It’d be an odd life path, but whatever it takes to preserve the timeline.

Zathras, one of the infrequently-occurring characters on Babylon 5f, is basically a @thesupersquirrel NPC.

Either that, or when @thesupersquirrel is getting up around age 70 he’ll encounter a temporal rift anomaly and go back to the 90s to play a Babylon 5 character. We’re not sure.

So apparently I just found out that there’s some movie with one of the white chrises and Jennifer Lawrence and I can honestly say id like to thank all of my mutuals for not putting it on my dash

shoutout post for all u dms and gms out there (especially you newbie ones), y’all have such a difficult medium of storytelling to work with and it must feel like you’re herding cats 99.8% of the time but you guys have the absolutely amazing ability to engage your players in such a rich world where their words and actions matter and you turn absolute chaos into such a beautiful story that your players are so proud and happy to have had a hand in shaping and just….you’re all fantastic and i love you