Love, and Other Drugs by sailormoon19
↳'Okay so, do you really think I’m stupid?’
‘What?’ Santana asks loudly and the volume of her voice kind of startles you. She turns in your arms until she’s facing you and you bite your lip at how close her face is to yours. ‘Britt, I thought I told you that I didn’t.’
'But you call me Sunshine…’ You explain quietly and watch her confusion double. 'At school people used to give me nicknames to tease me about how dumb I was. I thought that was one too.’
You visibly see all the frown lines on Santana’s face disappear before your eyes as she sighs out a long breath.
'No.’ She whispers and shakes her head gently. You think she’s about to say something but then she shuts her mouth before the words can come out. She waits a moment, glancing all around your face before finally locking eyes with you again. God those brown eyes are going to be the death of you.
'Brittany I called you Sunshine because you were like a ray of light with your blonde hair and white skin, and that smile that hit me as soon as I saw you.’ She finally says in a whisper. You can’t really see much of her face but you imagine she would be blushing, but that’s okay because you are too. 'You kind of lit up the room when I first saw you.’
You watch her eyes glance away from you in embarrassment and it only makes your smile grow bigger. All this time she was calling you Sunshine you thought she was teasing you, but that wasn’t the case at all, it sounds like when she saw you she was so blinded by your beauty that in her mind you were like Sunshine, like a ray of light in her dark life.


Faberry Week 2015 Day 1 Second Chances
Quinn thinks the only way she’ll ever get a chance at Rachel is if she turns into a man, knowing that she’s never dated a girl before or even said anything about liking girls. As it turns out, she could have talked to Rachel instead.


AU in which Kurt and Sebastian are flatmates and they have feelings for each other but they can’t figure out it’s mutual. So when Kurt tells Sebastian they need to talk, Sebastian guesses Kurt found out and is going to kick him out. Eventually, Sebastian realizes it’s so much easier to confess your feelings when the other person is already doing so and while thinking they’ll be rejected.


GLEE AU: Sebastian had a tragic stage accident while he was performing as a professional dancer for the first time. His NYADA nemesis and roommate is a more heartbroken than he wishes he’d be.