Every time I think I’m okay with the lack of closure regarding GMW, I come across posts with people saying Rilucas is very similar to romantic Corpanga or posts where people still believe that Maya liking Lucas was a misperception/an identity crisis…….and I just ughhhhhhhhhhh

where’s that real q&a we were supposed to get when you need it??

What’s something from the set that you would have liked to take with you?

William Daniels: How about the fence? I did a lot of scenes over the fence. I said to Michael, “How many scenes am I going to be doing over this fence?” He said, “Hopefully a lot!” Talking to my neighbors, because they lived right next door, so that was an obvious place for us to set up scenes. The fence, I’d take the fence and put it in my backyard.

Did you ever think your role of Mr. Feeny would have such a strong impact on an entire generation?

WD: Not in my wildest imagination, and I’m still surprised. I remember we were in New York and we were coming out of the theater after a matinee and there was a bus full of kids. They came out of the bus as I passed them going down Eighth Avenue, and they started yelling, “Feeny! Feeny!” Well, the brave one that I am, I ran around the block just to get away from them. There was a whole bus of them yelling “Feeny!” while coming after me — a bus load! I just ran.

What was your favorite piece of advice or quote that Mr. Feeny ever said?

WD: I spoke to the class and I said to them, “Dream, try, and do good.” Boy, I was close to tears, frankly — it had been seven seasons. But that was it, that is what I’ll always remember, yes.

William Daniels [aka Mr. Feeny] looks back at Boy Meets World.

  • disney channel: *cancels girl meets world*
  • me: i am so done with disney. who tf do they think they are?? the whole entire channel is just complete--
  • disney channel: --Brand new show, Andi Mack!
  • me: as i was saying, disney is really progressing in terms of...