*goes to a corner and cries

The signs in a horror movie:
  • Aries: Questions everything and runs for their life
  • Taurus: Goes to the kitchen to grab a snack and never comes back
  • Gemini: Tries to lighten the mood with jokes but doesn't pay enough attention and gets left behind
  • Cancer: Cries in a corner till it's all over
  • Leo: Acts like they're not scared but freaks out when others are killed
  • Virgo: Is the killer.
  • Libra: Enlists one of their many boyfriends to save them
  • Scorpio: Finds the killer hot and flirts to their death
  • Sagittarius: Takes charge and uses common sense to get out
  • Capricorn: Makes bad choices and ends up accidentally killing themselves
  • Aquarius: Grabs the nearest knife and challenges the killer to a fight
  • Pisces: Hides in a closet and snapchats the whole thing

Is anybody else super worried that Vecna is going to be our next big baddie? That the Ziggurat under Whitestone is just going to explode and Vox Machina won’t have any peace? That we still have basically no idea what he can do and he could ruin the world even more than the Chroma Conclave ever did? No? Just me? Okay then. *goes into a corner and violently cries*

EXO wanting your attention while doing schoolwork

I was jumping for joy when I saw this omg ok

Xiumin: “hey. hey. hey. hey. hey”

Y/N: what?!

Luhan: *randomly attacks as you work*

Kris: *applauds you at an annoying rhythm until you give him attention*

$uho: “I’ll buy you anything you want if you stop working and give me attention” 

Lay: *stares at you* like imagine that but like right next to your face

Baekhyun: *turns lights on and off* 

Chen: *hugs you*

Chanyeol: “you would rather do school work then me” 

D.O: *blasts music and dances oddly until you pay attention*

Tao: *when you say you’re busy he goes in the corner and makes noises to distract you* 

little panda *cries*

Kai: *you would be paying too much attention to him and so:*

Sehun: *would start dancing all sexy until you pay attention to only him*

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The teardrops run down and fall off her nose, she cries in the dark corners, where nobody goes. You can follow the tracks, from her eyes to her chin, years upon years of letting them win, and her eyes tell a story of anger and pain, you think that she’s happy, but just look again, and the scars of her past, hidden under clothes, are a roadmap of places that nobody knows. Her smile is now painted, she’s a master of disguise, and you can see it all, just look into her eyes.
—  Unknown

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Hinata and tsukki and hinata makes strawberry shortcake for tsukki and tsukki is surprised that hinata got him something and thus feels guilty so he takes hinata on a date which goes surprisingly well

Hinata presents it to him rather extravagantly, his hair has powder in it and there is dried batter stuck to his clothes and underneath his nails (and the corner of his mouth, did he eat some of the cake batter?) but he looks proud of himself. He holds up the plate of cake that’s got an old birthday candle stuck into it and Tsukishima is glad he keeps the matches up high because he’s sure Hinata would have lit the house on fire. 

“What’s this?” Tsukishima looks at Hinata and back to the cake. It was lopsided and uneven, and it looks like he tried to put frosting on it while it was still warm because that’s uneven as well. There’s a smiley face and a few hearts scattered on the top, and three strawberries sitting on the side of the plate. 

“What does it look like!” Hinata pushed the plate into his hands and clasped his hands together. 

“I’m assuming it’s a cake.”

“I made it myself!” Hinata beams at him.

“I can tell.” He looks back down at the cake. “Is this even edible?” 

Hinata frowns, “Of course it is!”

“Hmm…” Tsukishma eyes it warily, “I don’t even have a fork to eat this with.” 

“Oh!” Hinata dashes out and is back not a minute later with one for him. 

“Ah… Thanks…” he holds the fork and the plate looking awkward. 

“Are you going to eat it?” Hinata cocks his head. 

“Um, I don’t really want to put this in my mouth. It looks awful, don’t you think? I mean, did you even wash your hands when you made this?” He knows he should have kept his mouth shut, he knows he’s gone too far. Hinata grips onto the hem of his shirt and looks down at the ground. 

“Sorry, I can do better next time. I’ll make you another one.” He shuffles his feet around, not making any eye contact with Tsukishima. 

“No need, I’m pretty sure if I looked in the kitchen I would only be greeted with a mess that I’m going to end up having to clean.”

“Stupid Tsukishima.” His voice is shaking and he runs out of the room and Tsukishima hears a door slam shut. He sighs. Why can’t he just keep his mouth shut? He sits at the table with the cake in front of him and scowls at it, ‘Stupid Tsukishima’ ringing in his head.

He reluctantly picks up his fork after hearing some obnoxious sniffles coming from down the hall and takes a small bite. It’s surprisingly good, Hinata must have spent a decent amount of time trying to get this right for him. And he insulted it. He sighs again, but not in irritation, more like in exasperation from his own idiocy. He finishes the cake and brings the dishes to the sink. The kitchen was actually a lot cleaner than he had anticipated. There was some dried batter clinging the the side of the sink and he knew Hinata had done the cleaning, too. 

He runs his hand through his hair, feeling awkward and stupid and bad, and he walks down the hall towards the muffled cries. He knocks on the door and Hinata’s sniffling quiets. 

“Go away!” He throws what he assumes to be a pillow and it thumps against the door weakly. 

Tsukishima rested his forehead against the door and tapped on it with his fingers. “I ate it, stupid.” There’s no movement on Hinata’s side of the door so he continues. 

“It was good. Is there more?” 

Hinata sniffs again and says quietly, “Yes.” 

“If you’ll let me have it, I would like more.” There are footsteps and he hears the door click unlocked and Hinata cracks it just a little bit. 

“You’re just gonna make fun of me again. Stupid Kei.” 

“I won’t.”

“You promise?” 

“I already said I wouldn’t!” Hinata opens the door and stands in front of him awkwardly tugging at the hem of his shirt. 

“Are you lying just to make me feel better?”

Tsukishima grunts in annoyance and pulls Hinata to his chest. “Look…” he clears his throat a bit, “i’m sorry. I really mean it. I’m sorry.”

Hinata looks up at him and grins brightly. “You never apologize!” 

“Agh, shut up.” 

“So you want more? It’s in the fridge!” 

“Actually,” he scratches his cheek and looks away from Hinata, “Would you like to go out?” 

“Like on a date?” 


Hinata grabs his hand and nods quickly, his orange locks bouncing up and down. He looks excited and Tsukishima has to cough to regain his composure. 

“Go take a shower then. We’ll go wherever you want.” 

“Awww, yes!” Hinata jumps, pumping his fist in the air and runs towards the bathroom. 

“Oh, Tsukishima!” Hinata pops his head back out and smiles at him. “I love you, a lot!” 

There’s no hiding his blush this time when Tsukishima glares at him. 

“You too, idiot.” 

When your favourite actor/kdrama/ anime character dies.
  • Me: Watching favorite tv show with friends/family
  • In the show: Favorite character comes into the scene
  • Me: *Internally screams while on the outside holding a great poker face*
  • In the show: Suddenly character get into trouble/dies.
  • Me: ...
  • Friends/Family: You ok? You look a little pale?
  • Me: I'm fine
  • Me: *Goes into a corner and cries heart out for 1000 years*
  • Me: *Digs a hole and lives in it for the rest of my days*
What Each Type Thinks About The INFP

ISFP: Oh, they’re is SOO cool. People think they cry a lot but they are AWESOME!

xNTJ: Crying, hyperemotional baby

xNTP: Cries, Cries, Cries, Cries, Cries, Cries, Cries, then… CRIES!

xSTP: I dont know, they’re weird. Everyone thinks they’re a crybaby but like, they just express their feelings way too much

ESFx: Oh, you mean those people crying in the corner? Oh, they’re cool…

xSTJ: They gotta get they’re shit together…

ISFJ: I like them. They are really good companions. They a bit though…

ENFJ: Oh. INFPs? mmm. They’re smart I guess… Oh yeah, they cry. I mean, according to tumblr….

INFJ and ENFP: They are complex *goes on about detailed things about INFP* personalities that need a lot of time to recharge into their emotions. Since they are dominated by Fi they need a lot of time alone to see how they feel, they are very in touch of their emotions which makes a lot of people think they are crybabies but the truth is they just express their emotions. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, that’s a good thing.

*Everyone claps*


*INFJ smiles*   

*ENFP hugs INFP*



「俺たちがSexy Zone❣」


Lady and the Tramp AU (Closed)

Arin walked along, whistling a cheerful tune as he patrolled his streets. He was king of these parts, famous amongst shifters for never being caught by hunters….And famous for the trail of broken hearts he’d left wherever he goes. He was about to head back to his hideout when he suddenly heard shouting drifting from a back alley. He stopped in his tracks, curiously looking over an old wooden fence and spotting a small male curled up in a corner of an alley, two dirty men approaching.Trouble makers.

Thinking fast, he leaped into the air, his form shifting into a magnificent brown lion mid-air, landing with a loud snarl. He stood in a protective stance in front of the defenceless male, letting out a low warning growl before latching his teeth into the nearest man’s leg. The man cried out, shifting into a skinny flea bitten dog and his friend quickly following suit.

Arin snarled, stuck in a dance of fur, teeth and claws, one latched onto his back and the other in his jaws. Finally he managed to throw the attackers off, giving them both a warning bite they wouldn’t forget soon before they ran away. He licked one of his bleeding paws tenderly before shifting back and turning to the male, recognising him as someone he’d seen before from the rich side of town. He must be seriously lost.
“Oh Pidge…What are you doing in a place like this?” He asked softly, as if the fight he’d just had, had never happened, walking over.

Lust: Ania come here~
Ania: crouches down and looks at lust Yes?

Lust: Hehe~ kisses Ania on the lips while looking at CTPJ
Ania: !!! gets so shocked she dosen’t move from shock

PJ: Goes red with anger
Ania: pushes Lust away and runs outside
PJ: ANIA! Points lust to the corner NOW!!! 

Ania: sites down and cries behind the daycare 

PJ: sits next to Ania and hugs her
Ania: P-p-pj…*cries* He…he…
PJ: Its ok Ania hes just a kid
Ania: You don’t understand…T-that was my first kiss…

PJ: Looks shocked No…no it isn’t  Puts his hand on Ania chin and turns her tear streamed face to him This is~ 

PJ:  Kisses Ania
Ania: Kisses back 

OKAYYYYYYY Here is the ACTUAL RP confession! Its a lot shorter than the last one bet that’s ok! ANYWAYS Hope chu like it! Enjoy Luvs~ @undertalepeasant 

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Exo Discussion

Suho: It’s Christmas soon! What do you kids want? 

Sehun: I want a bigger sebooty

Suho: You can’t have that automatically

Sehun: What? Yes I can, Santa has magic!

Chanyeol: Sehun, santa isn’t re-

Suho: Park Chanyeol! Shush don’t damage your brother’s childhood!

Sehun: Ugh, kids, I know Santa isn’t really going to give me a bigger sebooty

Suho: Ah, so what do you rea-

Sehun: He knows I already have a big sebooty, instead I want at least a thousand boxes of bubble tea

Suho: A thousand?!?!

Sehun: Yeah, why are you so worried? Santa will make it happen


*Sehun Goes Into Corner And Cries*

Baekhyun: Well done, mum, look what’ve you done to him! 

Chanyeol: And you told me not to ruin his childhood, tsk tsk tsk 

Suho: Wh-what have I done? Being a single parent is so hard…Kriseu, please come back, my loveu 


Exo Discussion Part 1/??

Season 6
  • Me: So NO Stiles Stilinski for a whole season because he will probably disappear.
  • Me: So NO Kira Yukimura, they cut her off of the entire season for no reason. Without even finishing her storyline.
  • Me: So NO Scira, without even a last goodbye.
  • Me: So NO MaliaxKiraxLydia Bestfriend relationship? I been waiting for this friendship forevaaaaaaar!
  • Me: Probably the start of a love interest with Scott with a new character which she will probably be one of the bad guys or Malia. The person I think as Scott little sister.
  • Me: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Me: *Turns Off TV*
  • "I am out of this shit!" I scream.
  • *Goes to a corner and cries*
  • Me: Come here Liam, let's fall to a hole together...
  • Jeff Davis: We are not sure what could happen with Liam like he is Scott's first beta he might want to have Scott's powers as a Alpha.