
Once the bell rings, there is no competitor more dangerous than Asuka. The Empress of Tomorrow is one of the most well-rounded Superstars in WWE history, and she possesses an offense that will leave any opponent screaming for the punishment to stop.

Asuka is, perhaps, best known for her arsenal of strikes that can only be described as devastating. Audience members wince when one of her punishing kicks or ruthless punches connects, sending a sickening thud echoing through the arena.

If her strikes weren’t enough for opponents to worry about, Asuka is also a submission master. She has been known to fly out of nowhere and catch her opponent in a devastating armbar. And the coda of her symphony of destruction is the Asuka Lock, a modern-day twist on the crossface chicken-wing, one of sports-entertainment’s most painful submissions.

5. She has already defeated some of Raw’s top Superstars
During her unbelievable run in NXT, The Empress of Tomorrow came face-to-face with many of Raw’s top Superstars, which has the WWE Universe anticipating some highly sought-after rematches.

Just months after her NXT debut, Asuka stunned the NXT Universe at TakeOver: Dallas, when she defeated the beloved Bayley to capture the NXT Women’s Championship, then bested the hugger again at TakeOver: Brooklyn II to retain. The Empress of Tomorrow also turned back the challenge of the powerful Nia Jax, as well as Dana Brooke and Emma, her opponent at WWE TLC. Though she may have beaten them in the past, there is a world of time and experience gained by her former rivals between then and now.

Will Asuka’s jump to Raw be successful? Find out when she begins her journey on Team Red at WWE TLC, streaming live tomorrow at 8 ET/5 PT, on the award winning-WWE Network!

Asuka’s winning streak could surpass Goldberg’s
[February 22nd, 2017]

As of this posting, Asuka’s current winning streak in NXT stands at 146 victories, with zero pinfall or submission losses. Goldberg’s win-loss record was 155-0 (or 173-0 if we’re going by the inflated number announced on WCW programming) during his famous WCW winning streak between September of 1997 and December of 1998. If Asuka gains 10 more victories without a single loss, she’ll have surpassed Goldberg’s shoot winning streak, but she’s currently 28 victories away from surpassing Goldberg’s announced streak! Considering the amount of NXT live events, TV tapings, and the forthcoming NXT Takeover: Orlando, it’s entirely possible that Asuka may pass Goldberg’s streak within a month and a half!

In early February, Asuka became the longest-reigning champion under the WWE umbrella, with a reign that’s lasted over 324 days.

Twas The Night of Wrestlemania

Twas the night of Wrestlemania 

And all through the house 

Not a creature was stirring 

Not even Shea-Mouse 

The snacks were laid out in the fridge with care 

In hopes that the Big Show wouldn’t be there

The beers were nestled all snug in their place 

The Network buffered quickly with a smile on my face 

The mixed tag match contenders kept displaying their love 

As Maryse stared down Nikki even giving her a shove

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter 

Many superstars were brawling, looking for dreams to shatter 

Away to the window I flew like a flash 

To enter the ring and try to win the Andre The Giant Match

The glare of my TV on leather sofa that’s actually faux 

Gave the lustre of moonlight to the laminate flooring below 

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear 

But Paul Heyman announcing Brock Lesnar was here

With a beefy presence, and a neck so thick 

Brock flexed his biceps and let Heyman do all of his schtick 

More rapid than eagles his opponent soon came 

As smoke bellowed on stage and the crowd chanted his name

“GOLDBERG” was heard from the mouths of every fan 

The problem is, well, Brock just didn’t give damn 

To the corner of the turnbuckle to the top of the tron 

Wrestlemania was soon starting, the excitement had begun

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly 

There was a boo from the crowd and a glint in an eye 

Triple H walked the ramp, looking to end all the games 

But Seth Rollins, determined, limped on through the pain

And then, in a twinkling, with footsteps a flurry 

The crowd went wild to the sound of “Here Comes The Money” 

The commissioner of Smackdown was at Wrestlemania again 

But he was stepping in with an AJ just wanting to cause pain

Backstage all the women prepared for their match 

The rise of Bayley could be destroyed by the powerful Nia Jax 

And poor Alexis Bliss must face one and all 

Who will be the one who will get to stand tall?

Their eyes how they twinkled! Each one is a cutie! 

New Day were here to prove that they ain’t booty 

The hosts of the night pushing their New Day Pops 

The crowd go wild shouting “New Day Rocks”

Randy Orton’s opponent didn’t care for him at all 

It was clear this match would be and out and out brawl 

The Eater of Worlds stepping into the Viper’s nest 

To retain his belt and prove he’s the best

Betrayal after betrayal, this match was for revenge 

And Kevin Owens proving that he doesn’t need friends 

And let’s not forgot the other gold on the line 

Dean Ambrose and Neville must keep their eyes on the prize

I spoke not a word as the music soon played 

The games were over, the WWE logo displayed 

Michael Cole, Byron Saxton even JBL too 

Welcomed us to Wrestlemania with a how-do-you-do

The fireworks exploded and the excitement rose 

I felt a buzz from my head right down to my toes 

As Michael Cole beamed and roared, getting zanier and zanier 

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen”… “To WRESTLEMANIA!”

I don’t have a problem with Part-Timers in WWE.

As long as they:
-Actually are there to do promos/build
-Actually are on the show to have matches and not just the PPV.
-Actually can put on good matches.
-Not have the title if they aren’t here for story or for matches.

Like John Cena’s & Chris Jericho’s, can come and go and still have good matches and good promos.

But the Brock Lesnar’s & Goldberg’s, can fuck off.