It’s R rated because it’s gay.

It’S R rAtED bECauSe iT’s gAy.

*frantically flaps hands*

It’s R rated because it’s gay.

It’s R rated because it’s gay.

*froths at the mouth*

It’s R rated because it’s gay.

My first drawing for the Amrâlimê Hobbit Fanart Anthology!

The book will be available until September 12th 2015, and all proceeds go to the Eden Projects, a charity that plants trees and helps create work for the local villagers. You can read more about it and get it here *-* There’s lots of amazing artists in it, with 89 pages of art. 

also if you want this picture as a print or on other things, you can get it on Redbubble and Society6  

anonymous asked:

Do you think any of the Company have any particular kinks?

i honestly don’t know, except for the fact that thorin would absolutely love bilbo’s feet (and likewise)

i also would love to believe that thorin would get a rush from being dominated, but that’s just me

maybe dori would have a thing for lingerie

ori would def have a size kink (i’m biased here because i ship dwori)

nori would probably enjoy tying people down

bombur would def have a food kink

kili has an elf kink lmao

ashen morning

Dear mobile users, apologies for the loooong text post. Feel free to scroll past - no pics to load here. Though feel free to stop and read XD

Morning dawns ashen and pale. A bitterly cold wind brushes over the field where now frost begins to cover the remaining bodies. Within the shattered stones of Erebor’s grand entrance the dwarves of Thorin Oakenshield’s company have sought shelter. Here, at least, the wind does not reach them.

Dori, Nori and Gloin have procured blankets from within the mountain to provide bedding. There are too few tents, too little shelter. Dain’s dwarves have not brought much, nor did Thranduil. Dale is but a ruin, from which yet smoke rises toward the brightening sky. The little sunlight that pierces fog and smoke bears no warmth, and those that survived battle may still succumb to the cold.

Oin works hard. At least - it seems - their company is lucky. Nori sustained a bad scrape, Dwalin broke his ankle and Balin lost two fingers. Minor injuries, though Oin would rather see all of them of their feet, especially Fili and Kili. The princes are pale, casting anxious glances out toward the field from where Dwalin dragged them back - Kili with yet another arrow sticking from his thigh and Fili with a gash across his back.

From their uncle no trace has been seen. Dwalin told them he went after Azog and then Bilbo after him - the news simultaneously elating and terrifying. Elating for Thorin must have finally slain his enemy. The orc armies have dispersed, leaderless and in fear. Terrifying for what likely happened to Thorin.

And Bilbo.

Ever since their smallest member slid from their midst to rejoin Gandalf below, they’d thought him safe. Thought the wizard would watch out for him.

They should have remembered Bilbo Baggins had a mind of his own.

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