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Sam has no idea why he accepted the invitation– sure, he needed a break. he needed some time to himself, to think without the fear of having a mental breakdown at the next second. it seemed a good idea, at first. Dean had thought about everyhting beforehand – and god, Sam loves him so much sometimes he feels his chest might explode. but sometimes the opposite just as real. sometimes it’s hard to stand Dean’s presence for too long and he knows Sam shouldn’t blame his brother, his partner in crime because Dean is dealing with a lot himself.

dealing with Sam is hard. he’s drama, and he knows that – but he can’t help himself. Writing has become an impossible task. doing what he once loved so much now hurt deeply, like an infected wound, and this is driving him insane.

thus the vacation. they’d relax and think about nothing for a little while. they’d just enjoy each other’s presence and things would get better. the small town in the middle of nowhere had caught Sam’s attention. the cabin was perfect. but then… then old, almost forgotten tales became real. now Dean’s gone, and Sam feels like he’s going mad but he can’t just give up.

he won’t give up until he brings his love back from the darkness of that damned lake.

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