Glitch In The Matrix Stories #6

Phantom Music

I’m a 16 year old boy, currently doing my second semester summer school class in high school. This glitch happened to me during first semester. My classes taken are online and self-paced so I don’t have to continuously work. Due to this I would jump straight to YouTube to listen to music or stories as I work, changing songs and stories after they went off. I wear these gray, wired, noise-cancelling Samsung headphones, since they are noise-cancelled, I would have to expose one of my ears to hear anyone talking.

The fourth day that I was in my class, I went to YouTube to listen to music, headphones completely on and working and max volume. I then heard the supervisor of the class start saying something about the class rules, but I got confused, not because of the rules, but because I could hear him perfectly through the music.

I started to experiment with the volume mixer on both the headphones and the computer, but I realized that the headphones option on the computer was missing. That’s when I noticed, that my headphones weren’t on my head, not even plugged into the audio jack, but instead still in the bag I bring them in. This experience shook me very hard as I knew that I plugged in the headphones and could hear music perfectly.

Credits to: Mordickai

My Neighbor Entered The House Twice

I was standing in the hallway in the apartment building my friend and I live in, chatting and all, when a older women from the 4th floor of the building entered the building and not even a minute later, she came out of the same parking lot as she did before and started coming in again.

There is no way in hell she could’ve exited the building since there is no back door and we would’ve saw her exit the building since we were on the doors. We stopped her and asked if she entered the house already, she said she didn’t. We just stood there confused as hell about what’s going on and she left us.

Credits to: furrythrowawayaccoun

Another Part Of Me Is In NYC

Last night I had a really vivid dream of living and working in NYC. In real life I have only been there 3 times and even then I don’t know the city that well ( I’d be lost without a tour guide or map etc). The dream was so vivid it kinda freaked me out.

In the dream I was working for a limousine company that drove VIP’s in and out of the city. I seemed to know the city quite well, I was driving in and around the streets without a problem. I knew where everything is and all the current news and events regarding NYC. Now onto the weird bit, the “glitch” if you will.

Around lunchtime this morning I get a call from my friend asking how I’m enjoying my stay in NYC. I told her I wasn’t in America and she flips out. She had a very strong feeling or knowing that I was in NYC. Ever since lunchtime today I have felt a strong and growing connection with the city. Is it possible I have another “me” that lives in NYC and I slipped into his or her universe?

Credits to: Harleycruiser182  

I Predicted My Mother’s Pregnancy When I Was 4 Years Old

My Dad had told me about when my mom left home to visit the doctor to get checked because of her morning sickness (she did not think she was pregnant, so she obviously didn’t even mention that). After my mom left, I was sitting in the living room with my dad, playing. He said I was just doing something with my dolls, and out of nowhere I whispered “mama gets a baby” over and over again.

My dad was confused and asked what baby, and I calmly answered “brother”, while I continued playing. My mom came home, and of course she was pregnant, and later they found out it was a boy. So if you want to know what gender your baby is going to be, you know who to ask.

Credits to: yourstalkerin

Wierd Pokemon GO problem

So I have a Bellsprout that I don’t need anymore cause I got a stronger one. BUT whenever I click on it to transfer it, the app freezes! heck my whole phone just sorta dies and I have to turn it off then back on to do anything, then the next time I try to load the game I just get a white screen. It’s after I close that again that I can load the game as normal, but if I go to the bellsprout again the game freezes all over again.

Anyone else got a similar problem?