*god have mercy


Bruuuhhh 😭😭😭


BigHit: Okay the coast is clear! No super groups are having a comeback at the moment so we should let BTS drop their new song and win all the awards and sweep the charts!!

StarShip: I think we finally have the timing right! If we drop Monsta X’s new comeback rn we’ll get out first number one annnd finally prove ourselves in the industry!!

JYP: THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME!! Let’s have 2pm and Got7 comeback and just SLAUGHTER everyone and win EVERYTHING! *laughs* And I mean we totes can do it cause who’s big enough to stop us anyway??

SM: *smiles knowingly*

SM:*slithers out of the shadows*

SM: *whispers* SHINee’s Back




JYP: Damn


(Read right to left like a manga!) 

ZEN’S VALENTINE’S DAY AFTER ENDING GAVE ME LIFE. It was so perfect~ I have so much work to do, but I needed to get this doodled out real quick. 

I brought this up when I posted the CGs on my main blog. But there’s no lie that Zen and MC are going to bang it out on every possible surface of Rika’s apartment. 

The thing is, there are cameras inside the apartment. I mean, I think it was mentioned in a route that they’re only in the hallways (supposedly.) But still. There are cameras.

May God have mercy, 707.    


my first like, three summon rounds (not all full) were all men and look I am a lesbian I want my girls

then I got like, three girls, BOUGHT orbs desperate for having made it through nearly the whole campaign without anyone I liked, and was finally lucky

and then my luck has gone back to crap in my three full summons since then (besides Tiki and Nino they’ve all been duplicates)

also Sharena and the Summoner are gfs and they are on a mission to get as many as they can

also: tfw you finally get the girls